Cognitive Psychology Learning The Human Behavior

A Dummy Guide on Understanding Behavioural Psychology
Cognitive Psychology Learning The Human Behavior
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Weng Honn Kan


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Cognitive Psychology Learning The Human Behavior

What you’ll learn

Students will have a good understanding on what affect our behavior .
Students will be able to understand the science ,theory and research behind behavioral psychology .

Cognitive Psychology Learning The Human Behavior


Have an interest in human behaviour .
An open mind to learn .
Have an interest in behavioural psychology .


Behavioral psychology teach students about the history of behavioural psychology, common psychological behavioral problems , their evolution and way to recondition behaviour . This course introduces students to the fundamental principles of behavior analysis, like classical conditioning and operant conditioning .
In this course, we cover five core areas of Behavioural Psychology:
1) Behavioural Psychology Introduction .
2) Understanding Human Behaviour .
3) Consequences and Behaviour .
4) Conditioning and Human Behaviour .
5) Rewiring Human Behaviour – Establishing new habits .
One of the breakthrough in this course is that , i have included a complete audio DOWNLOADBLE MP3 for this course , that you can download and learn about the human psychology anytime anywhere !


Section 1: Behavioural Psychology Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Behavioural Psychology

Lecture 2 History of behaviour psychology

Lecture 3 AUDIO Understanding Behavioural Psychology – The Dummy Guide

Lecture 4 Reflection Questions

Section 2: Understanding Human Behaviour

Lecture 5 The Evolution of Behaviour

Lecture 6 Phylogeny and ontogeny of behaviour

Lecture 7 5 Main Approaches to behaviourism

Lecture 8 Abraham Harold Maslow’s hierarchy and Human Behaviour

Lecture 9 Carl Roger’s self concept and behaviour

Section 3: Consequences and Behaviour

Lecture 10 Consequential operations

Lecture 11 Establishing the effectiveness of consequences

Section 4: Conditioning and Human Behaviour

Lecture 12 Classical conditioning and behaviour

Lecture 13 Operant conditioning

Lecture 14 Puzzle box and animal behaviour

Lecture 15 ID, Ego and Super-ego.

Section 5: Rewiring Human Behaviour – Establishing new habits

Lecture 16 3 habits to change your behaviour .

Section 6: Extra

Lecture 17 Disclaimer

Lecture 18 Photo Reference

Anyone that is interested in learning the psychology of human behaviour .,Students that is taking behavioral psychology in college .

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Created by: Weng Honn Kan

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