Communicate for Business Write Email Close the Loop

Write clearly & concisely in email and all business contexts, then design a communication plan to make sure it sticks.
Communicate for Business Write Email Close the Loop
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Communicate for Business Write Email Close the Loop

What you’ll learn

Choose words for their precision and ability to engage your target audience
Focus on your message to determine grammatical choices.
Tailor your emails based on your purpose and recipient.
Create a plan that supports your change initiative.

Communicate for Business Write Email Close the Loop


You will need internet access. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari and preferred browsers to open links to interactive lessons.
You will need Adobe Acrobat to download PDFs.


Clear communication isn’t always as easy as it sounds. This course will help you express your ideas in traditional genres as well as digitally. You’ll also learn how to communicate to create lasting change in your organization: successfully engage the people who have to respond to the initiative.Course 1: Write for Business & To Be UnderstoodWrite for your busy readers by following best practices to craft clear & concise documents.Hit the Right toneChoose the Best WordsOrganize for UnderstandingCourse 2: Write Effective emailsYour email messages say more than you think; write your way to the top with effective emails.Construct your CommunicationProtect Your ImageCorrect Common ErrorsCourse 3: Close the Communication LoopDesign a communication plan that makes sure your change initiative gets put into action.Conduct a Needs AnalysisDesign Your Communications StrategyCraft Your ContentEngage OthersDeveloped by instructors who write professionally, this three course bundle covers everything from practical tips for pesky grammar rules to guidelines for connecting with your audience. Each component is designed to be completed in short time allotments, or all at once, to suit your schedule. It will take approximately 1 hour to complete the entire bundle.


Section 1: Course 1 – Write for Business & To Be Understood

Lecture 1 Write to Be Understood

Section 2: Hit the Right Tone

Lecture 2 Consider Tone

Lecture 3 Extra Practice – Revise for Tone

Section 3: Choose the Best Words

Lecture 4 Use the 3 S’s

Lecture 5 Think Like a Reader

Section 4: Organize for Understanding

Lecture 6 Keep It Ordered

Lecture 7 Clarify with Punctuation

Lecture 8 Apply it All – Use Common Sense

Section 5: Put It to Work

Lecture 9 1 More Thing about Writing for Business

Lecture 10 SUMMARY: Tips & Tools to Write for Business & Be Understood

Section 6: Course 2 – Write Effective Emails

Lecture 11 Craft Professional Communications

Lecture 12 Determine the Message

Section 7: Construct Your Communication

Lecture 13 Write Effectively

Lecture 14 REVIEW – Before You Press “Send”

Section 8: Protect Your Image

Lecture 15 Skip the Email

Lecture 16 Think about Consequences

Section 9: Correct Common Errors

Lecture 17 Remember the Details

Lecture 18 Enhance Clarity

Section 10: Put It to Work

Lecture 19 1 More Thing about Writing Emails

Lecture 20 SUMMARY: Tips & Tools to Write Effective Emails

Section 11: Course 3 – Close the Communication Loop

Lecture 21 Cover Your Bases

Section 12: Conduct a Needs Analysis

Lecture 22 Map Your Stakeholders

Lecture 23 Identify Stakeholder Groups

Section 13: Design Your Communications Strategy

Lecture 24 Plan Your Strategy

Lecture 25 Time It Right

Lecture 26 Identify the Senders

Lecture 27 Work It Out

Lecture 28 Share a Worthwhile Message

Section 14: Craft Your Content

Lecture 29 Answer the WIIFM Questions

Lecture 30 Choose Your Message

Lecture 31 Consider Myths of Change

Section 15: Engage Others

Lecture 32 Choose Your Channels

Lecture 33 Solicit Feedback

Lecture 34 Consider All Possibilities

Section 16: Put It to Work

Lecture 35 1 More Thing about the Communication Loop

Lecture 36 SUMMARY: Tips & Tools to Close the Communication Loop

Unsure of yourself when it comes to writing? This course is for you! It’s got lots of practical advice and common sense that will put you at ease.,Confident in your verbal skills but new to the requirements of business writing? Learn how to adapt what you already know for business.,Leaders responsible for change management and looking for communication strategies to make sure the change sticks.

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