Collibra Data Quality quick intro for absolute beginners

Learn Collibra DQ functionality quickly in an easy to undertand way. No complex concepts, making it ideal for beginners
Collibra Data Quality quick intro for absolute beginners
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Collibra Data Quality quick intro for absolute beginners

What you’ll learn

Learn Collibra Data Quality functionality
Learn how to use Collibra Data Quality & Observability
Learn some of the best practices of using the tool
Learn how to schedule, create alerts, profile data, report and more!

Collibra Data Quality quick intro for absolute beginners


Collibra Data Quality free trial will help you explore the functionality. However it is not mandatory if you wish to only get familiar with Collibra wihtout practicing


Learn what you can expect from Collibra Data Quality quickly!Collibra Data Quality & Observability is considered by many the best tool to manage your data sets by learning through observation rather than human input. Collibra Data Quality applies the latest advancements in Data Science and Machine Learning to the problem of Data Quality. Surfacing data issues in minutes instead of months.This is a course for absolute beginners that have never used Collibra Data Quality & Observability. We will cover the main features without going into too much detail so you can quickly become familiar with the tool and its capabilities.If you expect an advanced course on Collibra, this course IS NOT for you!What will you learn in this course:How to setup your Collibra accountGet familiar with the Collibra DQ interfaceHow connecting to data worksHow running jobs workWhat is the Collibra DQ ScoringData Patterns featureDuplicates featureSchema monitoring featureRecord monitoring featureSource monitoring featureData Shapes/Formatting featureData Outliers featureData RulesData BehavioursData SchedulingScore CardsThe ExplorerData RulesData CatalogReportsData AlertsAdmin optionsBest PracticesThis course is for absolute beginners, if you have used Collibra before you may find the course too basic. However if Collibra DQ is new to you, this will be a great starting point. I will provide a lot of tips and tricks for you on how to further progress your Collibra knowledge after getting the basics down.If the above is what you are looking for, enrol today and I will see you in the first lesson!Who this course is for:Absolute beginners that want to learn more about Collibra Data QualityData Professionals exploring what functionality Collibra DQ offers


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Collibra – The Basics

Lecture 2 Setup your Collibra account

Lecture 3 The DQ Interface

Lecture 4 Connecting to data

Section 3: Running our first data job with Explorer

Lecture 5 Runnings jobs

Lecture 6 Jobs options

Section 4: Features – 9 Collibra DQ core components

Lecture 7 Overview of Data Quality Scoring

Lecture 8 Data Profile page

Lecture 9 Shapes

Lecture 10 Duplicates

Lecture 11 Schema

Lecture 12 Record

Lecture 13 Source

Lecture 14 Pattern

Lecture 15 Ok but how do I turn on these features?

Lecture 16 Outliers

Lecture 17 Rules

Lecture 18 Data Behaviour

Section 5: Catalog

Lecture 19 Intro to Data Catalogs

Section 6: Reports

Lecture 20 Intro to Reports in Collibra DQ

Lecture 21 Data Summary and DQ Check Summary

Lecture 22 The Coverage Report

Lecture 23 Reports Outro

Section 7: Alerts

Lecture 24 Collibra DQ Alerts

Section 8: Scheduler

Lecture 25 Collibra DQ Scheduler

Section 9: Rules

Lecture 26 Rules Intro – building our first rule

Lecture 27 Rule Templates

Lecture 28 Rules Definitions

Lecture 29 Rules Summary

Section 10: DQ Score Cards section

Lecture 30 Score Cards

Lecture 31 List View

Lecture 32 Assignments

Lecture 33 Pulse View

Section 11: Other Admin options

Lecture 34 Admin Console

Section 12: What Next

Lecture 35 Thank You

Lecture 36 Bonus Lecture

Data Professionals looking to undertand Collibra’s Data Quality functionality,Beginners that have never used Collibra Data Quality & Observability

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Udemy | English | 2h 15m | 787.16 MB
Created by: George Smarts

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