Cognitive Psychology for Weight Loss

The Most Powerful Weight Loss Mind Set Course
Cognitive Psychology for Weight Loss
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Weng Honn Kan


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Cognitive Psychology for Weight Loss

What you’ll learn

Understand The Most Powerful 6 Keys Mind Set To Success Weight Loss.
You will be able to breakthrough any obstacle that stopping you from getting healthy and fit.
You wil be able to learn the effective goal setting to achieve any of your fitness goal.
You will learn the 7 steps of problem solving method and find the best solution .
Control your weight instead of your weight being in control of you .

Cognitive Psychology for Weight Loss


You need an open mind and a desire to improve your life and health.


” If you are having a hard time in LOSING THE EXTRA POUNDS and  STICKING TO your workout routine then this course is made FOR you ! ”
“This course will guide you on breaking through fear , obstacles by showering your mind with the right weight loss mind set. ”
In this course, you will master The Most Powerful Weight Loss Programme  that able to help you to control your weight , instead of your weight being in control of you   .
I’m giving you 5 solid reasons to consider:
1. The 6 Keys To Success Weight Loss: I am going to give you six crucial “keys”- to unlock the life changing door so that you can live healthy and be happy for the rest of your life.These keys are able to lead you closer to permanent control over your weight .
2. Breaking Through The Fear:  This course is going to help you to breakthrough all your doubt and fear , and lift your confidence level to another level , so that you could achieve any weight loss goals .
3. How to Set and Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal : By using the proven SMART goal method . you are going to learn how to set a goal that is achievable .
4. 5 Strategy to lose Weight:  In this course , you are going to learn some of the most unique but effective weight loss strategy that not only able to help you to loss weight fast but also safe .
5. Workout programme that works : YI have also included some of the workout porgramme that have been producing great result on myself and my clients . Well they spent few thousands of dollars training using this programme , and now you could have it all with the price of less than a box of Dominos ! How To Use Your Mind To Lose Fats is about learning a successful proven weight loss systems,by guiding you on breaking through fear and obstacles that you may face along your weight loss journey,SO YOU CAN loss weight and have a healthier life permanently.
Yes, there is! The risk is that if you don’t use these principles you will suffer with the WEIGHT that you cannot loss ! Those keys mind set were kept secret for a long time and they are wickedly effective(just no body talked about it ) . Become a student of the course and if you don’t see the real value, you can have your money back! YOU HAVE 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Thirty days is a good period for you to apply the concepts in the course and see some real, astonishing results on your children !***IS THIS COURSE FOR YOU ?***
in order to maximize your leanining experience , i will recommend you to do the following things before purchasing any of my courses.
1) Read the course description and curriculum carefully , so that you will have an idea on what is this courses really about .
2) Watch the preview lecture . Preview lectures are  good checking point for elements such as accents and also presentation style .
3)Read the review . Im not a perfect instructors , so there will be some positive and negative reviews as a reference for you about the course.
4) Talk to me . Feel free to sent me a message ,and ask me any questions regarding my course, and i will get back to you asap i promise .
SO , in the case of if you did purchase one of my courses , and you do not really like it , do not worry!
Udemy is offering a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days . So u do not have anything to loss.
And , if you like my course please give it a 5 stars rating and spread around among your firends and family .
See ya , and take care


Lecture 1 Watch This FIRST Before Enrolling !

Section 1: Making the Science of Mind Set and Exercise Work For You

Lecture 2 Course Introduction

Section 2: Session 2:Zero Obesity World Wide

Lecture 3 Together We Are Able To Make The World A Healtheir Place To Live

Section 3: Session 3:The 6Keys To Success Weight Loss

Lecture 4 Introduction To The 6 Keys To Success Weight Loss

Lecture 5 Key #1 Understand The Journey

Lecture 6 Key #2 Think Like A Winner

Lecture 7 Key #3 The Burning Desire

Lecture 8 Key #4 Line Dreaming

Lecture 9 Key #5 You Cannot Always Be Tiger.

Lecture 10 Key #6 Commitment

Section 4: Section 4:The Life Changing Story

Lecture 11 The Story of Ballon

Lecture 12 The Story Of An Elephant

Section 5: Session 5: Breaking Through Life

Lecture 13 Breaking Through The Fear

Lecture 14 Why Fear Exist

Lecture 15 The Terror Barrier

Lecture 16 7 Ways To Overcome Fear

Lecture 17 How to Set and Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal

Lecture 18 5 Strategy to lose Weight

Lecture 19 7 Steps Weight Loss Problem Solving Method

Section 6: Section 6:Your Complete Weight Loss Plan

Lecture 20 90 Days Weight Loss Plan

Lecture 21 90 Days Complete Weight Loss Exercise Programme Method

Lecture 22 90 Days Complete Weight Loss Exercise Routine

Lecture 23 10 Minutes Fat Torching Workout

Lecture 24 10 Minutes Legs Firming Workout

Lecture 25 10 Minutes Abs killing workout

Section 7: Bonus Material

Lecture 26 The Mindset of a Champion by Professor of Psychology

Lecture 27 A Complete List of Nutrition Fact Calories for Over 900 Food

Lecture 28 Obesity Is All in the mind?-Journal Article

Lecture 29 Real People. Real Results

Lecture 30 Weight Loss Maintenance Is All About Mind over Matter?

Lecture 31 Bonus!365 Days Motivation Ebook

Lecture 32 Bonus!107 Motivation Quotes

Lecture 33 Connect with me

Lecture 34 21 days to six pack mind set workbook

People that is looking for a wellness programme that able to help them to lose weight and also able to strengthen their mental health.,People that give up easily or cannot stick to a weight loss/fitness programme .As this programme will help them to stay focus on their goal until they hit it.,People that lost hope in losing their weight .This programme is able to re-motivate them ,anchor the positive and right mind set towards life and health,and get them back on track.,People that find it difficult to commit exercise in their daily routine.This course will be able to guide and coach them on finding the best solution to fix this problem based on individual lifestyle.

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Udemy | English | 1h 7m | 745.97 MB
Created by: Weng Honn Kan

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