Company Law A Comprehensive Summary

An in-depth summary of Company Law, targeting all common law LL.B examinations
Company Law A Comprehensive Summary
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Shaveen Bandaranayake


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Company Law A Comprehensive Summary

What you’ll learn

You will learn the important principles of Company Law
Clarification on “learning gaps” you may have

Company Law A Comprehensive Summary


A basic understanding of Company Law
Being a Law student is an advantage
A committed and motivated attitude towards fast-track study!


Company Law: A Comprehensive Summary!Whether you are a new student or someone who is just about to sit for your Company Law examinations, “The Law Simplified” course on Company Law will give you an in-depth summary of the subject. Many students who study the Law, find it difficult to connect all of the pieces together. Thus, this course will give you a “bird’s eye” overview of the entire subject. What’s more, you will have access to 50+ pages of case summaries, specifically designed to help you understand all the legal principles. This course has been adapted to suit the needs of LLB students worldwide! Remember, this is not a substitute for thorough learning, but it will be a great resource for students who want to recap the entire syllabus and for those who want a better, clearer and more concise understanding of the principles – or simply anyone who’s interested in learning Company Law!Features:- Digestible chunks of knowledge: everything you need to know on each topic, simplified – Downloadable Slide Decks that will give you the bigger picture of the subject – 50+ pages of case-law, developed in a simplified and direct manner.


Section 1: Welcome to The Law Simplified

Lecture 1 Welcome to The Law Simplified

Lecture 2 How This Course Is Structured

Section 2: Forms of Business Organization

Lecture 3 Part I: Overview

Lecture 4 Part II: Introduction to the Companies Act 2006

Section 3: Nature of Legal Personality

Lecture 5 Introduction to Legal Personality

Section 4: Lifting the Veil of Incorporation

Lecture 6 Part I: Introduction & Legislative Intervention

Lecture 7 Part II: The Evolution of Caselaw

Lecture 8 Part III: The Evolution of Caselaw Contd.

Section 5: Promoters and Pre-Incorporation Contracts

Lecture 9 Introduction to Promoters and Pre-Incorporation Contracts

Section 6: Raising of Capital: Equity

Lecture 10 Part I: Introduction & Methods of Raising Capital

Lecture 11 Part II: Regulations (Part 1)

Lecture 12 Part III: Regulations (Part 2)

Lecture 13 Part IV: Insider Dealing

Section 7: Raising of Capital: Debentures

Lecture 14 Part I: Introduction & Classifications

Lecture 15 Part II: Lender’s Redress & Effects of Liquidation

Lecture 16 Part III: Book Debts & Avoidance of Floating Charges

Section 8: Share Capital

Lecture 17 Part I: Doctrine & Raising Capital

Lecture 18 Part II: Returns [Dividend]

Lecture 19 Part III: Reduction of Share Capital [Private Companies]

Lecture 20 Part IV: Reduction of Share Capital [Public Companies]

Section 9: Constitution of the Company: Dealing with Insiders

Lecture 21 Part I: Constitution

Lecture 22 Part II: Membership

Section 10: Class Rights

Lecture 23 Part I: Fundamentals of Shares

Lecture 24 Part II: Classes of Shares

Lecture 25 Part III: Variation of Class Rights

Section 11: Congratulations!

Lecture 26 The Tutoring Masterclass

Students reading for a common law LL.B programme,Students sitting for Law examinations,Entrepreneurs working towards establishing a business,Anyone interested in learning the Law

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Created by: Shaveen Bandaranayake

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