Complete Contract Management Bootcamp Zero to Hero

Learn about the key and most essential contract management concepts | 30+ free useful tools in their native MS formats
Complete Contract Management Bootcamp Zero to Hero
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Koray Demir, MRICS, PMP


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Complete Contract Management Bootcamp Zero to Hero

What you’ll learn

Learn post-award contract management processes in a single course
Write effective contractual letters and business emails
Compare different types of claims in a project like acceleration, disruption, and extension of time.
Compare the key concepts like Pre-Contract vs Post-Contract, Main Contract vs Subcontract, JV vs Consortium
Access the full text of a typical Joint Venture Agreement and General Services Agreement
Develop your own contract management responsibilities matrix. Solve “who does what” problem in your project
Build a comprehensive contract administration manual for your company
Tips and tactics for effective tendering and subcontracting
Discuss different types of insurances and bonds fulfilling your project needs
Implement change management and handle back-charges
Discuss dispute resolution mechanisms and successful closing out of contracts.

Complete Contract Management Bootcamp Zero to Hero


No prerequisites. Basic knowledge on fundamentals of contract management would be sufficient.


A comprehensive course on post-award contract management. It includes 92 lectures delivered under 14 sections. It only takes around 6 hours, and every lecture video is approx. 3-5 minutes. Only the good stuff. No lengthy and theoretical explanations. Practical information based on experience gained through small to large real-life projects.   Here are what you will receive with your enrollment:High-quality video lectures that explain the different terms and concepts with real-world examples and applications.Downloadable free tools and resources which you can immediately apply on the job. Quizzes that help you validate what you learned and put it into practice to increase your information retention.1-on-1 expert instructor support to answer your questions or clear up any confusion you might have.Lifetime access with no expiration, so you can complete the course at your own pace, anywhere, on any device, and come back for a refresher anytime.Free course updates so you can continue to benefit from enhancements made to this course.It comes with Closed Captions (CC) (subtitles in English).You will learn from a contract and commercial expert who applies this daily to his professional projects.Buy with confidence. It’s not a coincidence thousands of people enrolled in this course.Everything to know under a single course. The course covers the whole spectrum of post-award contract and commercial management in just one course!Individuals from different industries are welcome as similar principles apply to any industry due to the similar nature of contract requirements.What are people saying about this course?***#1 “This is a very well-structured course. Being a contracts professional, this course helped me to refresh knowledge on some of the contractual topics. I enjoyed the quizzes at the end of each section!!!”***#2 “The instructor has filled a huge gap in the contract management discipline by preparing this extensive course as the course covers not only the theoretical but also practical applications of contract management…”***#3 “…The language is not difficult to understand, the terminology is explained well, and the course chapters flowing fast. Recommended for all who are in projects, and wants to develop themselves in contract management/administration or wants to shift the career to this area.”***#4 “This course is simply a very well organized summary, synthesizing contract management & project management aspects by considering both theoretical and industrially practical approaches simultaneously…”***#5 “As a recent graduate, I wanted to share with you my feedback about the course with the excitement of finishing the course. Mr. Koray conveyed the knowledge, experiences, and practical work files that we could not acquire during our undergraduate education, but that we should have in our professional life, in a very good way.”***Within the course resources sections, you will find handy and popular tools for which you don’t need to spend much time designing from scratch, like:  Form of Agreement, General Conditions, Special ConditionsInterim Progress Payment Report,Technical Bid Evaluation Template,Project Risk Register Template,Typical Joint-Venture Agreement,Contract Management Responsibilities Matrix, Typical Outline for Contract Administration Manual, Typical Tender Package Content, Daily Report Format, Business Letter Template,Final Release and Discharge Letter, Change Request Template, and many more ready-to-use tools in their native formats are inside the course! This course will make you more confident in managing the whole spectrum of post-award contract and commercial management. The course will be very helpful also for those who plan to make a career change to managing contracts and subcontracts. Experienced professionals can also benefit from this course to refresh their existing contract and commercial management skills. In addition to the above-said benefits, you can claim 6 PDUs and 6 CPDs for renewing your existing PMI-PMP and RICS-MRICS Certificates.


Section 1: Course Overview

Lecture 1 Welcome to the Course

Lecture 2 Course Curriculum Overview

Lecture 3 Pre-Contract vs. Post-Contract

Lecture 4 Main Contract vs. Subcontract

Lecture 5 Partnerships: JV or Consortium

Lecture 6 Typical JV Agreement Template

Section 2: Responsibilities and Assignments

Lecture 7 Introduction: Welcome to Section 2

Lecture 8 Contract Management Responsibilities Matrix

Lecture 9 Contract Administrator Responsibilities

Lecture 10 Developing Contract Administration Manual

Lecture 11 Establishing Strong Document Control Centre (DCC)

Section 3: Starting Administering the Contract

Lecture 12 Introduction: Welcome to Section 3

Lecture 13 Before Everything: Let’s Thoroughly Read the Contract and its Attachments

Lecture 14 What is Contract Baseline?

Lecture 15 Identify Order of Precedence

Lecture 16 Contract Filing

Lecture 17 Contract Risk Assessment

Lecture 18 Identifying Actions, Notices, Liabilities, Flow-downs

Lecture 19 Training the Team

Section 4: Subcontracting

Lecture 20 Introduction: Welcome to Section 4

Lecture 21 Pre-Bid Activities

Lecture 22 Tendering

Lecture 23 Bid Evaluation and Award

Lecture 24 Notice to Proceed and Administering Subcontract

Section 5: Handling Correspondences

Lecture 25 Introduction: Welcome to Section 5

Lecture 26 Initiating Letters

Lecture 27 Answering Incoming Letters

Lecture 28 Handling Emails

Lecture 29 Contract Archiving Requirements

Section 6: Insurances

Lecture 30 Introduction: Welcome to Section 6

Lecture 31 Employer Provided Insurances

Lecture 32 Our Own Insurances

Lecture 33 Subcontractor’s Insurances

Lecture 34 Initiating Insurance Claims

Section 7: Bonds and Guarantees

Lecture 35 Introduction: Welcome to Section 7

Lecture 36 Bid Bonds

Lecture 37 Performance Bonds

Lecture 38 Advance Payment Bonds

Lecture 39 Warranty and Retention Bonds

Lecture 40 Parent Company Guarantees

Lecture 41 Subcontractor Bonds

Lecture 42 Keeping Bonds and Guarantees Log

Section 8: Progress Related Processes

Lecture 43 Introduction: Welcome to Section 8

Lecture 44 Progress Payments

Lecture 45 Types of Contracts

Lecture 46 Meetings and Minutes

Lecture 47 Progress Recording and Measurement

Lecture 48 Daily Reports

Lecture 49 Photographs and Videos

Lecture 50 Acceptance of Works Performed

Section 9: Handling Submittals

Lecture 51 Introduction: Welcome to Section 9

Lecture 52 Drawings and Calculations, Specifications

Lecture 53 Material and Equipment Approval Requests

Lecture 54 Request For Information (RFIs)

Lecture 55 Developing Baseline Schedule

Lecture 56 Project Status Reports

Lecture 57 Compliance to Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Requirements

Lecture 58 Quality

Lecture 59 Warranties

Section 10: Changes

Lecture 60 Introduction: Welcome to Section 10

Lecture 61 Identifying a Change

Lecture 62 Change Management Procedure

Lecture 63 Preserving the Rights

Lecture 64 Keeping Changes Log

Lecture 65 Handling Backcharges

Lecture 66 Keeping Backcharges Log

Section 11: Claims

Lecture 67 Introduction: Welcome to Section 11

Lecture 68 Identifying Claims

Lecture 69 Types of Claims

Lecture 70 Acceleration Claim

Lecture 71 Disruption Claim

Lecture 72 Delays and Extension of Time (EOT) Claim

Lecture 73 Time Impact (Delay) Analysis

Lecture 74 Fact Finding: Contemporaneous Documentation

Lecture 75 Negotiating and Settling Claims

Section 12: Contract Law: A Brief Look

Lecture 76 Introduction: Welcome to Section 12

Lecture 77 Governing Law vs. Applicable Law

Lecture 78 Performance Requirements

Lecture 79 Payment Requirements

Lecture 80 Termination for Convenience

Lecture 81 Suspension of Work

Lecture 82 Termination for Default

Lecture 83 Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Lecture 84 Legal Support: A Must to Have

Section 13: Closing Out Contract

Lecture 85 Introduction: Welcome to Section 13

Lecture 86 Employer’s Acceptance, Taking Over, and Transfer of Liability

Lecture 87 Contract and Subcontract Closeouts

Lecture 88 Liquidated Damages

Lecture 89 Release and Waivers

Lecture 90 Warranty Obligations

Lecture 91 Document Retention

Section 14: End of Course

Lecture 92 You have finished the course – now what’s next?

Anyone who wants to learn post-award contract management in a project,Anyone who plans to make a career change to managing contracts and subcontracts,Anyone who wants to refresh or level up the contract management skills,Anyone who needs ready-to-use agreements, forms, templates, and outlines in native MS Word or Excel formats,PMI-PMP Certificate holders who want to earn 6 PDUs (PMI Talent Triangle Skill Area: Strategic and Business Management),RICS-MRICS Certificate holders who want to earn 6 CPDs

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 55m | 2.00 GB
Created by: Koray Demir, MRICS, PMP

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