Complete Beginners Guide to Anatomy and Figure Drawing pt1

Learn the Basics of anatomy and figure Drawing
Complete Beginners Guide to Anatomy and Figure Drawing pt1
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Complete Beginners Guide to Anatomy and Figure Drawing pt1

What you’ll learn

Draw the human form from any angle or pose
Draw the muscles of the human form
Pose the human form
Draw male and female figures
Draw the figure without using reference
Have the ability to create a figure from their mind
Never have to rely on clip art or copy another artist’s figures for reference
Improve your figures
Understand the principles of anatomy from a stick figure to the skeleton to the muscles and variety of the human form.

Complete Beginners Guide to Anatomy and Figure Drawing pt1


No special software is required. Although I teach in software all you need is a pencil and paper.
There are no closed captions or subtitles for this course.
The only thing “required” is something to draw with and you willingness to learn and work hard.


***BRAND NEW COURSE OVERHAUL for 2020***This is an introduction to anatomy and figure drawing. Drawing anatomy for some is an elusive unicorn that can seem impossible to catch. Books can be confusing and even cryptic. I have the same books that you have and they really didn’t help me improve. Not being able to create can be a crippling experience for an artist. We can trick ourselves into thinking we don’t need to draw the figure and can just “get by” through clip art or tracing. The truth is that is simply not good enough. It’s time to finally slay that figure drawing dragon.

   The skills you acquire here will enhance not only your own work but give you a solid base to in any other online course or book. There is no “Quick fix” or “shortcuts” to making great art. It requires work. It’s fun work and I’m going to show you a method that will make creating your own human figures for games and comics or a client’s work “pain free”.

  The skills you will learn will apply to things like character design and turnarounds for games and creating action for comics. It can translate to illustration and digital painting and can even give you a jumpstart to 3D. There are limitless possibilities once you learn anatomy and figure drawing. The only limits are the ones you set for yourself.  

  ·         You will learn how to draw anatomy without relying on reference·         You will be able to think like an artist and be a problem solver·         This is for those that are serious about improving art·         Keep an open mind and there is no time limit, work at your own pace.·         You will learn the muscles of the figure·         You will learn how to pose the figure·         You will learn to create variety and develop your own style·         You will no longer need to “search for a pose” or look at another artist’s work.Who this course is for:

  ·         Any beginner who wants to learn how to draw·         Art students (traditional and nontraditional and self-taught)·         Traditional artists who want to learn anatomy and figure drawing·         Graphic designers who want to learn to draw anatomy to get more clients and more work·         Anyone who wants to make their own game, graphic novel or illustrationsWhat this course is Not·         Not a “Speed Painting” course·         Not a series of “Shortcuts”·         Not a “Watch me draw” type of course·         Not a “magic wand” for drawing (You have to put in the work)·         No special software or any software is required. I hope you will join me and allow me to be your professional guide on your art journey.


Section 1: Welcome to Learning Anatomy

Lecture 1 NEW Introduction and BIG CHANGES and BIG UPDATES !!

Lecture 2 The Only 4 Things you NEED for this Course

Section 2: NEW Basic Training

Lecture 3 Perspective Overview for Figure Drawing

Lecture 4 Assignment 1: Practice what you learned

Lecture 5 Creating Simple Planes

Lecture 6 Assignment 2 : Lines and Placement in space

Lecture 7 The Simple “Placeholder” figure

Lecture 8 Assignment 3 :Drawing the “Placeholder” figures in space

Lecture 9 The Journey Begins !!

Lecture 10 NEW Quick Tip: A bit about Proportion and Human beings

Lecture 11 Drawing the Proportion of the Top Half

Lecture 12 Great Books for Anatomy

Section 3: NEW Learning Basic Proportion pt 1 : The Torso

Lecture 13 NEW Proportion: The BIG Picture.


Lecture 15 How this fits together

Lecture 16 BEFORE YOU DRAW : A bit about proportions

Lecture 17 Understanding the side view of the figure

Lecture 18 QUICK TIP Before you do the Assignment

Lecture 19 Assignment 1 : Drawing the side view

Lecture 20 QUICK TIP : Male vs Female

Lecture 21 Understanding the Back View

Lecture 22 NEW : One Common mistake I am seeing

Lecture 23 Assignment 2 : Drawing the basic turnaround in stick figure form

Lecture 24 Understanding the Three Quarter View pt 1

Lecture 25 Understanding the Three Quarter View pt 2

Lecture 26 NEW : Small Medium and Large

Lecture 27 STICKING POINTS : More Proportion and how to check your work.

Lecture 28 Assignment 3 : Lets draw more !

Lecture 29 Here is what you can do at this point of the course

Section 4: NEW Learning Proportion pt 2 : Arms and legs

Lecture 30 Hands First

Lecture 31 Drawing very simple stick arms

Lecture 32 Assignment 1 : Let’s Draw the arms

Lecture 33 Assignment 2 : Lets draw the arms bending

Lecture 34 Assignment 3 : Let’s Draw the arms in a raised position

Lecture 35 The Leg Proportions

Lecture 36 Assignment 4 : Let’s Draw the legs

Lecture 37 Some very useful tips

Lecture 38 What you can do so far

Lecture 39 “The Super Secret Hidden Lesson”

Section 5: NEW Introduction to Simple Forms : Boxes

Lecture 40 Introduction

Lecture 41 The All Important Box

Lecture 42 Seeing Boxes in Perspective

Lecture 43 Draw with me : One point boxes

Lecture 44 Assignment 1: Now you try

Lecture 45 Draw with me : Two point boxes

Lecture 46 Draw with me : Two point boxes pt 2

Lecture 47 Assignment 2 : Now you try

Lecture 48 Explaining Three point boxes

Lecture 49 Dividing Boxes in half

Lecture 50 Assignment 3 : More drawing and practice

Lecture 51 Assignment 4 and what you are able to draw at this point

Section 6: NEW Introduction to Simple Forms : Cylinders

Lecture 52 Introduction

Lecture 53 Assignment 1 : Let’s draw some cylinders

Lecture 54 If you are having trouble with the ellipse

Lecture 55 Cylinders in Perspective

Lecture 56 Assignment 2 : Lets draw the turning cylinder

Lecture 57 Understanding the sphere

Lecture 58 Assignment 3 : Drawing Spheres and cylinders for the upper arm

Lecture 59 Assignment 4 : Continuing to draw and adding the “lower arm” form

Lecture 60 Assignment 5 : Applying the same shapes to the hip and thigh area

Lecture 61 Assignment 6 : Continuing with the lower leg form

Lecture 62 Here is what you can draw right now

Lecture 63 A very useful tool

Section 7: NEW The Basic Mannequin pt 1

Lecture 64 The mannequin head version 1

Lecture 65 The mannequin head version 2

Lecture 66 The mannequin head version 3

Lecture 67 Assignment 1 : Lets draw the head

Lecture 68 Drawing the torso shapes

Lecture 69 Assignment 2 : Drawing the torso

Lecture 70 The pelvis shapes

Lecture 71 Draw with me : The torso shapes

Lecture 72 Assignment : Putting the head with the Torso shapes

Lecture 73 What you can draw so far

Lecture 74 The Back View of the head

Section 8: NEW The Basic Mannequin pt 2 : Drawing the Back Views

Lecture 75 The Back Three Quarter View

Lecture 76 Assignment 1 : Lets draw

Lecture 77 Understanding the Spine

Lecture 78 A shape I call the “Shield”

Lecture 79 Assignment 2 : Putting things together

Lecture 80 A few useful tips

Lecture 81 Getting ready for the next section

Lecture 82 Introduction to reference

Section 9: NEW Draw along with me : Practicing with reference

Lecture 83 Drawing the front view pt 1

Lecture 84 Drawing the front view pt 2

Lecture 85 Drawing the three quarter front view

Lecture 86 Drawing the Side view

Lecture 87 Drawing the Back Three quarter view

Lecture 88 Drawing the Floating Pose pt 1

Lecture 89 Drawing the Floating Pose pt 2

Lecture 90 Drawing the sitting Pose

Lecture 91 The Assignment : You can do this !!!

Section 10: NEW Understanding and Drawing the Skull

Lecture 92 The Skull and Spine

Lecture 93 A few Key points

Lecture 94 Let’s talk about that “Infamous” looking up pose

Lecture 95 Understanding the Front VIew pt 1

Lecture 96 Understanding the Front VIew pt 2

Lecture 97 Assignment 1

Lecture 98 Understanding the Side VIew

Lecture 99 Assignment 2

Lecture 100 Understanding the Three Quarter VIew

Lecture 101 Assignment 3

Lecture 102 Drawing the Three Quarter View

Lecture 103 Understanding the Back Three Quarter View

Lecture 104 Assignment 4

Lecture 105 Here are the Worksheets

Lecture 106 The Ribcage

Section 11: NEW Understanding and Drawing the Ribcage

Lecture 107 Artist Mindset

Lecture 108 Understanding the Front View

Lecture 109 Drawing the Frontview

Lecture 110 Assignment 1

Lecture 111 Drawing the Side view

Lecture 112 Assignment 2 and one other thing…

Lecture 113 Drawing the Back View

Lecture 114 Assignment 3

Lecture 115 Assignment 4…Very Important !

Lecture 116 The Back Three Quarter VIew

Lecture 117 Understanding the ribcage Pivots

Lecture 118 Assignment 5

Lecture 119 Drawing the Three Quarter View

Lecture 120 Assignment 6

Lecture 121 Introducing the Pelvis and more files

Lecture 122 The Pelvis

Section 12: NEW Understanding and Drawing the Pelvis

Lecture 123 DRAW WITH ME part 1

Lecture 124 Assignment 1

Lecture 125 DRAW WITH ME part 2

Lecture 126 Assignment 2

Lecture 127 DRAW WITH ME part 3

Lecture 128 Assignment part 3

Lecture 129 Let’s Simplify Drawing the Pelvis

Lecture 130 Assignment 4

Lecture 131 Assignment 5

Lecture 132 The Movement of the Spine

Lecture 133 Assignment 6

Section 13: NEW Understanding and Drawing the Scapula and Upper Arm

Lecture 134 The Scapula

Lecture 135 The Arm

Lecture 136 The Big Picture

Lecture 137 DRAW WITH ME : The Back View

Lecture 138 The Front and Side view explained

Lecture 139 DRAW WITH ME : 3 Views

Lecture 140 Assignment 1

Lecture 141 The Upper Arm Front View

Lecture 142 DRAW WITH ME : The Front View

Lecture 143 DRAW WITH ME :The Side View

Lecture 144 DRAW WITH ME : The Back View

Lecture 145 Assignment 2

Section 14: NEW Understanding and Drawing The Lower Skeleton Arm

Lecture 146 Live Intro

Lecture 147 DRAW WITH ME : The FRONT VIEW pt 1

Lecture 148 Assignment 1

Lecture 149 DRAW WITH ME : The FRONT View pt 2

Lecture 150 DRAW WITH ME : The FRONT View pt 3

Lecture 151 DRAW WITH ME : The Back View

Lecture 152 The Simplified Shape

Lecture 153 Assignment 2

Section 15: NEW: Understanding and Drawing the Skeleton Leg

Lecture 154 The Leg

Lecture 155 DRAW ALONG WITH ME : The Front View

Lecture 156 The Knee

Lecture 157 DRAW ALONG WITH ME : The Side View

Lecture 158 The Back View

Lecture 159 The Assignment

Section 16: Drawing the Knee

Lecture 160 Understanding the Knee pt 1

Lecture 161 Understanding the Knee pt 2

Section 17: Let’s Warm up those Muscles !

Lecture 162 What this section is about

Lecture 163 Warming up with shapes.

Lecture 164 Warming up with forms

Lecture 165 More Warm ups

Lecture 166 Here’s how it fits together.

Section 18: NEW The Muscles of the Back

Lecture 167 Here are the FIles and a quick question

Lecture 168 The Football or Rugby ball Balloon

Lecture 169 Draw with Me :Trapezius Shape pt 1

Lecture 170 Draw with Me: Trapezius Shape pt 2

Lecture 171 Draw With Me : The Lats

Lecture 172 A Quick Look at the Obliques

Lecture 173 DRAW WITH ME : The Scapula Muscles

Lecture 174 The Asssignment

Lecture 175 More on the Neck Muscles

Lecture 176 More on the Trapezius

Lecture 177 More on the Back Muscles

Section 19: NEW The Muscles of the Front Torso

Lecture 178 Let’s Draw these First, And here are the notes

Lecture 179 Let’s Draw the Abs

Lecture 180 Let’s Draw the Obliques

Lecture 181 Let’s Draw the Chest

Lecture 182 Let’s Draw the Shoulders

Section 20: NEW The Arm Muscles

Lecture 183 The Hidden Muscles

Lecture 184 The Biceps

Lecture 185 The Triceps

Lecture 186 The Big Shape of the Lower arm

Lecture 187 The Simple Breakdown of the Forearm

Lecture 188 The General forearm Groups

Lecture 189 The Flexors and Extensors

Section 21: LIVE LECTURE : More on Muscles

Lecture 190 Must Watch: New Muscle reference

Lecture 191 What’s this Section about ?

Lecture 192 More on the Obliques

Lecture 193 More on the Shoulder

Lecture 194 More on the Upper Arm

Section 22: Understanding the Muscles :Arms and Legs.

Lecture 195 Glutes Lecture

Lecture 196 Thigh Muscles Lecture

Lecture 197 Drawing the Thigh Muscles 1

Lecture 198 Drawing the Thigh Muscles 2

Lecture 199 Calves Lecture

Lecture 200 Drawing the Calves

Lecture 201 More on Muscles (Zip File)

Section 23: Let’s Face it : Drawing the face.

Lecture 202 Drawing Faces Shapes and Variety

Lecture 203 Drawing the Ears

Lecture 204 Drawing the Eyes 1

Lecture 205 Drawing the Eyes 2

Lecture 206 Drawing The Lips

Lecture 207 Drawing The Nose

Lecture 208 Drawing the head looking Up (10/22/18)

Section 24: Drawing Poses and Gesture 2 : Big Action

Lecture 209 Running 1

Lecture 210 Running 2

Lecture 211 Jumping

Lecture 212 Falling

Lecture 213 Shooting

Lecture 214 Getting Shot and Sleeping

Lecture 215 Fighting

Lecture 216 A Word about Dialogue

Lecture 217 Facial Expressions Workshop (Zip File)

Section 25: Books we can Study : Andrew Loomis “Figure Drawing for all it’s Worth”

Lecture 218 Andrew Loomis Figure Drawing for all it’s worth (OVERVIEW)

Lecture 219 What I learned from “9 Heads High”..

Lecture 220 Loomis on Figures in Perspective pt 1

Lecture 221 Loomis on Figures in Perspective pt 2

Lecture 222 Loomis Mannikin

Lecture 223 How to Draw Comics the Marvel way (Intro)

Lecture 224 How to Draw Comics the Marvel way Large Bodies 1

Lecture 225 How to Draw Comics the Marvel way Large Bodies 2

Section 26: BONUS : Exclusive Student Facebook Group

Lecture 226 BONUS : How to join the Facebook Group.

This course is for anyone who wants to create characters for videogames and or comics and illustration,Graphic designers who want to learn anatomy and figure drawing,Aspiring game artists ,Aspiring comic book/Manga artists,Anyone who wants to learn how to draw anatomy and figure drawing,Any hobbyist or creative type with zero art experience ,Anyone with the desire to draw,NOT for someone who already knows how to draw anatomy,NOT for someone who isn’t willing to put in the work,NOT for someone who is looking for a “quick tip” or “shortcut” to drawing ,NOT for anyone who isn’t serious about truly improving their art

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Udemy | English | 38h 33m | 16.59 GB
Created by: Rich Graysonn

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