Citrix Application and Desktop Virtualization 76

Master Deploying, managing and implementing App and Desktop Solutions for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6
Citrix Application and Desktop Virtualization 76
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Citrix Application and Desktop Virtualization 76

What you’ll learn

Know the Citrix certifications and the way to obtain them
Set up the infrastructure components
Set up XenDesktop 7.6 components
Configure XenDesktop 7.6 resources (Server OS machines, hosted applications, and Desktop OS machines)
Configure profiles and policies
Validate the implementation

Citrix Application and Desktop Virtualization 76


Desire to Learn
Desirable knowledge of Windows Server and their functions (Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, etc.)


**************** Update ****************To learn more on Troubleshooting Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp Environment Please Enroll our new course – Citrix – Troubleshooting App & Desktop Virtualization – 7.6****************************************Stop wasting time on other CCA 7.6 preparation material that claim to be updated. Citrix is making the exam more and more tricky, and your only way to work around that and pass on the first attempt, is to study and understand Citrix Virtualization in depth, which is the core design philosophy of this course/content.Read the Course reviews, and find for yourself. Students are confident for taking there CCA exam after completing this course.The best VALIDATED, VERIFIED Content to help you pass the new Exam Format on the first attempt, and “more importantly” get you on a solid XenDesktop/XenApp and understanding Ground (Think about XenDesktop/Xenapp technical interview, and on the job duties).So does this mean that, this is the All-In-One guide, and The Only One out there on the internet today, the answer is humbly, YES IT IS!What do you need to do?Two things:1) Enroll to the course and stop wasting time2) You will need to invest 5 hours on this course to get the best results. 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And you are looking for a one-stop-shop, and a  complete, all-in-one Exam Preparation Guide, Then this course is for you.You’ll learn in details how to be an Citrix – Citrix Certified Administrator and Master the XenApp/XenDesktop, and as a bonus ACE the exam with high score, look no further, and Join now!In addition, you will become ready for the technical Job Interview, and the upcoming CCA JOB role duties. Please read the course reviews to find out how did this course change lives, by changing and supporting its candidates’ careers.Student Feedback example (1):Amit Katiyar, Very detailed explanation about all the components and course touches all aspect of the citrix technology. I am 14 years experienced in citrix and i have gone    through many courses but such detailed explanation i never found. . Student Feedback Example (2)Alexey Lyubavin,Very good explanation of Citrix Virtualization technology going through concepts first and digging into actual GUI examples. Detailed focus on majority of citrix policies with some use cases was quite helpful. Having some labs for people to try it out would be quite handy. Overall this is very good course for people starting to manage Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp infrastructure.Student Feedback Example (3)Bhati Vardharam Bammar,I am working on Citrix but i don’t know its background. Now I am aware of it.Student Feedback Example (4) Graham Thomas,Solid overview of Citrix environment. I was thrown in at ‘deep-end’ for a XenApp setup and barely understood administrative interface. Now I feel I understand all the main components and could start to administer this environment.The course has flat presentation especially when working through the policies, at times it feels like listening to a shopping list and found it difficult to concentrate. Interweaving the presentation part with demonstrations may help coupled with typical real world scenarios.For the following reasons, this course is a MUST have for anyone serious about the XenApp/XenDesktop, AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam.The course is:The only available, All-in-One, Complete online preparation guide to prepare you fully to the Citrix Certified Administrator Exam.Voted by the students to be “THE BEST AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam ” online training in the market globally…. read below to find out why….The right success companion, it is very common for my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate students taking this course to score above 85% with most of them scoring above 80%, basically, no more struggling while thinking what is the exam passing score. 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Section 1: Course Outline

Lecture 1 XenDesktop course content

Lecture 2 What’s New in XenDesktop & XenApp 7.6

Lecture 3 Citrix Certification

Section 2: Looking into Citrix History

Lecture 4 Citrix Origins

Lecture 5 Citrix XenApp Timeline

Lecture 6 Understanding Independent Computing Architecture (ICA)

Lecture 7 Understanding Independent Management Architecture (IMA)

Lecture 8 Understanding FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA)

Lecture 9 What is XenApp

Lecture 10 History of XenDesktop

Lecture 11 Any Device, Any Connection, Anywhere

Section 3: Introduction to Citrix XenDesktop 7.6

Lecture 12 IMA / FMA Convergence

Lecture 13 XenDesktop Editions

Lecture 14 Changes in XenDesktop/XenApp Architecture

Lecture 15 XenDesktop Architecture

Lecture 16 FrameHawk Acquisition

Lecture 17 Components of XenDesktop

Lecture 18 Virtual Deliver Agent (VDA)

Lecture 19 Communication Ports of Xendesktop

Section 4: Installing & Managing Citrix License Server

Lecture 20 XenDesktop Licensing Overview

Lecture 21 License Acquisition Process

Lecture 22 Installing Citrix License Server

Lecture 23 Managing License Server Management Console

Lecture 24 Navigating to

Section 5: XenDesktop 7.6 Installation

Lecture 25 XenDesktop 7.6 Installation Overview

Lecture 26 Installing Core components of XenDesktop

Lecture 27 First Site Configuration

Lecture 28 Exploring the Configuration Node

Lecture 29 License Configuration using Citrix Studio

Lecture 30 Preparing a Master Image

Lecture 31 Installing VDA agent on Desktop OS

Lecture 32 Installing VDA agent on Server OS

Lecture 33 Machine Catalogs and Delivery Groups

Lecture 34 Creating Machine Catalogs

Lecture 35 Creating Delivery Groups

Section 6: Implementing Citrix StoreFront

Lecture 36 Overview of StoreFront

Lecture 37 Configuring HTTPS, Server Groups and Authentication Services in storefront

Lecture 38 Configuring Stores and Receiver for Web

Section 7: Deploying and Using Citrix Receiver

Lecture 39 Types of Citrix Receiver

Lecture 40 Deployment methods of Citrix Receiver

Lecture 41 Email-based Account Discovery Configuration

Lecture 42 Citrix Receiver for HTML5

Section 8: Managing Machine Catalogs, Delivery Groups and Applications

Lecture 43 Machine Catalogs Settings

Lecture 44 Delivery Groups settings

Lecture 45 Application Settings

Lecture 46 Using Keywords

Lecture 47 Session Prelaunch and Linger

Section 9: Remote PC Access and Deligation

Lecture 48 Creating Remote PC Machine Catalogs

Lecture 49 Delegated Administration

Lecture 50 Configuring Delegated Administration

Section 10: Citrix XenDesktop Director

Lecture 51 Citrix Director for Help Desk and Support

Lecture 52 Citrix Director for Administrator

Section 11: Citrix Studio Policies Walkthrough

Lecture 53 Introduction to Studio Policies

Lecture 54 Overview of Policy Node in Studio

Lecture 55 Installing and Configuring the Microsoft GPMC

Lecture 56 Dividing Citrix Policy into Categories

Lecture 57 Citrix ICA Policies Category

Lecture 58 Citrix Auto-client Reconnect Policies

Lecture 59 Citrix File Redirection Policies

Lecture 60 Citrix Local App Access Policies

Lecture 61 Citrix Server and Session Limits

Lecture 62 Citrix Time Zone, USB Devices Visual Display and Web Sockets Policies

Lecture 63 Citrix Load Management Policies

Lecture 64 Citrix Receiver and VDA Policies

Lecture 65 Citrix HDX

Section 12: XenDesktop Citrix Profile Management

Lecture 66 Introduction to Profile Management

Lecture 67 Traditional Working style of Profiles

Lecture 68 Types of User Profiles

Lecture 69 INI File Configuration and Group Policy Management Console

Lecture 70 Citrix Profile Management Policies Part 1

Lecture 71 Citrix Profile Management Policies Part 2

Section 13: Configuring Printing for XenDesktop/XenDesktop

Lecture 72 Taking dive into XenDesktop Printing

Lecture 73 Citrix Printing – Auto-creation

Lecture 74 Citrix Universal Print Drivers Installing and Configuring

Lecture 75 Print Driver Policies

Lecture 76 UPS & Universal Printing Citrix Policies

All who wish an upgrade in technology careers,That has little or no knowledge in Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp,Network Analysts and Administrators, IT consultants,Any One Who Wishes To Be Either CCA or CCP Certified

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