Complete Azure FinOps Masterclass Ultimate Cost Savings

Best Practice real-world cloud computing cost optimization strategies to save in the Microsoft Azure cloud with FinOps!!
Complete Azure FinOps Masterclass Ultimate Cost Savings
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Justin Andre - AWS Professional | Azure Expert | FinOps Guru


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Complete Azure FinOps Masterclass Ultimate Cost Savings

What you’ll learn

Learn 100’s of strategic & tactical cost optimizations across Microsoft Azure services such as Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Storage, Databases & more
Master real-world techniques from a Cloud FinOps expert with Azure Expert & AWS Professional certifications who’s saved $10M+ in cloud spend
Become a cost-saving hero at your company by capitalizing on $100B+ worldwide cloud waste savings opportunity
Build a roadmap to save your company 30% or more on your Azure cloud bill
Upskill & start a career in the flourishing field of FinOps & Cloud Cost Management & Optimization
Analyze & explain complex Azure service billing models, usage charges, invoices, meters
Implement FinOps principles & cloud operating models that lead to cultural change & sustainable cloud savings
Master the Azure commitment & discount models, Reservations, Savings Plans, Hybrid Benefits, Dev/Test Pricing, etc.
Create visibility into distributed cloud spending with advanced data analytics, dashboards & reporting
Understand & operate the Azure tooling for Estimating, Visualizing, Analyzing, Exporting, Budgeting, Monitoring, Alerting and more
Explain the key differences between on premise & cloud operating models that lead to waste
Understand, Forecast, Estimate & Budget your Microsoft Azure cloud OpEx spending
Identify key risks of cloud overspending so we can fix the root causes, not just the symptoms
Weave Cloud Architecture and Cloud Management best practices into Cloud Economic strategies
Apply Cost allocation strategies to create accountability for cloud spend with Showback & Chargeback
Leverage the variable, on demand, pay for use cost model of the cloud to prevent waste
Understand important concepts such as chargeback, showback, cost allocation, meters, spot, autoscaling, serverless, PaaS, Elasticity, Resizing….
…Overprovisioning, Orphan, Right-Sizing, Tiering, Anomaly Detection, Autoscaling, Spot, Instance Scheduling, Storage Lifecycles & more!
Understand why 94% of companies routinely waste money in the cloud & how to stop it
Modernize old procurement, purchasing and financial management processes built for legacy CapEx models
Understand Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service models (IaaS) relationship to cloud costs
Architect, Govern & Operate your cloud environment with cost-effective cloud-native PaaS services
Master Tagging, Subscriptions, Management Groups & Resource Groups hierarchies & organization
Cut cloud spending without affecting resiliency, availability, performance of apps
Principles taught in this course will contribute to your ability pass Microsoft Exams for certification like AZ-900, AZ-104, AZ-305, DP-900
…and much, much more

Complete Azure FinOps Masterclass Ultimate Cost Savings


Fundamental understanding of IT
Fundamental understanding of Cloud Computing
Desire to save & make money in the cloud


This is a comprehensive & detailed video series that goes broader & deeper than other courses on this topic. Pound for pound, the most thorough coverage of Azure Cost Optimization considerations.Your instructor is a FinOps expert with real-world cloud optimization results who is a certified cloud architect at the expert level in Azure Solution Architecture and professional level in AWS Solution Architecture.Learn why:Companies waste $90 Billion+ yearly in public cloud spend94% of Enterprises are Significantly overspending on public cloud#1 Cloud Challenge for 82% of organizations: Managing Cloud Spend…and how to fix it!Actual Recent Reviews from Udemy:”You are truly one of the better instructors on the platform. We need more content from you.””Very organized, clear and great delivery of information””THE best online course I’ve taken. Packed with high quality lessons. Can’t recommend this enough.””as good as others say it is””Great presentation style and concise course materials. Highly recommended.”Course BenefitsLevel up your career & get a higher paying job with FinOpsBecome the cost-saving hero at your organizationSave your company 30-40% on your Azure cloud billLearn enterprise-grade best practices from an expert in the fieldGain 100+ optimization ideas for your cloud toolbeltCourse DifferentiatorsEnterprise-grade practices & principles taught by an expert with proven resultsHelps you understand & Fix the root of the problem that leads to wasteSustainable strategies to prevent waste from the startQuantity of Cost-Saving OptimizationsProduction & Editing QualityBreadth of Quality topic coverageNearly all of the cloud cost management principles taught apply to other cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services AWS, Google Cloud Platform GCP, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OCI. However the tooling, resources, and many of the techniques are specific to the Microsoft Azure cloud.  Save money in Azure.  Save money in the cloud!InstructorI’m currently a Principal Cloud Architect. I’ve been working in IT for over 25 years and working in cloud computing for almost the past 10 years. I’ve held technical and leadership roles focused on development, operations, engineering, and architecture. And I hold professional & expert level certifications in AWS and Azure clouds.I’ve led FinOps practices, created world-class cloud cost reporting dashboards in Power BI, trained teams on cloud financial management best practices, and led company-wide cloud savings and optimization initiatives for AWS and Azure clouds, saving over 10M dollars in spend.Course Statistics 78 Videos7+ Hours of Lectures100+ Quiz Questions75 Exam Questions100+ Optimizations1 Purpose (Save [& ultimately make] Money)Who Course is ForAnyone using Azure who works in IT, engineering, finance, procurement, product ownership, executives or leadership will benefit from this expert guidance.Technology – CIO, Cloud Managers, Architects, Engineers, Developers, DataFinance – CFO, Finance Managers, Cloud Financial AnalystsAnyone requesting or deploying resources in the cloudAnyone wanting to save money in the cloud or master Azure Cost ManagementThis course also comes with:Lifetime access to all future updatesA responsive instructor in the Q&A SectionUdemy Certificate of Completion for Download30-day “No Questions Asked” Money Back GuaranteePrinciples taught in this course will contribute to your ability pass Microsoft Exams for certification like AZ-900, AZ-104, AZ-305, DP-900PrerequisitesThe Prerequisites for this course are a working understanding of IT concepts and fundamental understanding of Azure & Cloud computing concepts.What are you waiting for!  Enroll now & let’s get started!


Section 1: Introductions

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Why this course is Important: The Problem | The Solution

Lecture 3 Course Summary

Lecture 4 Why listen to Me | About your Instructor

Lecture 5 Course Presentation Slides – PDF Downloads

Section 2: Cloud Pricing

Lecture 6 Intro – Cloud Pricing

Lecture 7 Cloud Pricing Basics

Lecture 8 Cloud Pricing Complexity

Section 3: Organizational & Cultural Requirements for Cloud Financial Management & FinOps

Lecture 9 Intro – Organizational Change Requirements

Lecture 10 6 Pillars of Successful Cloud Cost Management

Lecture 11 Operating Model

Lecture 12 CCOE (Cloud Center of Excellence)

Lecture 13 FinOps

Lecture 14 Showback

Lecture 15 Chargeback

Section 4: Azure Resource Organization with Management Groups, Resource Groups, Tagging etc

Lecture 16 Intro – Resource Organization

Lecture 17 Resource Hierarchies

Lecture 18 Tags

Lecture 19 Shared Costs

Section 5: Cloud Cost Optimization Strategies

Lecture 20 Intro – Optimization Strategies

Lecture 21 Design Cloud Architecture with Cost in Mind

Lecture 22 Standards, Decision Trees, Playbooks

Lecture 23 Migration Strategy Costs (5 R’s)

Lecture 24 PaaS vs. IaaS vs. SaaS

Lecture 25 Serverless

Lecture 26 Autoscaling

Lecture 27 Spot Instances

Lecture 28 Azure Reservations

Lecture 29 Azure Savings Plans

Lecture 30 Reservations vs. Savings Plans

Lecture 31 Hybrid Benefit

Lecture 32 Dev/Test Pricing

Lecture 33 Policy Guardrails

Section 6: Azure Native Tools & Resources

Lecture 34 Intro – Tools & Resources

Lecture 35 Service Pricing Research

Lecture 36 Azure Pricing Calculator

Lecture 37 ASSIGNMENT – Pricing

Lecture 38 ASSIGNMENT Answers – Pricing

Lecture 39 TCO Calculator

Lecture 40 Cost Management Data

Lecture 41 Cost Data Exports

Lecture 42 Cost Analysis (1 of 2) – Overview & Custom Views

Lecture 43 Cost Analysis (2 of 2) – Pre-Built Views

Lecture 44 ASSIGNMENT – Cost Management Data

Lecture 45 ASSIGNMENT Answers – Cost Management Data

Lecture 46 Budgets & Alerts

Lecture 47 Power BI Template App

Lecture 48 Power BI Connector

Lecture 49 Advisor

Lecture 50 Cost Allocation for Cloud Financial Management

Lecture 51 Anomaly Detection & Alerting

Lecture 52 Azure Monitor

Lecture 53 Well Architected Assessment Tool

Lecture 54 ASSIGNMENT – Well-Architected

Lecture 55 Azure Migrate

Section 7: Cloud Cost Optimizations by Technology: Virtual Machines / Servers

Lecture 56 Intro – Optimizations by Technology

Lecture 57 Virtual Machines (1 of 4) – Summary & Pricing

Lecture 58 Virtual Machines (2 of 4) – Instance Selection, Families, Series, Naming, etc.

Lecture 59 Virtual Machines (3 of 4) – Cost Example Suboptimal VM Family

Lecture 60 Virtual Machines (4 of 4) – Cost Optimization Ultimate List

Section 8: Cloud Cost Optimizations by Technology: Storage

Lecture 61 Storage (1 of 6) – Summary & Basics

Lecture 62 Storage (2 of 6) – The Right Storage Service

Lecture 63 Storage (3 of 6) – The Right Redundancy & Performance

Lecture 64 Storage (4 of 6) – The Right Access Tier

Lecture 65 Storage (5 of 6) – Post-Deployment Optimizations

Lecture 66 Storage (6 of 6) – Cost Optimization Ultimate List

Section 9: Cloud Cost Optimizations by Technology: Database

Lecture 67 Database (1 of 5) – Summary & Basics

Lecture 68 Database (2 of 5) – Type

Lecture 69 Database (3 of 5) – Service Model

Lecture 70 Database (4 of 5) – Architecture

Lecture 71 Database (5 of 5) – Cost Optimization Ultimate List

Section 10: Optimization Tactics Post-Deployment

Lecture 72 Intro – Optimization Tactics Post-Deployment

Lecture 73 Rightsize Underutilized Resources

Lecture 74 Orphaned Resources

Lecture 75 Sandbox Cleanup, Expiry, Auto-delete

Lecture 76 Compute Scheduling

Lecture 77 Storage Lifecycle Management

Lecture 78 3rd Party Tools

Section 11: Conclusion & Final Exam

Lecture 79 Conclusion – Cloud Cost Savings & Cloud Cost Management

Anyone who uses the Microsoft Azure Cloud (hands-on or hands-off),Executives, CIOs, CFOs, Developers, Engineers, Architects, Financial Managers & Analysts – anyone who wants a broad understanding of cloud cost models, management, optimization and saving.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 6m | 8.66 GB
Created by: Justin Andre – AWS Professional | Azure Expert | FinOps Guru

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