Cisco SDWAN online Training with Lab Cloud Integration

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Cisco SDWAN online Training with Lab Cloud Integration
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Cisco SDWAN online Training with Lab Cloud Integration

What you’ll learn

Will Come to know how software define Wide Area Network, integrate with cloud-express, Zscaler and others.

Cisco SDWAN online Training with Lab Cloud Integration


This is for network engineers , my course abc of Cisco SDWAN Viptela required prior to take this course.


Online training content below : Content below :Section 01: 1 Introductions and Logistics2 Viptela Solution Overview3 Introduction to Hands-on Labs4 Secure Control Plane Bring up5 Secure Data Plane Bring up2 HRSLab :  Viptela vManage Dashboard Lab6 Device Configuration Lab7 Trouble Ticket #1 ——————————————–Section 028 More on vManage vManage Dashboard Tour9 Basic Feature Templates LabViptela Foundations Lab: System Bringup 2HRS10 OMP11 TLOCS12 OMP LAB , trouble ticket #2 ———————————————Section 0313 Smart Policies Theory13 Smart Policies Labs (Part I) LAB (hub n Spoke)14 Smart Policies Labs (Part II) (extranet & Service Chaining ) Break 15 Minutes15 Smart Policies Labs (Part III)  (app-aware routing & cflowd )16 Smart Policies Labs (Part IV)  (traffic engineering)17  Intro to QoS18 Troubleshooting & Cool Linux stuffsDay 3 ————————————————-Section 0419a. Qos & cflowd Lab    Forwarding and QoS Overview    Forwarding and QoS Configuration Examples & CLI   19b.Cflowd Lab    Configuring Cflowd Traffic Flow Monitoring    Cflowd Traffic Flow Monitoring Configuration Example    Traffic Flow Monitoring with Cflowd20. TLOC-Extension & VRRP21. Viptela Routing OSPF & BGP     BGP,OSPF ,OMP ,redistribution & other features22. Viptela High Availability and Redundancy 23. … More on policies  Centralized Data Policy  Centralized Data Policy Configuration Examples  Configuring Centralized Data Policy  Configuring Localized Data Policy for IPv4——————————————————-Section 05:24. Viptela High Availability and Scaling     High Availability Overview     Configuring Affinity between vSmart and vEdge Devices     Configuring Control Plane and Data Plane High Availability Parameters 25. Viptela Optimization26. Viptela Security   Security Overview   Control Plane Security Overview   Data Plane Security Overview   Configuring IKE-Enabled IPsec Tunnels   Configuring Security Parameters27. Viptela vAnalytics28. Zscaler29. Multitenancy (Theory )    High Availability Overview    Configuring Affinity between vSmart and vEdge Devices    Configuring Control Plane and Data Plane High Availability Parameters 30. Rest API & Python Programming++ Cloud integration from here –>The Viptela SD-WAN platform provides ubiquitous connectivity, zero-trust security, end-to-end segmentation withapplication aware SLA and QoS policies for enterprise WANs that span data centers, branches, remotes offices andcloud resources. It enables organizations to mix and match a variety of connections from different service providersincluding MPLS, broadband, 3G/4G LTE, satellite and point-to-point links and manage them as a single network.With Viptela, cloud applications running on Microsoft Azure provide the same user experience as if they were hostedin a company’s own data centers.“Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Skype for Business are pervasive application services used by our customers,”said Ramesh Prabagaran, Vice President of Product Management for Viptela. “The ability of the Viptela SD-WANplatform to integrate Enterprise WANs with Azure public cloud resources, creates one ubiquitous, optimized andeasy to manage connectivity fabric.”This Course will Cover:Cloud express & TCP OptimizationvAnalyticsZscaler  and many more.


Section 1: SDWAN Online Training Videos with Lab

Lecture 1 Online Training Introduction

Lecture 2 day01 Basics of SDWAN

Lecture 3 day02 Basics of SDWAN 02

Lecture 4 day3 Basics of SDWAN Login to lab & Dashboard

Lecture 5 day04 Basic Lab Setup GNS3

Lecture 6 day05 Lab Setup over VM

Lecture 7 day06 CLI & Feature Template

Lecture 8 day07 OMP Part 01

Lecture 9 day08 OMP part 02

Lecture 10 day08 OMP part 03

Lecture 11 day09_ZTP_Policy_part01

Lecture 12 day10_policy_paort01_HnS

Lecture 13 day10_policy_paort02_HnS

Lecture 14 day11 – CONTROL POLICY multi topology vpn mem SC

Lecture 15 day12_VRRP_DataPolicy_High_availability

Lecture 16 day13_app_route_application_optimization

Lecture 17 day14_ Qos _ tloc extension

Lecture 18 day15_RoutePolicy_IaaS

Lecture 19 day16_SDWAN_Security

Section 2: Cloud-express , TCP Optimization & vAnalytics

Lecture 20 Cloud-express Part 01

Lecture 21 Cloud-express part 02

Lecture 22 Cloud Integration TCP Optimization

Lecture 23 Viptela vAnalytics Introduction

Lecture 24 Viptela vAnalytics Features part 01

Lecture 25 Viptela vAnalytics Features part 02

Lecture 26 Zscaler part 01

Lecture 27 Zscaler Part 02

Engineers want to learn Cisco SDWAN Viptela , how to integrate with cloud.

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Udemy | English | 23h 0m | 9.59 GB
Created by: Ratnesh K – 45,000+ Students Worldwide

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