Cloud Computing Fundamentals

A course describing the basics of cloud computing and most of the aspects related to this topic
Cloud Computing Fundamentals
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Cloud Computing Fundamentals

What you’ll learn

During this course you will gain an introduction to the cloud computing world.
You will be able to define the cloud computing and all the aspects linked to it.
you will know the big players in the cloud computing field and their different services provided by their cloud computing solutions.
You will discover the most important Challenges when moving to Cloud Computing
You will gain best practices to secure your cloud computing environment
You will know how to buil your cloud environment at home

Cloud Computing Fundamentals


No requirements or prerequisites needed to attend this course
You need only your laptop and enjoy the course


Today we hear about many IT fields which are growing very fast and are the future of our world, Big Data, IoT, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and many others,…All these technologies could not exist or evolve without the presence of Cloud Computing.We enter the new era of technology where cloud computing will play an important role.In this course we will start by defining Cloud Computing and its history.Then we will see the different cloud service models: Iaas, Paas and Saas.After that we will describe the cloud computing deployment models: Public cloud, Private cloud and hybrid cloud.Then we will discover the best practices to benefit from Cloud Computing Services.And we cannot speak about cloud computing without speaking about the challenges you will face if you want to move your infrastructure to cloud.We will focus on the security of cloud computing and the challenges around it as the security nowadays is very critical aspect and we will see some cybersecurity attacks.Another important point is what are the strategies to follow to enhance the security of your cloud computing environment.This course will give you general information about cloud computing without discussing a specific cloud solution like AWS or Azure, but at the same time we will have an idea about the most popular cloud computing solutions and providers.And we will see how to choose between the various cloud solutions for our business.And I prepared for you a bonus section in which you will learn how to install your cloud environment at your home in a few steps and in few minutes.


Section 1: Welcome Section

Lecture 1 Welcome to cloud computing course

Section 2: Intro to cloud computing

Lecture 2 Cloud computing Historical Overview

Lecture 3 On the road to cloud computing: Virtualization & Containerization

Lecture 4 Are we using cloud computing?

Lecture 5 What is Cloud Computing?

Section 3: Cloud service models

Lecture 6 Cloud Service Models overview

Lecture 7 Pizza as a service model

Lecture 8 What is IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service?

Lecture 9 What is Paas: Platform as a Service ?

Lecture 10 What is SaaS: Software as a Service?

Section 4: Cloud computing deployment models

Lecture 11 Cloud Computing Deployment Models Overview

Lecture 12 Public Cloud

Lecture 13 Private Cloud

Lecture 14 Hybrid Cloud

Lecture 15 Which cloud model should you choose?

Section 5: Best Practices to benefit from Cloud Computing Services

Lecture 16 Introduction

Lecture 17 Which cloud Provider is the Best for your Needs

Lecture 18 Conclusion

Section 6: Cloud Computing Challenges

Lecture 19 Cloud Computing Challenges intro

Lecture 20 Security

Lecture 21 Managing Cloud Spend

Lecture 22 Governance

Lecture 23 Lack of resources and/or expertise

Lecture 24 Compliance

Lecture 25 BYOL: Bring Your Own License

Lecture 26 Managing Multi-Cloud

Lecture 27 Cloud Migration

Section 7: Cloud Computing Security: Issues Identified by CSA

Lecture 28 What is Cloud Security?

Lecture 29 CSA Cloud Security Alliance

Lecture 30 Cloud Computing Security Issues Identified by CSA

Lecture 31 Data Breaches

Lecture 32 Misconfiguration and Inadequate Change Control

Lecture 33 Lack of Cloud Security Architecture and Strategy

Lecture 34 Insufficient Identity, Credentials and Access Management

Lecture 35 Account Hijacking

Lecture 36 Insider Threat

Lecture 37 Insecure Interfaces and APIs

Lecture 38 Weak Control Plane

Lecture 39 Metastructure and Applistructure Failures

Lecture 40 Limited Cloud Usage Visibility

Lecture 41 Abuse and Nefarious Use of Cloud Services

Lecture 42 Keep in mind!!!

Lecture 43 Cyber Attacks In Action

Section 8: Cloud Computing Security Strategies

Lecture 44 Cloud Computing Security Strategies: Overview

Lecture 45 End-to-end data encryption

Lecture 46 Secure Data Transfers

Lecture 47 Local Data Backups

Lecture 48 Distributed Denial-Of-Service Protections

Lecture 49 Vulnerability Assessments

Lecture 50 Access Management

Lecture 51 Keep in Mind!!!

Section 9: Commercial VS OpenSource Cloud Solutions

Lecture 52 Introduction

Lecture 53 Amazon Web Services

Lecture 54 Microsoft Azure

Lecture 55 Openstack

Lecture 56 Apache CloudStack

Lecture 57 Open source or Commercial: Which one to adopt?

Section 10: Build Your Own Private Cloud at Home

Lecture 58 Building Your Private Cloud: Devstack Installation

IT lovers, Students and Professional who wants to discover the cloud computing world or to improve their Knowledges in this field.,Professionals who want to enter the cloud computing field and they want a boost to access this world 🙂

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Udemy | English | 2h 55m | 2.41 GB
Created by: Mohamed Rhim

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