Citrix Virtual apps and Desktops 7 1909 7 2212

Get Hands-On Experience on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop from Beginner to Expert.
Citrix Virtual apps and Desktops 7 1909 7 2212
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Citrix Virtual apps and Desktops 7 1909 7 2212

What you’ll learn

Windows Server 2019 OS Installation.
VMWare ESXi 6.7 Hypervisor installation.
Windows Server 2019 Active Directory role installation.
Citrix all Core Component installation.
VMWare vCenter 6.7 installation.
Windows Server 2019 Virtual Machine Creation.
Installation and configuration of Virtual Delivery agent on Windows 10 OS.
Installation and configuration of Virtual Delivery agent on Windows Server 2019 OS.
Configuring hosting service in Citrix Studio console.
Configuring Citrix Machine catalogue to add Server VM’s
Configuring Delivery Group to publish Shared Desktop.
Configuring Delivery Group to publish VM’s.
Configuring Delivery Group to publish Application.
Configuring Security Group to provide application/shared/Desktop access to users.
Configuring Citrix Failover server (High Availability)
Citrix Director Overview reporting stuff.
CITRIX Virtual apps and Desktops live troubleshooting at least 30+ scenarios.
CITRIX Virtual apps and Desktops 50+ Interview Questions and Answers.

Citrix Virtual apps and Desktops 7 1909 7 2212


We would explain everything from start. No coding knowledge required.
Better to have own PC to build the LAB to apply same practice which you learn from training.
Good to have knowledge on Microsoft Windows Client/Server OS


This course is designed to help you to learn and crack the Citrix all-level Interview.When you want to become an IT specialist, you have to start with the basics, how they work, what is the use of Virtualization why we use it.The instructors’ experiences sum up to more than 12 years in total in this field, so you will get all the necessary information that helps you to start your career in the Virtualization world.We structured the course from the basics of Citrix Lab Setup.This is completely job-based training, we have covered all the topics in this course that help you to Crack the interview, but yes you should need to practice it.As more than 70% of the course contents are practical demonstrations, we highly encourage you to have a test PC to apply and practice to maximize your learning experience outcomes.please let me know if you want me to upload more videos that you think should be part of this course, I will happy to upload them.Are you ready to get into this world? Do you want to land your next Job in Virtualization? Here is your key to that, enroll now in this course, and let’s begin the journey.All the best! Join now! and please please provide your feedback rating that really matters for us.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Citrix Virtual apps and Desktops Course Intro.

Lecture 2 Citrix Lab Setup Hardware Requirement-Part 1

Lecture 3 Windows Server 2019 OS Installation (VMWare Workstation)

Lecture 4 VMWare ESXi Hypervisor installation-Part 3

Lecture 5 Active Directory role installation-Part 4

Lecture 6 Configuring static IP and connecting server to domain controller-Part 5

Lecture 7 Citrix Core Component installation-Part 6

Lecture 8 VMWare vCenter 6.7 installation-Part 7

Lecture 9 Configuring Citrix Studio Console-Part 8

Lecture 10 Configuring Citrix store front-Part 9

Lecture 11 Upload Server 2019 and Windows 10 ISO files on ESXi Server-Part 11

Lecture 12 Windows Server 2019 VM Creation-Part 12

Lecture 13 Connect VMs to Domain Controller-Part 13

Lecture 14 Installing VDA to make master image (Golden image) – Part 14

Lecture 15 Configure hosting service in Citrix Studio – Part 15

Lecture 16 Creating Citrix machine catalog – Part 16

Lecture 17 Steps to publish Shared Desktop – Part 17

Lecture 18 Adding more machine in to Machine Catalogs to deliver the application.

Lecture 19 Installing Application to publish it through Citrix Studio.mp4

Lecture 20 Steps to Publish the Citrix Application.mp4

Lecture 21 Create Active Directory Security Group to provide application access to users.

Lecture 22 Steps to Publish Citrix Application manually.

Lecture 23 Configure Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop High Availability (HA)

Lecture 24 How to add New Configured HA DDC information in All Citrix Machines.

Lecture 25 How Citrix High Availability (HA) works in Production.

Lecture 26 Citrix Director Overview and what is the use of it and their practical scenario.

Lecture 27 Citrix Director Reports overview.

Section 2: Citrix Troubleshooting and Interview Question & Answers.

Lecture 28 Citrix Logon Process for Virtual apps and desktop EASY TO UNDERSTAND

Lecture 29 Citrix most asked Interview question & Answers.

Fresher/Service Desk Engineer/Desktop support Engineer/Windows Admin

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Created by: Nihal Singh

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