Clickup The Intermediate to Advanced Training Course

Take your Clickup skills to the next level. Learn all the hidden productivity tips and tricks that not many people use!
Clickup The Intermediate to Advanced Training Course
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George Smarts


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Clickup The Intermediate to Advanced Training Course

What you’ll learn

Clickup features used by professionals
Tips and tricks on how to icrease productivity using Clickup
Advanced features in Clickup
Integrations in Clickup
Hidden functionalities that not many people use and know about

Clickup The Intermediate to Advanced Training Course


Basic undertanding of Clickup. My Beginner Course or previous experience with the tool


Why Take this Course?You will become fully proficient with ClickUp and be able to manage any type of project or teamYou will learn how to use the less known Clickup productivity and teamwork features that not many people utilize.Practical course – you will learn ClickUp by doing rather than just watching. I will show you step by step how to use each function and you can follow me along.What will you learn?Learn how Deep Dive into Clickup Docs and the different useful use casesEmail integrationZoom integrationThe Chrome ExtensionSyncing your calendar with ClickupLearn how to create a Sprint PlanLearn how to work with SprintsLearn how to create a complete Agile Management solutionHow to use LineUp featureHow to create complex nested subtask structureRelationships in ClickupUse the record screen feature for collaborationand moreWhy learn from me?I am a project manager for over 10 years now. I have used pretty much all well known project management, teamwork and productivity tools on the marketplace. This experience means that I know what are the important parts of a software and where to focus the training on. During the lessons I also provide insights and tips and tricks on how to utilize the features in order to be successful.Why use Clickup?Clickup is one of the most well known and widely used productivity and project management platforms out there. It is used by organizations to manage projects, time and work. Clickup is used by over 200 000 organizations with millions of users. This is a software that will be used more and more in the industry in the coming years. If you take this course, you will position yourself well on the market for years to come.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Mind Maps in Clickup

Lecture 2 Intro to Mind Maps

Lecture 3 Mind Maps for project amendments

Lecture 4 Mind Maps for brainstorming and creativity

Section 3: Integrations and ClickApps for Productivity

Lecture 5 Zoom integration

Lecture 6 Email integration

Lecture 7 Clickup Chrome Extension

Lecture 8 Import data from, Asana, Jira, Basecamp, Todoist and more!

Lecture 9 Sync your Calendar with Clickup

Section 4: Docs in Clickup

Lecture 10 Intro to Clickup Docs

Lecture 11 Setting up the Doc Structure

Lecture 12 Deep dive into the Docs settings

Lecture 13 Docs Templates

Section 5: Clickup and Agile

Lecture 14 Sprints in Clickup

Lecture 15 Sprints – Part 2

Lecture 16 Adding additional sprints

Lecture 17 Moving sprints in Clickup

Lecture 18 Moving tasks within sprints

Lecture 19 Convert List to a Sprint

Lecture 20 Folder Structure for Agile

Lecture 21 Go Full Speed – Save hours with the Agile Management Template

Section 6: Advanced productivity features

Lecture 22 The LineUp feature

Lecture 23 Communicate using the record screen feature

Lecture 24 Nested Subtasks

Lecture 25 Relationships in Clickup

Section 7: Next Steps

Lecture 26 Thank You and next steps

Lecture 27 Bonus lecture

Clickup users looking to increase their productivity and proficiency with the software

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 15m | 615.01 MB
Created by: George Smarts

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