ClientSide Data Storage Ultimate Guide

JavaScript, HTML5, Cookies, WebStorage, LocalStorage, SessionStorage, IndexedDB, WebSQL and more
ClientSide Data Storage Ultimate Guide
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Alperen Talaslıoğlu


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ClientSide Data Storage Ultimate Guide

What you’ll learn

Learning basics of Client-Side Data Storage
Able to build Advanced HTML5 Web Applications
Store and use data on Client-Side confidently
Clear and solid understandings on new generation Databases on Client-Side
Able to develop offline web applications

ClientSide Data Storage Ultimate Guide


Basic knowledge on HTML5
Basic knowledge on JavaScript
Curiosity to learn new technologies
Eagerness to become an expert web developer


*** The one and the most comprehensive Client-Side Data Storage Course in Udemy! ***In the today’s modern web development, the client side is getting more and more place from the server side. The modern browsers are now able to provide many different and powerful client-side storage tools and APIs. Even as more people move toward the cloud, client-side storage can still save web developers a lot of time and money if you do it rightIn today’s world, an ideal and experienced web developer has to benefit from the power of these modern and edge technologies. In this course, we will cover all of the key points of the Client-Side Data Storage topic together. This course is a best chance for whom is willing to learn this edge technology or improve personal skills set. Every topics are comprehensively explained with examples and projects.The topic covered in the course are mainly :Basics of Client-Side Web StorageCookiesBuilding an open source libraryLocalStorage and SessionStorageWebStorage projectsNew generation Client-Side DatabasesIndexedDBWeb SQLReal Life Scenario ProjectsEnhance your JavaScript and Frontend SkillsIf you have any questions related to the lectures, do not hesitate to ask!local storage, indexeddb, web storage, javascript local database, client side storage javascript, client side storage options, javascript store data on server, client side storage vs server side storage, storage api, web sql database, pwa offline storage


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Lecture 2 Setting up the Working Environment

Lecture 3 An Introduction to Client-Side Storage

Section 2: Cookies

Lecture 4 What are Cookies?

Lecture 5 Creating Cookies

Lecture 6 Retrieving Cookies

Lecture 7 Lab Session: Login Using Cookies

Lecture 8 Updating Cookies

Lecture 9 Lab Session: Extend Login Expiration

Lecture 10 Deleting Cookies

Lecture 11 Lab Session: Logout by Removing Cookies

Section 3: Project: Building an Open Source Cookie Manager

Lecture 12 Creating the Project Structure

Lecture 13 Creating Cookie Function

Lecture 14 Retrieving Cookie Function

Lecture 15 Updating Cookie Function

Lecture 16 Deleting Cookie Function

Lecture 17 Other Cookie Functions

Lecture 18 Module Support

Lecture 19 Publish to Github

Lecture 20 – Documentation

Section 4: HTML5 Web Storage

Lecture 21 What is Web Storage?

Lecture 22 The LocalStorage Object

Lecture 23 Lab Session: Storing Objects in LocalStorage

Lecture 24 The SessionStorage Object

Lecture 25 Lab Session: Storing Dates and Numbers in SessionStorage

Section 5: Project: Building a Shopping Cart with SessionStorage

Lecture 26 Building the Project Structure

Lecture 27 Listing Items

Lecture 28 Adding Items to Cart

Lecture 29 Creating the Cart Page

Section 6: Project: Building a To-Do App with LocalStorage

Lecture 30 Project Design Overview

Lecture 31 Adding To-Dos

Lecture 32 Listing To-Dos

Lecture 33 Checking/Unchecking To-Dos

Lecture 34 Removing To-Dos

Section 7: Web SQL

Lecture 35 What is Web SQL?

Lecture 36 SQL Basics

Lecture 37 Web SQL Core Methods

Lecture 38 Creating Table

Lecture 39 Inserting Item to Table

Lecture 40 Fetching from Table

Lecture 41 Updating Item from Table

Lecture 42 Deleting Item from Table

Lecture 43 Removing Table

Section 8: IndexedDB

Lecture 44 What is IndexedDB?

Lecture 45 Opening IndexedDB Database

Lecture 46 Working with Object Stores

Lecture 47 Start the Transaction

Lecture 48 Adding Data

Lecture 49 Lab Session: Calculating the Item Count

Lecture 50 Fetching Data

Lecture 51 Lab Session: Displaying All Data in the Store

Lecture 52 Updating Data

Lecture 53 Deleting Data

Lecture 54 Lab Session: Removing All Data in the Store

Lecture 55 Deleting Object Stores

Lecture 56 Deleting IndexedDB Database

Section 9: IndexedDB Advanced

Lecture 57 Creating Indexes

Lecture 58 Indexes More

Lecture 59 Iterating with Cursors

Lecture 60 Lab Session: Limiting Cursor Queries

Lecture 61 Working with Key Ranges

Section 10: End of Journey

Lecture 62 What is next?

New beginners,Experts who wants to reinforce themselves,Anyone who wants to refresh knowledge,Anyone who wants to improve HTML5 WebStorage API skills,Anyone who wants to sharpen the skillsets

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 23m | 997.95 MB
Created by: Alperen Talaslıoğlu

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