Cloudera Hadoop Administration

Installation ,Configuration,Security,Evaluation and Upgrade of Cloudera Hadoop Cluster .Cloudera Certified Hadoop Admin
Cloudera Hadoop Administration
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Cloudera Hadoop Administration

What you’ll learn

Successful Cloudera Hadoop Administrator
Installation and Configuration of Cloudera Manager and CDH
Integrating various Hadoop Components with Active Directory
Installation , Configuration of various Hadoop eco system components
Secure Cloudera Hadoop Cluster ( Enable Kerberos ,Sentry , ACL , Encryption and Auditing )
Upgrading Cloudera Manager ,CDH and JDK

Cloudera Hadoop Administration


Expecting basic Linux Knowledge
Experience in any one of the Cloud platform ( AWS )


This training provides you with proficiency in all the steps required to operate and sustain a Cloudera Hadoop Cluster which includes Planning, Installation,Configuration ,Active Directory Integration , Securing Cluster using Kerberos ,HDFS Access Control List,High Availability ,Hadoop Eco system components in detail and Upgrading Cloudera Manager and CDH . This training will provide hands-on preparation for the real-world challenges faced by Hadoop Administrators. The course curriculum follows Cloudera Hadoop distribution.


Section 1: Installation of Cloudera Manager and CDH

Lecture 1 Deploying Virtual Machines on Amazon Web Service

Lecture 2 Code and Documentation Repository

Lecture 3 Configuring Prerequisites for Hadoop Installation

Lecture 4 Configuring Local Repository for Cloudera Manager and CDH

Lecture 5 Installing and Configuring MySQL Database for Cloudera Manager

Lecture 6 Installation and Configuration of Cloudera Manager

Lecture 7 Installation and Configuration of CDH

Section 2: Adding New Host to existing Hadoop Cluster

Lecture 8 Deploying new virtual machine on Amazon Web Service

Lecture 9 Adding new host to existing Hadoop Cluster using Cloudera Manager

Section 3: Centralized Authentication Using Active Directory

Lecture 10 Deploying Windows Server 2012 on Amazon Web Service

Lecture 11 Installation and Configuration of Active Directory Server

Lecture 12 Integrating Linux Hosts with Active Directory for Centralized Authentication

Section 4: Cloudera Manager Authentication Using Active Directory

Lecture 13 Configure Cloudera Manager to use Active Directory users for login

Lecture 14 Configuring Cloudera Manager User Roles based on Active Directory Group

Section 5: Kerberos

Lecture 15 Enabling Kerberos using Active Directory as Kerberos Server

Section 6: Upgrading Cloudera Manager

Lecture 16 Upgrade Cloudera Manager Part 1

Lecture 17 Cloudera Manager Upgrade – Part 2

Lecture 18 Starting Failed Cloudera Manager Services

Section 7: CDH Upgrade

Lecture 19 Upgrade CDH using Local Parcel Repository

Section 8: Rack Awareness

Lecture 20 Configuring Rack Awareness Using Cloudera Manager

Section 9: High Availability

Lecture 21 Enabling Namenode High Availability Using Cloudera Manager

Lecture 22 Enabling Resource Manager High Availability Using Cloudera Manager

Section 10: Access Control List

Lecture 23 Enabling and Working with HDFS Access Control List ( HDFS ACL )

Section 11: Installing and Configuring Hadoop ecosystem components

Lecture 24 Installing Hive Service

Lecture 25 Installing Hbase Service

Lecture 26 Installing and Configuring Hue

Lecture 27 Installation and Configuration of Impala

Lecture 28 Installation of Kafka

Section 12: Hadoop Admin Day to day works

Lecture 29 Creating Keytab file using ktutil command

Lecture 30 Adding new user

Lecture 31 Manually doing checkpoint

Section 13: Authorization using Sentry

Lecture 32 Installing Sentry Service

Lecture 33 Sentry Configuration

Lecture 34 Creating Sentry Admin Role in Hive

Lecture 35 Hive authorization using Sentry

Section 14: CDP – Cloudera Data Platform Introduction

Lecture 36 Introduction

Section 15: CDP – Proof Of Concept Installation

Lecture 37 Deploying Master Virtual Machine in Azure Cloud

Lecture 38 Configuring Prerequisites on Master Host

Lecture 39 Configure Cloudera Manager Local Repository

Lecture 40 Installing Cloudera Manager Server

Lecture 41 Creating Cloudera Runtime Parcel Local Repository

Lecture 42 Deploying Virtual Machines for Worker Hosts

Lecture 43 Configure Prerequisites on Worker Hosts

Lecture 44 Configure Prerequisites on Worker Hosts – Part 2

Lecture 45 Deploying Cluster using Cloudera Manager – Part1

Lecture 46 Deploying Cloudera Cluster using Cloudera Manager – Part 2

Section 16: CDP – Production Installation

Lecture 47 Configure prerequisites on Master

Lecture 48 Installing Cloudera Manager Server

Lecture 49 Deploy Worker Nodes Using ARM template

Lecture 50 Configure Prerequisites on Nodes

Lecture 51 Install Cloudera Manager Agent on Hosts

Lecture 52 Deploy CDP Cluster Using Cloudera Manager

Section 17: CDP – Adding New Host to Cluster

Lecture 53 Configure Prerequisites on New host – Part 1

Lecture 54 Configure Prerequisites on New host – Part 2

Lecture 55 Adding new hosts to cluster using Cloudera Manager

Section 18: CDP – Validating Cluster

Lecture 56 Validating Cluster

Section 19: CDP – Adding Services

Lecture 57 Adding Hive Service

Lecture 58 Validating Hive Service

Lecture 59 Creating ADLS Gen-2 and App ID

Lecture 60 Connecting ADLS Gen-2 Storage with CDP Cluster

Lecture 61 Adding HBase Service

Lecture 62 Creating Tables in HBase

Lecture 63 Adding Kafka Service

Lecture 64 Adding Spark Service

Lecture 65 Adding Solr service

Section 20: CDP – Configure High Availability

Lecture 66 NameNode High Availability

Lecture 67 Resource Manager High Availability

Lecture 68 Hive Server High Availability

Section 21: CDP – Active Directory Integration and Kerberos

Lecture 69 Deploying Windows Server

Lecture 70 Installing and Configuring Active Directory Service

Lecture 71 Linux Server Active Directory Integration

Lecture 72 Creating Users and Validating

Lecture 73 Connecting Hosts With Active Directory

Lecture 74 Enabling Kerberos using Active Directory

Linux Administrator,Database Administrator,Hadoop Administrator,Fresher graduates

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 10h 7m | 6.96 GB
Created by: Sijeesh Kunnotharamal

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