CLO Basic Apparel Training Course 15CORE CONCEPTS

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CLO Basic Apparel Training Course 15CORE CONCEPTS
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CLO Basic Apparel Training Course 15CORE CONCEPTS

What you’ll learn

Understanding of the CLO workspace and how to navigate the 2D & 3D windows, Library, Object Browser and Property Editor.
Essential CLO 3D Techniques
Arranging a Garment around an Avatar
Using the Basic Sewing Tools
Understanding Simulation & Particle Distance

CLO Basic Apparel Training Course 15CORE CONCEPTS


This course is offered to anyone wanting to learn CLO and requires focus and commitment from the learner.
It is helpful to have experience designing with software on the computer, but it is not a requirement. The knowledge will help speed up your progress.
Please make sure your hardware matches the CLO basic technical requirements for attending this course. There is a link to hardware specs in the Introduction Resources section
This course will provide you with the basic knowledge of CLO using apparel design techniques.


The CLO Basic Apparel Design Training is made up of a series of courses that will build upon each other. By the end of this course, you will be able to arrange, sew and simulate a garment from a pattern that you have imported. Upcoming courses will cover things like Garment Modification, Fabrics & Materials, and Presentation.After attending this Core Course you will have built the foundation for using CLO. You will then be able to complete a more complex course of learning CLO.This CORE Course will lay the foundation for the courses that come after as well as courses that delve into things like Accessories and Home & Interior Design.In Section 2, you will become familiar with the CLO workspace, how to edit the User Settings, and how to navigate and select objects in the 2D & 3D windows.In Section 3 you will learn about the CLO Avatars and how to arrange and sew patterns to create garments.In Section 4, you are introduced to the visualization process in CLO with discussions about using Simulation and Particle Distance to show more accurate virtual garment draping.In the Final Section, you will work through some practice garments to review and expand your knowledge in CLO.As you progress through the video lessons, you will be given quizzes to test the retention of the knowledge. Be sure to take notes as you go. Let’s get started!


Section 1: Introduction to Module 1

Lecture 1 Introduction to the CLO Udemy Basic Apparel Training

Lecture 2 Introduction to Course 1

Lecture 3 Using CONNECT with Udemy

Section 2: 3D Essentials

Lecture 4 Layout & User Settings

Lecture 5 Navigation & Selection

Section 3: Building a Garment

Lecture 6 Avatars

Lecture 7 The Gizmo

Lecture 8 Reset Arrangement

Lecture 9 Segment Sewing

Lecture 10 Free Sewing

Lecture 11 Precision Sewing

Lecture 12 1:M & M:N Sewing

Section 4: Visualization

Lecture 13 Simulation

Lecture 14 Particle Distance

Section 5: Practice/Workflow

Lecture 15 Practice/Workflow Instructions


This was developed by CLO 3D Virtual Fashion and is taught by a CLO 3D Designer.,This first course will give you a good foundation for using CLO. This functions to get you started to then move onto more complex learning in CLO.,This course will focus on apparel design techniques.,It is important to know that there will be a quiz and a final project that will task you with constructing garments based on the lessons you have worked through.,When you pass each course, you will be presented with only a Udemy Certificate of Completion. However, this does not qualify as a level of certification guaranteeing future job placements or career advancements.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 0m | 1.46 GB
Created by: CLO Virtual Fashion

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