COBIT 2019 Design Implementation

Design and implement COBIT in any organization
COBIT 2019 Design Implementation
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COBIT 2019 Design Implementation

What you’ll learn

Learn how to design and implement COBIT in any organization via fun and digestible course with real-word examples
Learn how to select THE VERY RIGHT practices out of hundres of COBIT practices which will save your company’s back or make it the star on the market
Learn how to start using COBIT, one thing is to “KNOW IT” and another is to “USE IT”!
Learn how to make others to use COBIT in other words – to implement it in any company
Prepare for you official ISACA COBIT 2019® Design & Implementation exam

COBIT 2019 Design Implementation


COBIT 2019® Foundation


COBIT is the world-wide accepted de-facto standard for management and governance(rules) of IT organizations or IT departments. It contains all you need to run and manage your IT from Incident Management, Project Management to IT Strategy. In todays agile constantly changing environment the governance (rules) is more important than ever. You don’t have to go through painful experiences such as security breaches, major outages, disapointed customers and excesive costs of IT to set your governance – you can learn it in advance in COBIT!This course is intended for anyone who learned COBIT in COBIT® 2019 Foundation course so knows what COBIT is and would like to bring it to live in any organization.  One thing is to know what is COBIT and another thing is to be able to use it and another thing is to make others to use it :-).The course also intents to prepare you for the internationally recognized COBIT 2019® Design & Implementation certificate.*** To take full advantage of this course it is recommended (but not mandatory) to purchase and download 2 books: “COBIT 2019®  Design Guide” for $90 and “COBIT 2019® Implementation Guide” for $55. Download links are provided within the course. ***Certificate of Course Completion UDEMY will issue a Certificate of Completion upon completion of all the video training modules.COBIT 2019® Design & Implementation Certificate by ISACAThis is the official ISACA accredited course COBIT 2019® Design & Implementation without exam and certificate. Official exam leading to COBIT 2019® Design & Implementation Certificate can be purchased and taken by anyone on ISACA website  for USD 275 (the amount can change in time). This course contains all the resources you need to pass this exam and obtain the COBIT 2019® COBIT 2019® Design & Implementation. This course is provided by Ludmila Vrazelova who is the ISACA and APMG accredited COBIT 2019 Independent Instructor. The course materials are accredited by APMG who is the exclusive ISACA partners for COBIT accreditations.


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Housekeeping & Couse Materials

Lecture 3 Exam Information

Lecture 4 Exam Information – ISACA support

Section 2: COBIT2019 Basic Concepts

Lecture 5 COBIT2019 Basic Concepts

Section 3: Design Factors for a Governance System

Lecture 6 Definition and Overview

Lecture 7 Design Factors

Section 4: Impact of Design Factors

Lecture 8 Impact of Design Factors

Section 5: The Governance System Design Workflow

Lecture 9 Design Workflow – STEP1

Lecture 10 Design Workflow – STEP2

Lecture 11 Design Workflow – STEP3

Lecture 12 Design Workflow – STEP4

Section 6: The Governance Design Toolkit

Lecture 13 The Governance Design Toolkit

Section 7: Implementing and Optimizing I&T Governance Overview

Lecture 14 Implementation Introduction

Lecture 15 Governance Implementation Roadmap

Lecture 16 Trigger Events and Stakeholder Roles

Section 8: Governance Implementation Lifecycle

Lecture 17 Governance Implementation Lifecycle – PART 1

Lecture 18 Governance Implementation Lifecycle – PART 2

Section 9: Key Topics Decision Matrix

Lecture 19 Key Topics Decision Matrix

Section 10: Closing

Lecture 20 Wrap-up

Lecture 21 BONUS: What next? – Practice

Lecture 22 BONUS: Free VOUCHER for “DevOps – speed up your IT 100+ times”

This course is meant for IT and non IT professionals who would like to learn how to implement COBIT and/or get the official ISACA COBIT 2019® Design & Implementation Certificate. It is especially useful for Managers of all levels, Auditors, IT Vendors, Regulators, Risk&Security Assurance professionals.

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Udemy | English | 4h 4m | 3.43 GB
Created by: Ludmila Vrazelova

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