Complete Eagle CAD PCB Design Theory and Practical approach

Complete PCB Design Course for Freshers & Professionals.
Complete Eagle CAD PCB Design Theory and Practical approach
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Complete Eagle CAD PCB Design Theory and Practical approach

What you’ll learn

You will learn Basic Electronics Theory, Circuit Design and Analysis, Basics of Printed Circuit Board, Electronic Components and Instruments. Study notes given.
You will work on Printed Circuit Board Layout Design such as Schematic creation, Library Creation: Electronic Symbol and Package (Footprint Creation) Designing.
Switching schematic to Board Design (Netlist Creation), Thorough knowledge on Constraint Management Settings, Board Shape Creation (DXF import included) & DRC.
Work on Single sided Board Design, Double sided Board Design, Via creation and application. Routing on Top and Bottom Layer includes enough practice modules.
Plan Creation of Power and Ground. Also Split Plan Creation. Design Rule Checking and DRC updates. Work on Artwork. Setting up all required film layer setups.
Gerber Generation and Gerber analysis and improvements. PCB Manufacturing overview.

Complete Eagle CAD PCB Design Theory and Practical approach


Basic Electronics knowledge, BSc(Electronics), Diploma (Electronics or Electrical), BE (Electronics or Electrical), Master degree in Electronics and Electrical
If you are working in PCB Manufacturing and Assembly unit, PCB Design course will be an added skillset to your career profile.
If you own PCB printing, assembly and component soldering unit, you can learn PCB Design and can extend your business unit towards service sector.
If you have passion on Electronics subject, you can enroll this course and convert your passion into career.


PCB Design and electronics circuit are basements for all type of electronics products. PCBs are derived from the analog and digital circuits which are prepared according to the application required. Printed circuit boards are the main pillars of the Electronics world. Every Electronics products has PCB inside it, from consumer gadgets like computers, smart phones and gaming consoles to industry and even high-tech products.Required eligibility:Diploma in Electrical or Electronics & Communication.BE/BTech. in Electrical or Electronics & Communication.BSc/MSc in Electronics & Communication.ME/MTech. (E&CE) in Communication.PCB Design Course Content is given below in brief:Schematic Design:Basic Electronics theory.Basics of Circuit designing.Schematic design preparation.Schematic part editing and creation.Net list and Net class creation.Bill Of Material generation (BOM).Electrical Rule Checking.Footprint Creation:Through hole footprint creation.Surface Mount Device footprint creation.BGA/PGA footprint creation.Board Designing:Board size and shape creation.Component placements.PCB Routing.Plane creation.Design rule checking.Gerber generation.Skills you gain after the course completion:Basic Electronics and Electronic components expertise.Circuit Designing (Power management circuit designing)Circuit Simulation for best understanding of the subject.Tools/Software Expertise.Basic design module practice.Advanced design module practice.Library Module:o Symbol and Footprint design for all types of packages.High speed placements & routing techniques.Design for Manufacturing, Testing and Fabrication expertise.Gerber generation and editing.Benefits of choosing PCB Design Course:Strong hold in basic electronics.Circuit Design capability.Circuit analysis & ERC.Components knowledge.Power Supply designing.Power Integrity Analysis.Multiple PCB-CAD tool expertise.Expert in library creation.Multi-layer PCB designing.Gerber creation & editing.


Section 1: Printed Circuit Board: First approach

Lecture 1 Introduction to Course: What we will learn?

Lecture 2 Introduction to Eagle CAD Environment

Lecture 3 Circuit design Simulation and Analysis

Section 2: Eagle CAD Library: Symbol Creation

Lecture 4 An Introduction: Working with Library Symbol Creation

Lecture 5 Symbol Creation: Resistor

Lecture 6 Symbol Creation: Capacitor

Lecture 7 Symbol Creation: Inductor

Lecture 8 Symbol Creation: Transformer

Lecture 9 Symbol Creation: Diode

Lecture 10 Symbol Creation: Transistor

Lecture 11 Symbol Creation: Logic Gates

Lecture 12 Symbol Creation: Connectors

Lecture 13 Symbol Creation: Integrated Circuits (ICs)

Lecture 14 Symbol Creation: Miscellaneous

Section 3: Eagle CAD Library: Footprint Creation (Package Creation)

Lecture 15 Footprint Creation: Resistor (Surface mount package)

Lecture 16 Footprint Creation: Resistor (Through hole package)

Lecture 17 Footprint Creation: Capacitor (Surface Mount Package)

Lecture 18 Footprint Creation: Capacitor (Through Hole Package)

Lecture 19 Footprint Creation: Connector (Through Hole Packages)

Lecture 20 Footprint Creation: Connector (Surface Mount Device Package)

Lecture 21 Footprint Creation: ICs (Surface Mount Device Packages)

Lecture 22 Footprint Creation: ICs (Through Hole Packages)

Lecture 23 Assignments of Footprint Development.

Section 4: Eagle CAD PCB Design: Schematic Preparation

Lecture 24 Introduction: Setting up Grids and User Interface

Lecture 25 Circuit Preparation in Schematic level

Lecture 26 Electrical Rule Checking and Net naming

Lecture 27 Exporting Schematic Files

Lecture 28 Schematic Preparations: Assignments

Section 5: Eagle CAD PCB Design: Board Design

Lecture 29 Switching to Board: An Introduction to Board Design Environment

Lecture 30 Board Shape Creation

Lecture 31 Constraints Settings: DRC entry, Net class and Rules

Lecture 32 Component Placements: Top and Bottom sides

Lecture 33 PCB Routing: Complete Guidelines

Lecture 34 Copper Plan Creation

Lecture 35 Gerber Generation

Diploma in Electronics and Communication, Diploma in Electronics and Electrical and Diploma in Electrical.,Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication, Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics.,BSc in Electronics, MSc in Electronics, MS in Electronics and Post graduate in Electronics and communication.,Hardware designers, PCB manufacturer, Electronic Components engineer, PCB design and developers.,Circuit designers, Embedded engineers and Beginners interested in development of PCB

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Udemy | English | 9h 37m | 9.61 GB
Created by: Pradeep Raj

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