Complete Etap course for Power Electrical Engineering

The easiest way to become a Pro Designer in Electrical Power Systems using Etap from scratch!
Complete Etap course for Power Electrical Engineering
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Complete Etap course for Power Electrical Engineering

What you’ll learn

Design and simulate power systems
Simulate AC Power systems
Conduct studies for Load dispatching
Simulate Industrial Power networks
Build power systems and simulate the power, current and voltage flow
Run Short Circuit analysis and Arc-Flash
Run load flow analysis on one line diagram
Single Line diagram creation and analysis
Run and Analyze AC power circuits
Protection Coordination Analysis
Motor Starting Analysis Examples
Short Circuit Analysis Example
Load Flow Analysis
Fundamentals of Power System Analysis

Complete Etap course for Power Electrical Engineering


Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
No Any Special Skills and Knowledge Requirement
Passion To Learn Power System Analysis


Hi Our Friend!- Looking to enhance your career in Electrical Power Distribution track ?** If your answer is a big YES You’re definitely in the right place.Why this course is Powerful and Unique ?This course will give a person with no prior experience the basic tools necessary to create a Complete single line diagram from scratch.ETAP is an analytical engineering software which is helpful for an electrical engineer to simulate and analyze the steady state and dynamic power system. It is used by various sectors such as Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Industrial, Transportation and Low voltage.The course will begin with the software overview, basics of one-line diagram creation, data entry, and quickly expands the users’ knowledge to include methods to automatically perform multiple ‘what if’ studies using multiple scenarios.Load Flow Analysis.add PV array with wind generator and see the PQ flow through the systemunderstand the interconnected power system.Be able to design a complete Earthing grid and test it.Transformer MVA SizingShort Circuit Analysis.Protection & Coordination AnalysisArc Flash Analysis Using IEEE:1584-2002 StandardMotor Starting AnalysisAt this course :   – These tracks would be like a piece of cake to you.   – We’ll take you from the Scratch to a HIGHER level of Designing .   – We’ll design with each other a complete electrical distribution system.O help is always available to you if you get stuck or have a question as I believe we can learn from each otherThis is a course that will continue to grow and grow ..## So don’t hesitate and click ” Buy Now ” button so you can begin on the right path!Who is the target audience?Anyone who is interested in Understanding VSD.Electrical Engineering Students.Anyone who wants to be familiar with Industrial Automation and Industrial Machines.Anyone understands VSD but can’t practice on Actual VFD.


Lecture 1 Course Content

Lecture 2 Course program

Lecture 3 How to install Etap

Section 1: Etap overview

Lecture 4 Etap handling

Lecture 5 Single Line Diagram or One Line View

Lecture 6 Transformer Sizing

Section 2: Load flow analysis

Lecture 7 Types of Buses

Lecture 8 Example 1 / Part1

Lecture 9 Example 1 / Part 2

Lecture 10 Example 2: Load flow analysis for different periods of Time

Lecture 11 Manual calculation Vs. Etap by Gauss saidal

Section 3: ARC Flash Analysis

Lecture 12 ARC flash definitions P1

Lecture 13 ARC flash definitions P2

Lecture 14 ARC FLASH on ETAP

Section 4: Short circuit analysis

Lecture 15 Introduction to Power System Faults

Lecture 16 Short Circuit Analysis on Etap

Section 5: Transient Stability

Lecture 17 Electrical Power System Stability

Lecture 18 Example 1

Lecture 19 Example 2

Section 6: Motor Starting Analysis

Lecture 20 How to start Induction motor

Lecture 21 Starting Induction motor by VSD

Lecture 22 Static Motor Starting Analysis

Lecture 23 Dynamic Motor Starting Analysis

Lecture 24 Dynamic Motor Starting Analysis with VFD

Lecture 25 Power Sharing

Lecture 26 Manual Motor Starting current calculation according to NEMA code

Section 7: Grounding System

Lecture 27 Earthing System

Lecture 28 Earthing System on Etap

Section 8: Harmonics Analysis

Lecture 29 Harmonics Concepts

Lecture 30 Harmonics Analysis on Etap Part 1

Lecture 31 Harmonics Analysis on Etap Part 2

Section 9: Protection Analysis

Lecture 32 OverCurrent Relay Sizing

Section 10: Renewable Energy

Lecture 33 Wind Energy

Lecture 34 PV System

Beginners Who Are New To ETAP Software,Graduate Electrical Engineers For Cracking The Interviews,Professionals Working For Companies & Needs To Execute Power System Study Projects,Project Managers,Electrical Operators,Professionals Working For Companies & Needs To Execute Power System Study Projects,Students Preparing Their Projects/Thesis,Electrical Technicians

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Udemy | English | 7h 16m | 2.41 GB
Created by: NewWay Academy

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