Complete Dart Programming Language Basic To Advanced

Learn Dart Programming in depth. Includes: basic to advanced topics, exercises, and projects.
Complete Dart Programming Language Basic To Advanced
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Complete Dart Programming Language Basic To Advanced

What you’ll learn

Build beautiful multi-screen apps with Flutter
Create and publish open source projects using Dart
Comprehend the best method for reading the incredible amount of Flutter documentation
Master streams and understand reactive programming to create Flutter apps
Understand the different approaches for loading and maintaining data in Flutter apps
Learn how to build offline-enabled apps with incredibly efficient data loading
Store long-term data on a user’s physical device using SQLite

Complete Dart Programming Language Basic To Advanced


Previous programming experience with Javascript, Java, Python, or similar is required .


Dart is a programming language developed by Google in 2011. It is an object-oriented language that is designed to be easy to learn and use for building web, mobile, and desktop applications. It is a statically typed language, meaning that the type of a variable is determined at compile time, and it supports both just-in-time (JIT) and ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation.Dart has a syntax that is similar to other popular programming languages like Java, C++, and JavaScript. It supports features like classes, interfaces, mixins, async/await, and a variety of built-in types like strings, lists, and maps. Dart also includes a package manager called Pub, which makes it easy to use and share third-party libraries.One of the unique features of Dart is its support for both client-side and server-side development. Dart can be compiled to JavaScript for use in web browsers, or it can be run natively on the server with the Dart VM. This makes it possible to use the same language and codebase for both the front-end and back-end of a web application.Dart is also the primary language used for developing applications for Google’s mobile operating system, Android. With the introduction of Flutter, a mobile app development framework built with Dart, it has become even easier to create high-performance, cross-platform mobile apps for both Android and iOS using a single codebase.


Section 1: Prerequisites

Lecture 1 Basic Discussion About Dart

Lecture 2 Download And Install Intelij IDEA

Lecture 3 Setup dart and run first dart programm

Lecture 4 First Dart Program and Dart Syntax

Section 2: Dart Data Type

Lecture 5 Dart Variable

Lecture 6 Dynamic and Var Type

Lecture 7 Final and Const Keyword

Lecture 8 Dart data types

Lecture 9 Enum

Lecture 10 Dart keyword

Section 3: Dart Operator

Lecture 11 What is Operator

Lecture 12 Arithmatic operator

Lecture 13 Assignment operator

Lecture 14 Relational Operator

Lecture 15 Type test and logical operator

Lecture 16 Conditional Operator

Lecture 17 Conditional Operator

Lecture 18 Cascade notation operator

Section 4: Dart Control Statement

Lecture 19 Basic discussion about control statement

Lecture 20 Discussion about loop and for loop

Lecture 21 For in loop

Lecture 22 While loop

Lecture 23 Do while loop

Lecture 24 Break and continue statements

Lecture 25 Simple Calculator

Section 5: Dart List

Lecture 26 Introduction to dart list

Lecture 27 Fixed length list

Lecture 28 Growable list

Lecture 29 List methods

Lecture 30 Dart map

Section 6: Dart Function

Lecture 31 what is function?

Lecture 32 Function part-1

Section 7: Dart OOP

Lecture 33 OOP Introduction

Lecture 34 Dart class and object

Lecture 35 Constructor

Lecture 36 Introduction of inheritence

Lecture 37 Singel level inheritence

Lecture 38 Multi-level inheritence

Lecture 39 Hiarchical-inheritence

Lecture 40 Polymorphism

Lecture 41 Encapsulation

Lecture 42 Abstraction part-1

Lecture 43 Abstraction part-2

Section 8: Null Safety

Lecture 44 Dart null safety

Section 9: Exception Handle

Lecture 45 Exception Handeling

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels learning Swift or Android, this is the course for you. Animations? You will learn it. Architectural Patterns? Included. Navigation? Of course! Flutter is a newcomer to the mobile development scene. Strongly supported by Google, it is already viewed as an ideal platform for replacing native Swift and Android development. Thanks to its amazing standard library of widgets, fast compile times, and amazing documentation, developers are falling in love with Flutter!

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