Climbing the Ladder on Fiverr The Way Up

Learn the most important things to “get right” when selling services on Fiverr.
Climbing the Ladder on Fiverr The Way Up
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Climbing the Ladder on Fiverr The Way Up

What you’ll learn

Learn how to get out of the “Fiverr cellar” and grow your income month by month
Grasp the things that help you get found on Fiverr
Learn the best ways to be “noticed” in search results.
Understand the ways good communication will grow your Fiverr business.
See the ways Fiverr reveals its own internal workings to sellers.
Learn the most important things to “get right” when selling services of Fiverr.

Climbing the Ladder on Fiverr The Way Up


All that’s requires is that you know what Fiverr is, and have the most basic understanding of it.


Get Out of the Cellar, and Start Climbing!While the majority of freelancers never get out of the Fiverr “cellar,”  it’s very possible to do so once you understand the best ways to advance on the platform.  I’ve learned what it takes to climb rapidly to Top Rated Seller, and to consistently do over six figures per year on Fiverr.  In this two-hour course, I talk about the practical steps that have taken me past the half million dollar sales mark.There are three critical things every Fiverr seller must do well with their gigs in order to succeed:Get found in searchesGet noticed by buyersConvince buyers to purchase from themI’ll take you through each of the things that needs to happen to accomplish those three goals.  Once you have customers, you’re also going to want to make them so happy they’ll want to come back time and again, and to leave you glowing reviews.  I’ll talk about the best ways to get long-time repeat buyers who are eager to use you time and again.These are the four “RUNGS” we’ll be climbing in this course:Having the Right AttitudeMaking Smart Decisions About What to Offer on FiverrCreating a Winning Fiverr gigWinning Buyers Over with Great Customer ServiceAs you can see from my other courses, students feel they have gotten truly  helpful information, and that’s my goal in this course as well.  Expect two concentrated hours of  my very best advice, and no fluff!Here’s your ladder.  Let’s climb.Dane Scott


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 A Short Bio

Section 2: Ladder Rung #1 – The Right Attitude

Lecture 3 Understanding Your Motivations

Lecture 4 Your Approach to Things

Lecture 5 Believe in the Benefits

Section 3: Ladder Rung #2 – Making Smart Decisions About What to Offer on Fiverr

Lecture 6 Section Introduction

Lecture 7 Researching the Possibilities

Lecture 8 Are You Good Enough?

Section 4: Ladder Rung #4 – Creating a Winning Fiverr Gig

Lecture 9 Researching Your Category

Lecture 10 SEO Research

Lecture 11 Pricing and Packaging Decisions

Lecture 12 Planning Your Gig

Lecture 13 Writing Your Gig

Lecture 14 Designing Your Gig Image

Lecture 15 Creating Your Demo

Lecture 16 Publication and Promotion

Section 5: Creating Great Customer Relationships

Lecture 17 Joining the Buyer’s “Tribe”

Lecture 18 The Importance of Excellent Communication

Section 6: Bonus Section – Important Free Resources

Lecture 19 Some Pretty Amazing Free Resources

This course will be useful to anyone who is considering selling on Fiverr, or who has already set themselves up on the platform and would like to earn more than they presently do.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 49m | 970.46 MB
Created by: Dane Scott

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