Combined Fire Cupping Dry Cupping Hijama Sunnah Cupping

Combined Fire Cupping Dry Cupping & Hijama Sunnah Cupping
Combined Fire Cupping Dry Cupping Hijama Sunnah Cupping
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Combined Fire Cupping Dry Cupping Hijama Sunnah Cupping

What you’ll learn

2. The Skeletal system
3. Skull, Spine & Bone
4. The Muscular System
5. The Circulatory System
6. The Skin
7. The Endocrine System
8. The Lymphatic System
1. Fire cupping
2. Fire cupping demo
3. Dry cupping
4. Dry cupping demo
5. Contraindication of cupping
6. Hijama sunnah cupping
7. Hijama cupping demo
8. Hijama cupping device
9. Congrats

Combined Fire Cupping Dry Cupping Hijama Sunnah Cupping


You will need a device and internet connection to stream videos.
Must be understand English well enough to follow the instructions.


What is Fire Cupping Therapy?Fire cupping is a type of cupping therapy that is done through plastic, bamboo, or glass jar placing on the skin. It is a non-invasive and alternative treatment technique that increased the blood circulation to a damaged area to relieve pain and extract toxic blood from the body. However, this treatment is recommended to get relief from joint pain, muscular pain, skin, or respiratory disorders.Fire cupping comes from traditional Chinese medicine. In Chinese tradition, cold is considered as evil, and the fire cup removes the cold from the body. Besides, heat is nourishing for the tired and drained body, which can give you a boost to your body.What is Hijama Cupping Therapy?Hijama therapy is also known as wet cupping, which is a minor surgical procedure. It is used to remove harmful toxic elements from your body to improve the blood circulation. Muslims widely practise it. However, recent days non-Muslims also taking the cupping therapy.History of Hijama TreatmentHijama is an Arabic word. It is an ancient and holistic practice to treat various diseases. However, the exact origin of Hijama therapy is unknown, and it is a matter of controversy. Cupping therapy is documented in Chinese and ancient Egyptian medical practices.It is assumed that cupping had started over 5000 years ago, which has developed over time. It is believed that animal horns were used to suck out the blood and drain the toxins. Then, over the years the horn was evolved into bamboo cups and eventually replaced by glass.


Section 1: PART – 1 (Anatomy and Physiology)

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 2. The Skeletal system

Lecture 3 3. Skull, Spine & Bone

Lecture 4 4. The Muscular System

Lecture 5 5. The Circulatory System

Lecture 6 6. The Skin

Lecture 7 7. The Endocrine System

Lecture 8 8. The Lymphatic System

Section 2: PART – 2

Lecture 9 1. Fire cupping

Lecture 10 2. Fire cupping demo

Lecture 11 3. Dry cupping

Lecture 12 4. Dry cupping demo

Lecture 13 5. Contraindication of cupping

Lecture 14 6. Hijama sunnah cupping

Lecture 15 7. Hijama cupping demo

Lecture 16 8. Hijama cupping device

Lecture 17 9. Congrats

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Created by: Manik Miah

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