Communication Mastery Confidence Charisma and Influence

Mastering the Art of Effective Communication. Learn How to Communicate for Success. Essential Skills and Strategies.
Communication Mastery Confidence Charisma and Influence
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Communication Mastery Confidence Charisma and Influence

What you’ll learn

Understand the importance and benefits of effective communication in various contexts.
Develop active listening skills and techniques to better understand and engage with others.
Improve verbal communication skills through techniques such as expressing oneself clearly and effectively, and resolving conflicts.
Enhance nonverbal communication skills by understanding and utilizing nonverbal cues and body language to better convey meaning and build rapport.
Enhance professional communication skills through techniques such as effective writing and public speaking, which can help increase success in the workplace

Communication Mastery Confidence Charisma and Influence


The course is designed to be accessible to people of all levels and backgrounds, and it covers the fundamental skills needed to communicate effectively in any situation.


Are you not being heard or understood, always overlooked and dismissed, or you’re  getting into misunderstandings and conflicts? Do you want to have more confidence and charisma, increase your ability to influence people and have a superhuman ability  pick up and respond to how someones feeling moment to moment?If you answered yes to any of these questions, then my course is exactly what you need. Unfortunately in today’s high pressure world, many people struggle with communication and emotional intelligence. They may have difficulty expressing themselves clearly, listening actively, or don’t know how to resolve conflicts. These barriers to effective communication holds people back from going after their goals, cause low self-esteem, they have weak and troubled relationships, inefficient management and team work, and a whole list of other issues.  That’s where this course comes in. We’ll cover topics such as advanced listening skills, charismatic speaking and vocal skills, mastering nonverbal communication, and I give you 10 evidence based psychology hacks to instantly get people to do what you ask, like and trust you, and see you as a more authoritative figure. You’ll learn how to:Listen actively and attentivelyExpress yourself in an influential and charismatic wayUnderstand and master nonverbal cues effectivelyMaster the communication side of sales and presentationsUnderstand and manage your own emotions and the emotions of othersAnd much much more…By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools and the confidence you need to communicate effectively and enhance your emotional intelligence in any situation. Imagine being able to walk into any situation with the skills and confidence to deal with anyone, get people to instantly like you and be able to pick up understand how someone is feeling.Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your communication skills and emotional intelligence. Sign up for our course today and start improving your relationships, your career, and your overall success now.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to the course

Section 2: Listening skills

Lecture 2 Introduction to Listening Skills

Lecture 3 Techniques for Improving Your Listening Skills

Lecture 4 Common Barriers to Being a Great Listener

Section 3: Verbal Communication

Lecture 5 Introduction to Verbal Communication

Lecture 6 How To Speak Clearly and Concisely

Lecture 7 Nonverbal Communication

Lecture 8 The Art Of Persuasion

Section 4: Emotional Intelligence

Lecture 9 Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Lecture 10 Recognizing And Managing Emotions In Yourself

Lecture 11 Recognizing And Managing Emotions In Others

Section 5: Bonus: 10 Psychology Hacks To Improve Your Communication

Lecture 12 10 Psychological Hacks

This course on improving communication skills is designed for anyone who wants to improve their ability to communicate effectively. This can include students, professionals, or individuals who simply want to improve their communication skills in their personal lives. The course covers fundamental skills that are applicable to a wide range of contexts and situations, such as active listening, verbal and nonverbal communication, writing, and public speaking. Whether you’re a student looking to improve your grades and relationships with classmates, a professional looking to advance in your career, or simply someone who wants to build stronger relationships and reduce misunderstandings in your personal life, this course can provide you with the skills you need to communicate more effectively.

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Udemy | English | 2h 28m | 971.54 MB
Created by: Daniel Boehm

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