Classroom Management through Physical Activity

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Classroom Management through Physical Activity
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Classroom Management through Physical Activity

What you’ll learn

How to use Physical Literacy to improve classroom engagement
Utilizing basic skills within game play to improve students all round capacity to learn
Learn how to improve classroom morale through movement and exercise
How to indirectly improve communication, problem solving and social interaction

Classroom Management through Physical Activity


No experience needed


This course has been designed for all teachers of all levels or specialty to assist in the management of classes. we have found these days that there is so much pressure on teachers and students to perform at a level and get work completed that we are losing focus on our health on many levels. There is one of many ways to bring that back and we have decided that Physical Movement in some capacity will definitely assist in helping with overall classroom engagement and overall student and teacher capacity.Overall there are some goals that you would look at when introducing Physical activity as a strategy for classroom management and overall success.60 Minutes of Physical Activity during the day Activity to be staggered Movement goals to achieved with variety of activities and brain break opportunities Overall student coverage and individual needs to be consideredOther Benefits and Outcomes Help with Health Issues Mental and Psychological Benefits due to current situationIncrease Social interaction with teachers and other students Personal Happiness Assisting with coping mechanisms and behaviour issuesThe Importance of Adequate Activity Levels Increased cognitive function and memory Release of the “feel Good” hormones Greater Motivation and Attitude towards learning The enjoyment of learning in a physical active based classroom scene Increased test resultsWe have a staggering amount of sedentary students at our schools in Australia. Up to 70% of children are sedentary throughout their learning, so through this course, we are giving you some tools and games to assist in changing that.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Warm up Games

Lecture 2 Warm up Game 1 : Crue Convoy ” Conga Line”

Lecture 3 Warm up Games 2 ” Freeze n’ Go”

Lecture 4 Warm up game 3 “Cartoon Family Game”

Lecture 5 Warm up game 4 ” Warriors, Kings and Horses”

Lecture 6 Warm up Game 5 “Coaches Call”

Lecture 7 Warm up Game 6 “The Hunted”

Lecture 8 Warm up game 7 ” Reverse Hunted”

Lecture 9 Warm up game 7 “Hunted Team X-Treme”

Lecture 10 Warm up Game ” Compass Game”

Lecture 11 Warm up game 10 ” Penguins and Polar Bears”

Lecture 12 Warm up game 11 “Fools Gold”

Lecture 13 Warm up game 12 ” Colour by Numbers”

Lecture 14 Warm up Game 13 ” Diamond Sliders”

Section 3: Tag Games

Lecture 15 Tag Games 1 : “Survivor” Series Tag

Lecture 16 Tag Game 2 : “Borderline Tag”

Lecture 17 Tag game 3 : “Wild Horses”

Lecture 18 Tag Games 4 : “Dot Spot Crazy”

Lecture 19 Tag games 5 : Scram

Lecture 20 Tag Games 6 : Super Heroes vs Super Villians

Section 4: Small Sided Games

Lecture 21 Small Sided Games 1 : Bears and Eagles / Rob the Cave

Lecture 22 Small Sided Game 2 : Flock of Seagulls

Lecture 23 Small Sided Game 3 : “The Plague”

Lecture 24 Small Sided Games : ” Speedway”

Lecture 25 Small Sided games : “Battlebowl”

Lecture 26 Small Sided Games : “Motorway Madness”

Lecture 27 Small Sided games ; “Messy Neighbours / Trash Compactor”

Lecture 28 Small Sided Games : “Battleships”

Lecture 29 Small Sided games : “Let me In”

Lecture 30 Small Sided Games : “Tightrope Terror”

Lecture 31 Small Sided Games : “Pirate Island”

Lecture 32 Small Sided Games : “Cyclone City Soccer / Rolling Thunder”

Section 5: Invasion / Team games

Lecture 33 Invasion Game 1 : Numbers Soccer

Lecture 34 Invasion Games : “Demolition Soccer”

Lecture 35 Invasion Games : ” Pinball Demolition Soccer”

Lecture 36 Invasion Games : Stingers Squadron

Lecture 37 Invasion Games : “Lethal Lottery”

Lecture 38 Invasion games : “Stand Off”

Lecture 39 Invasion Game : King of the Mountain

Lecture 40 Invasion Games : “Escape From Alcatraz”

Section 6: Striking and Base Running Games

Lecture 41 Striking Games : “Texas Tornado” Ball

Lecture 42 Striking Games : “The Shield”

Lecture 43 Invasion Games : “San Diego 619”

Lecture 44 Invasion Game : Outrun

Lecture 45 Striking Games : Lightning Bolt Run

All educators, Health Professionals and teachers of all sectors, Adult and Child education

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Created by: Steve Clogstoun

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