Complete AutoCAD 2D3D From Zero to Hero Course

This Course Will Make You Better Professional AutoCAD Expert. All Tools and Commands Are Clearly Explained
Complete AutoCAD 2D3D From Zero to Hero Course
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Complete AutoCAD 2D3D From Zero to Hero Course

What you’ll learn

To learn all basic & advanced level AutoCAD 2D & 3D toolbar Training
To learn Basic Sketch Practice, Floor Plan & 3D House modeling and detailing
To learn advanced level Block and title block with various paper size
To learn advanced level Dimensioning and Layer management in AutoCAD
To learn advanced level accurate dimensional drawing creation
To learn complete cycle of operation in AutoCAD 2D and 3D

Complete AutoCAD 2D3D From Zero to Hero Course


Basic Knowledge of Engineering
Windows operated Laptop / Desktop (With AutoCAD Software)


AutoCADAutoCAD Computer aided design and drafting software. AutoCAD creates a big revolution in engineering design and detailing industry. AutoCAD golden opportunity for Engineers. AutoCAD Saved lots of manpower and increased productivity in Engineering DesignAll the engineering professionals learn this software. It will create big changes in your lifeThis CourseThis course is 32+ hours Lengthy course for AutoCAD Beginners and advanced level learnersThis course include all the Tools and command clearly explained and practically made for all level studentsThis course will teach you all the basic and advanced feature of AutoCAD 2D&3DThis course will teach you to create accurate dimensional objectsThis course will teach you layers functions and its managementThis course will teach you various status bar actionsThis course will teach you Quick tools operationsThis course will teach you better understanding of model space and layout spaceThis course will teach you to create drawing sheets with using attributes and fieldsThis course will teach you to create advanced level blocks and its applicationsThis course will teach you complete cycle of operation in AutoCAD 2D & 3DThis course will teach you advanced House projects in end of this coursePractice DrawingsFor Metric unit and Imperial unit separate practice drawing Exercise added for AutoCAD 2D&3DFor Your DoubtsYou can ask me your doubts in Q&A SectionBefore ask me doubt please try to finish all lecture 100% may be your doubt clear in some other lectureBut if you ask me any doubt definitely I will answer you as soon as possible (Within 24 Hours)MessageYou can send directly to me messages in Udemy. All your messages and command I will read with in 24 Hours I will reply you After This CourseAfter this course you will get knowledge to handle AutoCAD related jobsMake proper schedule Finish course 100% Get life long useful knowledgeFree Preview Lecture 10 Minutes free preview lecture available. Please check that lectures. If you like our training you can make enrollMoney Back GuaranteeMoney back guaranteed by UdemyDon’t wait, Let’s Start your good Steps your lifeBest of Luck


Section 1: AutoCAD Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 How to get AutoCAD Software to Install

Lecture 3 Download Resources

Lecture 4 AutoCAD Home Page or Start Tab

Lecture 5 User Interface Part-1

Lecture 6 User Interface Part-2

Lecture 7 Workspace Switching

Lecture 8 How to Set AutoCAD Classic Toolbar

Lecture 9 Start New Drawing

Lecture 10 Units

Lecture 11 Limits

Lecture 12 Open Existing Drawing

Lecture 13 How to Use Keyboard and Mouse In AutoCAD

Lecture 14 Navigation Toolbar AutoCAD 2D

Lecture 15 Select Objects in Drawing

Lecture 16 Status Bar Introduction

Section 2: Draw Toolbar-1

Lecture 17 Create Line

Lecture 18 Absolute Co-ordinate System

Lecture 19 Relative Co-ordinate System

Lecture 20 Polar Co-ordinate System

Lecture 21 Line Practice Exercise

Lecture 22 Create Polyline

Lecture 23 Polyline Practice Exercise

Lecture 24 Create Circle

Lecture 25 Circle Practice Exercise

Lecture 26 Create Arc

Lecture 27 Create Rectangle

Lecture 28 Rectangle Practice Exercise

Lecture 29 Create Polygon

Lecture 30 Polygon Practice Exercise

Lecture 31 Create Ellipse

Lecture 32 Ellipse Practice Exercise

Lecture 33 Create Hatch

Lecture 34 Create Origin in Hatch

Lecture 35 Create Associative in Hatch

Lecture 36 Create Island Detection in Hatch

Lecture 37 Create Separate Hatch

Lecture 38 Hatch Practice Exercise

Lecture 39 Create Gradient

Lecture 40 Create Boundary

Section 3: Draw Toolbar-2

Lecture 41 Create spline

Lecture 42 Create Construction Line

Lecture 43 Create Ray

Lecture 44 Create Points and Change Point Type

Lecture 45 Create Divide

Lecture 46 Create measure

Lecture 47 Create wipeout

Lecture 48 Create Donut

Lecture 49 Create Revision Clouds & REVCLOUDARCVARIANCE

Section 4: Modify Toolbar-1

Lecture 50 Move

Lecture 51 Copy inside drawing

Lecture 52 Copy From outside drawing

Lecture 53 Stretch

Lecture 54 Rotate

Lecture 55 Mirror

Lecture 56 Scale

Lecture 57 Trim

Lecture 58 Extend

Lecture 59 Fillet

Lecture 60 Chamfer

Lecture 61 Blend Curves

Lecture 62 Rectangular Array

Lecture 63 Polar Array

Lecture 64 Path Array

Lecture 65 Erase

Lecture 66 Explode

Lecture 67 Offset

Section 5: Modify Toolbar-2

Lecture 68 Lengthen

Lecture 69 Align

Lecture 70 Edit Polyline

Lecture 71 Break

Lecture 72 Join

Lecture 73 Reverse

Lecture 74 Copy Nested Objects

Lecture 75 Delete Duplicate Objects (Overkill)

Lecture 76 Draw Order

Section 6: Text

Lecture 77 Create & Modify Single Line Text

Lecture 78 Create Modify New Text Style

Lecture 79 Create & Modify Multi Line Text

Lecture 80 Practice Text

Section 7: Dimensions

Lecture 81 Create Dimension Linear

Lecture 82 Create Dimension Aligned

Lecture 83 Create Dimension Angular

Lecture 84 Create Dimension Arc Length

Lecture 85 Create Dimension Radius

Lecture 86 Create Dimension Diameter

Lecture 87 Create Dimension Jogged

Lecture 88 Create Dimension Ordinate

Lecture 89 Create Dimension Continue

Lecture 90 Create Dimension Baseline

Lecture 91 Modify Dimensions

Lecture 92 Create Multiple Types Of Dimension with DIM Tool

Lecture 93 Break Dimension or Extension Line

Lecture 94 Adjust Space Between Dimension

Lecture 95 Add or Remove Jog line In Dimension

Lecture 96 Add or Remove Inspection Information In Dimension

Lecture 97 Reassociate

Lecture 98 Rotate Dimension Text Angle

Lecture 99 Justifies Dimension Text

Lecture 100 Create Center Mark

Lecture 101 Create Center Line

Section 8: Dimension Style

Lecture 102 Create New Dimension Style

Lecture 103 Modify Dimension Style

Lecture 104 Create Dimension Style Override

Lecture 105 Compare Dimension Style

Lecture 106 Create Primary Units & Alternate Units In Dimension Style

Lecture 107 Create Tolerance Using Various Method

Lecture 108 Update Dimensions

Section 9: Leader Line & Tolerance

Lecture 109 Create Quick Leader

Lecture 110 Create Multileader (MLD)

Lecture 111 Options in Multileader

Lecture 112 Modify Multileader

Lecture 113 Create New Multileader Style

Section 10: Tables

Lecture 114 Create & Modify Table (TB)

Lecture 115 Add Symbols in Table

Lecture 116 Export and Import in Table

Lecture 117 Create New Table Styles

Section 11: Object Properties

Lecture 118 Object Color

Lecture 119 Object Line weight

Lecture 120 Object Line Type & Match Properties

Lecture 121 Property Palette & List

Section 12: Layers

Lecture 122 Create New Layer in Layer Properties Manager

Lecture 123 Create Layer filters

Lecture 124 Copy Object to New Layer

Lecture 125 Create Layer states

Lecture 126 Create Layer walk

Lecture 127 Create Layer Merge

Lecture 128 Layer Delete (Laydel)

Lecture 129 Advanced Layer tools

Section 13: Block

Lecture 130 Create Block

Lecture 131 Modify Block

Lecture 132 Redefine Block & Delete Block

Lecture 133 Insert Block

Lecture 134 Blocks Palette

Lecture 135 By Block and By Layer Difference

Lecture 136 Edit Block In Place

Section 14: Attributes in Block

Lecture 137 Create Block with Attribute (Attribute Definition)

Lecture 138 Modify Attribute Text and Attribute Enhanced Editor

Lecture 139 Hide Attribute – Retain Attribute Display – Explode Attributes (Burst)

Lecture 140 Create Drawing Sheet and Title Block Using Attributes

Lecture 141 Block Attribute Manager

Section 15: Status Bar

Lecture 142 Grid (F7)

Lecture 143 Grid Snap (F9)

Lecture 144 Ortho mode (F8)

Lecture 145 Polar Tracking (F10)

Lecture 146 Dynamic input (F12)

Lecture 147 Object Snap (Osnap-F3)

Lecture 148 More Object Snap (Shift+Right Click)

Lecture 149 Quick Properties

Lecture 150 Coordinates in Status Bar

Lecture 151 Lock User Interface (Lock UI)

Lecture 152 Clean Screen (Ctrl+0)

Lecture 153 Units in Status Bar

Lecture 154 Isolate Object

Section 16: Groups

Lecture 155 Create & Modify Group

Lecture 156 Group Manager

Section 17: Utilities

Lecture 157 Measure Distance, Radius, Angle & Coordinates

Lecture 158 Measure area

Lecture 159 Quick Measure

Lecture 160 Quick Select & Select All

Lecture 161 Quick Calculator

Section 18: Model, Layout, Print and Publish

Lecture 162 Arrange Drawing and Print from Model Space

Lecture 163 Layout or Paper Space Introduction

Lecture 164 ISO A Series Paper Size

Lecture 165 ANSI Paper Size

Lecture 166 Page Setup Manager

Lecture 167 Create View Port

Lecture 168 Create View Port Scale

Lecture 169 Layer Control in Viewport

Lecture 170 Print From Layout space

Section 19: Essential Express Tool

Lecture 171 Arc Aligned Text

Lecture 172 Modify Text Using Express Tool (Explode Text, Changecase etc..)

Lecture 173 Convert to Mtext

Lecture 174 Auto Number

Lecture 175 Enclose in Object

Lecture 176 Remote Text & Text Mask

Lecture 177 Modify Commands Express Tool

Lecture 178 Break Line Symbol

Section 20: Annotative Objects

Lecture 179 Create Annotative Hatch

Lecture 180 Create Annotative Dimension

Lecture 181 Create Annotative Text

Lecture 182 Create Annotative Multileader

Lecture 183 Create Annotative Block

Section 21: 2D Practice Exercise (Metric Units)

Lecture 184 Start New Drawing & Create Layers

Lecture 185 Create Text & Dimension Style

Lecture 186 Practice Exercise- 1

Lecture 187 Practice Exercise- 2

Lecture 188 Practice Exercise- 3

Lecture 189 Practice Exercise- 4

Lecture 190 Practice Exercise- 5

Lecture 191 Create Page Setup & Create more Layout

Lecture 192 Arrange Drawing Inside Layout

Lecture 193 Add Scale Field in View Port

Lecture 194 Change Project Information in Title Block & Add Revision

Lecture 195 Print Drawing

Section 22: 2D Practice Exercise (Imperial Units)

Lecture 196 Start New Drawing & Create Layers

Lecture 197 Create Text & Dimension Style

Lecture 198 Practice Exercise – 1

Lecture 199 Practice Exercise – 2

Lecture 200 Practice Exercise – 3

Lecture 201 Practice Exercise – 4

Lecture 202 Practice Exercise – 5

Lecture 203 Create Views

Lecture 204 Create ANSI A 11 X 8.5 Inch Title Block

Lecture 205 Create Page Setup & Create more Layout

Lecture 206 Arrange Drawing Inside Layout

Lecture 207 Create Dimensions in Layout

Lecture 208 Create Text in Layout

Lecture 209 Add Scale Field in View Port

Lecture 210 Change Project Information in Title Block & Add Revision

Lecture 211 Print Drawing

Section 23: AutoCAD 3D Introduction & Navigation

Lecture 212 2D to 3D Workspace Switching

Lecture 213 3D Pan & Zoom

Lecture 214 Orbit

Lecture 215 View Control

Lecture 216 View Cube

Lecture 217 Visual Style Control

Lecture 218 Full Navigation Wheel

Section 24: Solid Primitive

Lecture 219 Box

Lecture 220 Cylinder

Lecture 221 Cone

Lecture 222 Sphere

Lecture 223 Pyramid

Lecture 224 Wedge

Lecture 225 Torus

Lecture 226 Poly Solid

Section 25: User coordinate system (UCS)

Lecture 227 User coordinate system (UCS)

Lecture 228 Dynamic UCS

Lecture 229 Selection Cycling

Section 26: Solid Modeling

Lecture 230 Extrude

Lecture 231 Loft

Lecture 232 Revolve

Lecture 233 Sweep

Lecture 234 Presspull

Section 27: Boolean Operations

Lecture 235 Union

Lecture 236 Subtract

Lecture 237 Intersect

Section 28: Solid Editing

Lecture 238 Solid History

Lecture 239 Slice

Lecture 240 Interfere

Lecture 241 Extract Edges

Lecture 242 Imprint

Lecture 243 Color Edges

Lecture 244 Copy edges

Lecture 245 Extrude Faces

Lecture 246 Taper Faces

Lecture 247 Move Faces

Lecture 248 Copy Faces

Lecture 249 Offset Faces

Lecture 250 Delete Faces

Lecture 251 Rotate Faces

Lecture 252 Color Faces

Lecture 253 Fillet Edge

Lecture 254 Chamfer Edge

Lecture 255 Shell

Lecture 256 Separate

Lecture 257 Thicken

Lecture 258 3D Mirror

Lecture 259 3D Align

Lecture 260 Array Tool in 3D

Section 29: Gizmo Tool

Lecture 261 Move Gizmo

Lecture 262 Rotate Gizmo

Lecture 263 Scale Gizmo & No Gizmo

Section 30: Selection

Lecture 264 Culling

Lecture 265 Filters (Vertex, Edge, Face, etc)

Section 31: Layout for 3D Drawing

Lecture 266 Create 2D Views in Layout Using 3D Model

Lecture 267 Create Sectional View

Lecture 268 Create Detail View

Lecture 269 Change Object Properties in Layers

Lecture 270 Add Dimension & Text

Section 32: Basic 3D Practice (Metric Units)

Lecture 271 Basic 3D Practice Exercise-1 (Metric Units)

Lecture 272 Create Template

Lecture 273 Basic 3D Practice Exercise-2 (Metric Units)

Lecture 274 Basic 3D Practice Exercise-3 (Metric Units)

Lecture 275 Basic 3D Practice Exercise-4 (Metric Units)

Lecture 276 Basic 3D Practice Exercise-5 (Metric Units)

Lecture 277 Print Drawing Basic 3D Practice (Metric Units)

Section 33: Basic 3D Practice (Imperial Units)

Lecture 278 Basic 3D Practice Exercise-1 (Imperial Units)

Lecture 279 Create Template

Lecture 280 Basic 3D Practice Exercise-2 (Imperial Units)

Lecture 281 Basic 3D Practice Exercise-3 (Imperial Units)

Lecture 282 Basic 3D Practice Exercise-4 (Imperial Units)

Lecture 283 Basic 3D Practice Exercise-5 (Imperial Units)

Lecture 284 Print Drawing Basic 3D Practice (Imperial Units)

Section 34: House Project 2D

Lecture 285 House Project 2D Introduction

Lecture 286 Start New House Project 2D

Lecture 287 Create Layers

Lecture 288 Create Text Style

Lecture 289 Create Dimension Style

Lecture 290 Create Grid

Lecture 291 Create Pad Footing Plan View

Lecture 292 Create Foundation Column Plan View

Lecture 293 Finish Foundation Plan View

Lecture 294 Create Foundation Beam Plan View

Lecture 295 Create Structural Column and Ground Floor Slab Plan View

Lecture 296 Create Foundation Sectional View

Lecture 297 Create Wall For Floor Plan Ground Floor

Lecture 298 Create Main Door For Floor Plan Ground Floor

Lecture 299 Create Room Door For Floor Plan Ground Floor

Lecture 300 Create Toilet Door For Floor Plan Ground Floor

Lecture 301 Create Window Type-1

Lecture 302 Create Window Type-2

Lecture 303 Create Arch Opening For Floor Plan Ground Floor

Lecture 304 Create Steps For Floor Plan

Lecture 305 Create Staircase For Floor Plan

Lecture 306 Finish Floor Plan Ground Floor

Lecture 307 Create Furniture Floor Plan View For Ground Floor

Lecture 308 Create Wall for First Floor

Lecture 309 Create Floor For First Floor & Parapet Wall

Lecture 310 Place Doors and Windows in First Floor

Lecture 311 Create Lintel Slab and It’s Parapet Wall

Lecture 312 Create Car Porch Roof Plan View

Lecture 313 Create Glass Rail Plan View for Balcony

Lecture 314 Create Rail for Lintel Slab

Lecture 315 Finish Floor Plan First Floor

Lecture 316 Create Furniture Floor Plan for First Floor

Lecture 317 Create First Floor and Lintel Slab Plan View

Lecture 318 Create Roof Plan View with Parapet

Lecture 319 Create Roof Plan View without Parapet

Lecture 320 Create Page Setup For ANSI A 11 X 8.5 Inch

Lecture 321 Arrange Drawings inside Layout

Lecture 322 Add Scale to Layout View Port

Lecture 323 Create Door and Window Schedule

Lecture 324 Change Project Information in Title Block

Lecture 325 Add Revision

Lecture 326 Print Drawings

Section 35: House Project 3D

Lecture 327 House Project 3D Introduction

Lecture 328 Start New House Project 3D

Lecture 329 Create 3D Pad Footing

Lecture 330 Create 3D Foundation Column

Lecture 331 Create 3D Foundation Beam

Lecture 332 Create 3D Slab For Ground Floor

Lecture 333 Create 3D Structural Column

Lecture 334 Create 3D Wall For Ground Floor

Lecture 335 Create Door Opening in Ground Floor Wall

Lecture 336 Create Arch Opening in Ground Floor Wall

Lecture 337 Create 3D Main Door (Type-1)

Lecture 338 Create 3D Room Door (Type-2)

Lecture 339 Create 3D Toilet Door (Type-3)

Lecture 340 Create Window Opening in Ground Floor Wall

Lecture 341 Create 3D Window (Type-1)

Lecture 342 Create 3D Window Louver (Type-2)

Lecture 343 Create 3D Flooring Tiles or Marbles

Lecture 344 Create 3D Skirt or Baseboard to Floor Tiles or Marbles

Lecture 345 Create 3D Steps

Lecture 346 Create 3D Staircase

Lecture 347 Create 3D Glass Handrail for Staircase

Lecture 348 Create 3D Slab For Lintel-1

Lecture 349 Create 3D Slab For First Floor

Lecture 350 Create 3D Wall For First Floor

Lecture 351 Create Door Opening in Wall For First Floor

Lecture 352 Create Window Opening in Wall For First Floor

Lecture 353 Place 3D Room Door (Type-2) For First Floor

Lecture 354 Place 3D Toilet Door (Type-3) For First Floor

Lecture 355 Place 3D Window (Type-1)

Lecture 356 Place 3D Window Louver (Type-2)

Lecture 357 Create 3D Flooring Tiles or Marbles For First Floor

Lecture 358 Create 3D Skirt or Baseboard to Floor Tiles or Marbles For First Floor

Lecture 359 Create Flooring Tiles and Baseboard For First Floor Toilet

Lecture 360 Create Flooring Tiles and Baseboard For Ground Floor Toilet

Lecture 361 Create 3D Slab For Lintel-2

Lecture 362 Create 3D Roof-1

Lecture 363 Create 3D Roof-2

Lecture 364 Re-Arrange Structural Column Height

Lecture 365 Create 3D Parapet Wall above flat roof

Lecture 366 Create 3D Architectural Column for Sitout

Lecture 367 Create 3D Architectural Column for Car Porch

Lecture 368 Create 3D Roof and Wall For Car Porch

Lecture 369 Create 3D Parapet and Glass Handrail for Balcony area

Lecture 370 Create 3D Parapet and Railing For Lintel slab-1

Lecture 371 Create 3D Window Sunshade Design

Lecture 372 Apply Plaster Material and stone finish to Foundation

Lecture 373 Apply Paint to the Building Part-1

Lecture 374 Apply Paint to the Building Part-2

Lecture 375 Apply Paint to the Building Part-3

Lecture 376 Apply Roofing Tiles to Car Porch Roof

Lecture 377 Create 3D Exterior Design Part-1

Lecture 378 Create 3D Exterior Design Part-2

Lecture 379 Create 3D Exterior Design Part-3

Lecture 380 Create 3D Exterior Design Part-4

Lecture 381 Create 3D Exterior Design Part-5

Lecture 382 Create 3D Exterior Design Part-6

Lecture 383 Apply Grass and Paving Tiles Material to surface

Lecture 384 Place Camera For Exterior Rendering

Lecture 385 Create Exterior Rendering

Lecture 386 Create Page Setup For ANSI A 11 X 8.5 Inch

Lecture 387 Arrange Drawings inside Layout

Lecture 388 Add Dimension & Text to the View

Lecture 389 Add Scale to Layout View Port

Lecture 390 Change Project Information in Title Block and Add Revision

Lecture 391 Print Drawings

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