Citrix NetScaler 12 Introduction

Get quickly up to speed with the Citrix NetScaler and how to configure it as a Secure or Access gateway replacement
Citrix NetScaler 12 Introduction
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Citrix NetScaler 12 Introduction

What you’ll learn

Build a Citrix NetScaler from the ground up and use it as an access device to provide staff and customers secure access to Citrix resources.
Deploy the NetScaler as a replacement to your legacy Secure Gateway or Access gateway appliances
Learn about and Configure NetScaler High Availability
Upgrade the Firmware on the NetScaler (when in a H/A Pair)
Learn about and Configure NetScaler Gateway and Unified Gateway
Learn about and Deploy a Load Balancing Virtual Server
Learn how to configure an SSL VPN

Citrix NetScaler 12 Introduction


Anyone with a basic understanding of Citrix products, Networking and Microsoft Windows operating systems.


This course covers an introduction to what the Citrix NetScaler is. We walk through the initial steps to get your NetScaler software downloaded and imported into a VMWare hypervisor. We will build a Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop test server and site, along with a Citrix Storefront server to connect to you NetScaler gateway (ICA Proxy) to quickly start delivering Citrix apps and desktops which you can use as a replacement for legacy Secure Gateway software or Access Gateway appliances. We also cover NetScaler High Availability, Load balancing and the  NetScaler Unified Gateway.


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 About Me

Lecture 3 What is a Citrix NetScaler?

Section 2: Basic Configuration of the Citrix NetScaler

Lecture 4 Course Walk-through PDF

Lecture 5 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Trial Download

Lecture 6 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Download

Lecture 7 LAB: Hypervisor Import – VMWare

Lecture 8 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Initial Setup

Lecture 9 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Licensing

Section 3: Authentication

Lecture 10 LAB: LDAP Authentication for Citrix NetScaler Admins

Lecture 11 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Groups

Lecture 12 LAB: LDAP Authentication for NetScaler Users

Section 4: Certificates

Lecture 13 LAB: Certificates – RSA Key Creation

Lecture 14 LAB: Certificates – CSR Creation and download

Lecture 15 LAB: Certificate – Upload the CA Certificate and Create Server Certificate

Lecture 16 LAB: Certificates – Linking of Subordinate / Intermediary Certs

Section 5: Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop 7.14 Installation

Lecture 17 LAB: XAXD – DDC Install

Lecture 18 LAB: XAXD – Create Site

Lecture 19 LAB: XAXD – Configure Site

Lecture 20 LAB: XAXD – VDA Installation

Lecture 21 LAB: XAXD – Test the Desktop

Section 6: Citrix Storefront

Lecture 22 LAB: Storefront – Edit the Default Store

Lecture 23 LAB: Storefront – Create a New Store

Lecture 24 LAB: Storefront – Test the Configuration

Section 7: Citrix NetScaler Gateway

Lecture 25 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Gateway ICA Proxy Configuration (XA/XD Wizard)

Lecture 26 Citrix NetScaler Gateway SSL VPN Introduction

Lecture 27 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Gateway SSL VPN Creation

Lecture 28 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Gateway SSL VPN Client Connectivity

Lecture 29 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Gateway SSL VPN Pre-Authentication Policy

Lecture 30 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Gateway SSL VPN Split Tunnelling

Lecture 31 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Gateway SSL VPN Authorisation Policy

Lecture 32 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Gateway SSL VPN LDAP Authentication

Lecture 33 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Gateway SSL VPN Portal Theme Change

Section 8: Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway

Lecture 34 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway Setup (XA / XD Wizard)

Section 9: Citrix NetScaler Load Balancing

Lecture 35 Citrix NetScaler Load Balancing Introduction

Lecture 36 LAB: Setup a Basic Citrix NetScaler HTTP Load Balancer

Lecture 37 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Load Balancing Monitors

Lecture 38 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Load Balancing Service Weights

Lecture 39 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Load Balancing Service Groups

Section 10: Citrix NetScaler High Availability (HA)

Lecture 40 Citrix NetScaler High Availability Overview

Lecture 41 LAB: Deploy Citrix NetScaler Secondary Device

Lecture 42 LAB: Configure Citrix NetScaler High Availability

Lecture 43 LAB: Force HA Failover

Section 11: Citrix NetScaler Management and Tools

Lecture 44 Citrix NetScaler Firmware Upgrade Introduction

Lecture 45 LAB: Upgrade the Firmware on a Pair of Citrix NetScalers to Version 12.1

Lecture 46 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Backup

Lecture 47 LAB: Citrix NetScaler Clear Configuration

Section 12: Closing

Lecture 48 Thank You

Anyone who wants to know more about the basics of the Citrix NetScaler particularly as a replacement for Access or Secure Gateway

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 26m | 1.65 GB
Created by: James Scanlon | Masters Of Cloud

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