Coaching for personal professional and team performance

Coaching friends, family, colleagues, and teams to set and achieve life and work goals using the GROW and SMART model
Coaching for personal professional and team performance
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Coaching for personal professional and team performance

What you’ll learn

Have a practical tool for personal reflection on your life satisfaction
Use the GROW model to clarify some steps towards greater satisfaction
Use the SMART model to crystallise short-term goals and prioritise them
Use the clearly defined actions to enlist supporters to hold you accountable
Reflect on the many dimensions of your authentic life and identify areas you wish to improve
Apply the GROW model to coaching colleagues and team members to improved performance
Apply the SMART model to clarifying team goals and assign roles and responsibilities
Use the GROW model to brainstorm problem-solving in your community and work
Use the GROW model in strategy sessions to unpack your SWOT analysis

Coaching for personal professional and team performance


There are no pre-requisites to wanting to learn to coach yourself and others
You desire to enhance your life
You desire to accelerate your career
You need to lead and motivate teams
You need to performance-manage under-performers in your organisation


There are two clear concepts that you need to take away from this course. You will learn how to refine and prioritize actionable goals for yourself, and you will learn to develop those around you.You will learn a simple structure for setting ambitious, achievable, and actionable goals, applying this to yourself, and to others. With clear specific, measurable, aligned, realistic, and time-boxed goals (SMART) you can keep yourself on track and learn how to confidently say no to others when it is a reactive distraction. To get to these smart goals you need to Define them. Refine them. Map them. You need to be clear on what you want to achieve, validate the goal, brainstorm ways to get there, create a roadmap, then get specific and act.We will take a fresh look at the coaching model of defining the Goal, having a Reality check, brainstorming Options, selecting from the options, and creating the Will to action. In other words, to apply the GROW model. We will explore the myriad of ways that you already unconsciously apply the GROW model in your life. Identifying the ways that you use the model enables you to refine your overall effectiveness in those areas and in many new ones.Then we will look at applying these very same concepts to your team members, and even at a team level, to clarify goals and manage your way to achieve them.You become an enabler, encourager, and leader.Accelerating your team’s growth, commitment, and performance, is a promise we can keep when you apply yourself to the practices in the course and develop a mindset of relational leadership. Taking on a project team demands ‘rapid time to performance’ – little time for a gentle bonding ramp-up. You must Engage with each person, and the team, at a deeper level than you might think the old-style ‘hierarchical’ leader might. Then Enable, Encourage (give Courage), and give feedback regularly.The course takes a contemporary view on leadership to engage, empower, and encourage your temporary team to achieve great things. An approach that is becoming known as ‘Humble Leadership’, and a Generative model of growth that embraces the multi-faceted nature of every team as a unique entity composed of unique members.Join me as soon as you can. No time to lose.Demonstrate leadership as a project manager as you engage with your team and individual members.Apply what you learn every day from today onwards.Through a deep dive walk through participative ‘lectures’, you will:Enhance your leadership impactSuccessful delivery of your projectsConvert team potential to performanceIncrease the performance of your teamDevelop a holistic personal life improvement planCreate your SMART career development plan from the Talent TriangleDevelop a Performance Improvement Plan for a team member or team.An effective leader believes in the future success of the team members, and that entails believing that every individual starts with an ‘A’ because they are creative, resourceful, and whole.Influential leaders believe they themselves are creative, resourceful, and whole, seeking every day to become more effective leaders through exacting standards, ongoing development, and empathy with their team.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Year end message

Section 2: Defining clear actionable goals aligned…

Lecture 2 Defining and Setting Specific Measurable Aligned Realistic Time-boxed Goals

Lecture 3 Ensuring Aligned and Balanced Goals

Lecture 4 Supporting goal setting and decision-making that honour the ABC of our lives

Section 3: Performing a Personal Self-Analysis and Setting Satisfaction Goals

Lecture 5 Identifying your SatisFactors……..

Lecture 6 Self-Assessment Exercise

Lecture 7 Defining Your SMARTer GROWth Plan

Section 4: Mastering Team Leadership – Engaging, Enabling, Encouraging, and Evaluating

Lecture 8 Encouraging the strengths and individuality of team members builds great teams

Lecture 9 Understanding Teams in an Organisational and Project Context

Section 5: Leadership in the age of perpetual change

Lecture 10 Effective teams are small with complementary skills

Lecture 11 Empowering teams to unite around a vision, purpose, goal, and responsibility

Lecture 12 Agreeing how the team will work together and be accountable to each other

Lecture 13 Engaging team members and the team in feedback, ownership, and responsibility

Lecture 14 Promoting employee engagement in pursuit of team performance

Lecture 15 Understanding the team lifecycle from Forming through to Adjourning

Lecture 16 Accelerating project team Norming and Performing

Lecture 17 Encouraging the team throughout the Project

Section 6: Performing a Skills Self-Analysis as a Project Manager

Lecture 18 Identifying Project Management Skills and Attributes and Strengths to Develop

Section 7: The Engaged, Enabling and Encouraging Leader – Coaching for Performance

Lecture 19 Enlisting the energy and ambition of personal advancement and shared objectives

Lecture 20 Trusting the team to develop and execute the plan with your leadership

Lecture 21 Empowering the team to create a collaborative environment

Lecture 22 Enabling each person to demonstrate their strengths to maximise team performance

Lecture 23 Engaging with the team members at an individual level

Lecture 24 Encouraging the team with checkins to have two-way goal and performance feedback

Lecture 25 Evaluating performance to identify enablement and improvement opportunities

Lecture 26 Implementing a SMART improvement plan and coach for performance improvement

Section 8: Concluding Coaching for personal, professional and team performance

Lecture 27 Concluding Coaching for personal, professional, and team performance

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Created by: The Future Growth Lab

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