Colorful Acrylic Painting for Artists

Tutorials for those familiar with painting
Colorful Acrylic Painting for Artists
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Maria Morris


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Colorful Acrylic Painting for Artists

What you’ll learn

Use the most vibrant supplies to create luminous fall trees
Trace onto your canvas to maintain accuracy
Portrait painting, correct and colorful
Paint transparent to opaque
Use expressive brushstrokes
Interpreting photo references (provided)
Complete landscape, floral and portrait paintings

Colorful Acrylic Painting for Artists


Completion of another painting course
5 specific paint colors/brands


My best tutorials are in this course including an in-depth portrait class. I was a portrait watercolorist for 20 years and have poured all that knowledge into this acrylic painting class. My other favorite tutorials are in the course too, like the cactus, fall trees and bouquet of yellow roses!If you are an oil painter, you’ll find my process similar: Painting transparent to opaque, wet on wetIf you are a watercolor artist, you’ll find the intense, fluid acrylics familiar. The flexibility that white and opaques bring, make it easier and more versatile than watercolor.WHAT YOU’LL LEARNStudio Prep & ProcessSupplies and Studio Tour with canvas prepColor Mixing with GuideAdvanced Color Mixing Finishing and PresentationHow to Filter Your Own PhotosVibrant, Advanced Acrylic PaintingCactus Tutorials (Learn color temperature)Portrait Tutorials (Learn facial anatomy and mixing all skin tones)Fall Trees (Learn pure, luminous colors)Yellow Roses (Learn alla prima painting with acrylics)You can do this and I am active on Udemy to answer any questions!WHO’S THE INSTRUCTOR?I’m Maria from Maria Morris Art and I paint full time and sell my prints on Etsy. I love helping artists boost their color, boost their confidence and find their artistic voice.I painted full time before having children, selling over 100 watercolors, mostly portraits, while living in South America. Now that I’m an empty-nester, I’m back at it but with fluid and semi-transparent and opaque acrylics!I hope you enjoy the course and paint your most vibrant paintings!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to my course

Section 2: Setup and Supplies

Lecture 2 Supplies

Lecture 3 Color Mixing

Lecture 4 Advanced Color Mixing

Section 3: Cactus Tutorials

Lecture 5 The Cactus Part 1

Lecture 6 The Cactus Part 2

Lecture 7 The Cactus Part 3

Lecture 8 The Cactus Part 4

Section 4: Floral Tutorial

Lecture 9 Yellow Roses

Section 5: Trees Tutorial

Lecture 10 Fall Trees Part 1

Lecture 11 Fall Trees Part 2

Lecture 12 Fall Trees Part 3

Section 6: The Portrait

Lecture 13 The Portrait Part 1

Lecture 14 The Portrait Part 2

Lecture 15 The Portrait Part 3

Lecture 16 The Portrait Part 4

Section 7: After the Tutorials

Lecture 17 Filtering Your Own Photos

Lecture 18 Finishing and Presentation

Section 8: Bonus Lecture

Lecture 19 Bonus Lecture

For artists who have completed paintings before,For artists who want a little more challenge than the beginner’s tutorials,For oil painters wanting faster drying time,For watercolorists wanting the flexibility of opaques

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 30m | 3.04 GB
Created by: Maria Morris

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