Complete Filmmaker Guide Become an Incredible Video Creator

Get 7 Years of Filmmaking Experience – Everything from Pre-Production to Editing – in 5 Hours
Complete Filmmaker Guide Become an Incredible Video Creator
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Julian Melanson


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Complete Filmmaker Guide Become an Incredible Video Creator

What you’ll learn

Complete mastery over lenses, lighting, sound recording, cinematography, and editing!
Create your own incredible videos from scratch with a brand new understanding of filmmaking!
Understand timeless video principles that will stay with you in all projects, forever!
Gain a film school level understanding of conceptualizing, shooting, and editing a project!
Take an idea and fully translate it into your own unique style of video!
Expand your creativity though understanding essential filmmaking theories, principles, and ideas!
Produce amazing content without expensive equipment, it’s about the person behind the equipment!
Use one of a kind downloadable PDF’s to map out and track your career and video making progress!

Complete Filmmaker Guide Become an Incredible Video Creator


You should be an aspiring creative wanting to create incredible videos!
You should have a beginning or moderate understanding of shooting and editing
You should have a camera and video editing software


This filmmaking course covers all the creative aspects of planning, shooting, and editing an incredible video.
If you are a beginner, youtuber, or filmmaker looking to successfully create awesome videos, then this course is made for you.

1. Creative & Personal Skill Development
Before I even dive into the filmmaking aspects, I explain the secrets other courses leave out. These principles act as a framework for your creativity to build on, which include:
•    Self Discovery
•    Optimized daily routine
•    Life map and progress tracking
•    Emulating others success
•    Clarity of video production
2. Understanding Pre-Production
This step is one of the most crucial and misunderstood parts of creating an incredible video. Here I explain how to properly plan and develop your video before the production process, including:
•     Guidelines that all films follow
•     Pre-Production Process
•     Research and Development
•     Creating Characters, Story, and Shot list
3. Secrets of Production
This is my favorite part, I share the golden rules and timeless principles of filmmaking that will allow you to create incredible videos regardless of what equipment or editing software you are using. This portion will absolutely have the most impactful effect on your videos. A few of these techniques include:
•     Mastering Your Lenses
•     Key Principles of Lighting
•     Sound Recording Fundamentals
•     Filming Fundamentals
•     Mastering the framing, shot choice, and camera movement
4. Mastering Post-Production
The most complex and time consuming part of any video is the post-production process. I shed some light on using this step to create an awesomely unique video that stands out among the sea of bland online content.
•     Capturing, Organizing, and Creating a Rough Edit
•    4 Main Factors of Knowing When to Cut
•    Matching Color, Shape, Movement
•    Montage Essentials
•    Color Correction and Color Grading


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Section 2: Personal Development

Lecture 2 Update for New Students

Lecture 3 Personal Development Introduction

Lecture 4 Beginning Ideas

Lecture 5 Self Awareness

Lecture 6 Creating More Time for Success

Lecture 7 Making a Map

Lecture 8 Filmmaking Development

Lecture 9 Improving on Past Work and Video Production Projects

Lecture 10 Mastering Videography Equipment

Lecture 11 Clarity of Filmmaking Direction

Lecture 12 Chapter Q&A and Teacher One-on-one

Section 3: Pre-Production

Lecture 13 Pre-Production Introduction

Lecture 14 Overview & Understanding

Lecture 15 Pre-Production Checklist

Lecture 16 Videography and Filmmaking Equipment

Lecture 17 Defining Characters

Lecture 18 Creating a Story

Lecture 19 Script

Lecture 20 Stylesheet & Shotlist

Lecture 21 Establishing a Video Production Crew

Lecture 22 Logistics Before Your Video Production

Lecture 23 Chapter Q&A and Teacher One-on-one

Section 4: Production Essentials

Lecture 24 Introduction & Understanding Your Camera

Lecture 25 Camera Latitude: DLSR or Mirrorless Camera

Lecture 26 Picture Profile: DLSR or Mirrorless Camera

Lecture 27 Exposure & ISO: DLSR or Mirrorless Camera

Lecture 28 White Balance: DLSR or Mirrorless Camera

Lecture 29 Shutter Speed: DLSR or Mirrorless Camera

Lecture 30 Aperture: DLSR or Mirrorless Camera

Lecture 31 Frame Rates: DLSR or Mirrorless Camera

Lecture 32 Video Formats: DLSR or Mirrorless Camera

Section 5: Production & Lenses

Lecture 33 Lenses Introduction

Lecture 34 Lens Functions

Lecture 35 Understanding Depth of Field

Lecture 36 Guiding the Audience with Depth of Field

Lecture 37 Lens Types Overview

Lecture 38 Lens Types In-depth

Lecture 39 Prime vs. Zoom Lenses

Lecture 40 Lens Overview & Recap

Section 6: Production & Lighting

Lecture 41 Main Video Lighting Principles

Lecture 42 Types of Video Lighting

Lecture 43 Video Lighting Terms

Lecture 44 High Key Video Lighting

Lecture 45 2 & 3 Point Video Lighting

Lecture 46 Natural Video Lighting

Lecture 47 Synthesizing Video Lighting Techniques

Section 7: Production & Sound

Lecture 48 Sound Recording Fundamentals

Lecture 49 Keys of Sound Recording

Lecture 50 Distance & Sound

Lecture 51 Environmental Effect on Sound

Lecture 52 Capturing Room Tone

Lecture 53 Types of Microphones

Lecture 54 Sound Recording Overview & Recap

Lecture 55 Chapter Q&A and Teacher One-on-one

Section 8: Production & Filming Fundamentals

Lecture 56 Videography Essentials: Fundamentals Introduction

Lecture 57 Videography Essentials: Theory Behind Cinematography

Lecture 58 Videography Essentials: Main Types of Coverage & It’s Effect

Lecture 59 Videography Essentials: Framing In-depth

Lecture 60 Videography Essentials: The 180 Degree Rule

Section 9: Complete Framing Understanding

Lecture 61 Filmmaking Essentials: Types of Framing

Lecture 62 Filmmaking Essentials: The Rule of Thirds

Lecture 63 Filmmaking Essentials: Frame Balancing

Lecture 64 Filmmaking Essentials: Breaking the Rules with Purpose

Lecture 65 Filmmaking Essentials: Creating Emotion with Framing

Lecture 66 Filmmaking Essentials: Framing Overview & Recap

Section 10: Mastering Cinematography & Camera Movement

Lecture 67 Cinematography: Camera Movement Introduction

Lecture 68 Cinematography: Zooming vs. Camera Movement

Lecture 69 Cinematography: Types of Camera Movement

Lecture 70 Cinematography: Speed of Camera Movement

Lecture 71 Cinematography: Quality of Camera Movement

Lecture 72 Cinematography: Shooting with Multiple Cameras

Lecture 73 Chapter Q&A and Teacher One-on-one

Section 11: Post Production Essentials

Lecture 74 Video Editing Introduction & Main Ideas

Lecture 75 Track Selection

Lecture 76 Capturing & Organizing Content

Lecture 77 Pulling Selects

Lecture 78 Understanding Selects & First Edits

Lecture 79 Creating the First Draft Cut

Lecture 80 Creating the Second Draft Cut

Lecture 81 The Refining Process

Section 12: Clarity of Editing Concepts

Lecture 82 Understanding Shot Choice

Lecture 83 Understanding Shot Ordering

Lecture 84 Understanding Shot Length

Lecture 85 Knowing When to Cut

Lecture 86 Video Editing with Storytelling

Lecture 87 Video Editing with Rhythm

Lecture 88 Using Eye Trace

Section 13: Key Editing Principles & Theories

Lecture 89 Theory Behind Editing Principles

Lecture 90 Video Editing Continuity

Lecture 91 Seamless Cutting with Movement & Shape

Lecture 92 Understanding Jumpcuts

Lecture 93 Cutting In & Out

Lecture 94 Illusion of Time & Filmmaking

Section 14: How to Break the Rules Properly

Lecture 95 How & When to Break the Rules in Your Video Production

Lecture 96 Breaking the 180 Degree Rule

Lecture 97 Breaking Video Editing Eye Trace

Lecture 98 Breaking Video Editing Rhythm

Lecture 99 Chapter Q&A and Teacher One-on-one

Section 15: Mastering the Montage

Lecture 100 Montage Introduction

Lecture 101 Montage Examples

Lecture 102 Two Main Types of Montage

Lecture 103 Mastering Music Montage

Lecture 104 Matching Up Visuals with Sound

Lecture 105 Montage Beginning, Middle, and End

Lecture 106 Vibes From The Sound Track

Lecture 107 Hip Hop/Sound Driven Montage

Section 16: Final Post Production Steps

Lecture 108 Using Title Cards

Lecture 109 When to use Text

Lecture 110 Using Motion Graphics

Lecture 111 Color Correction

Lecture 112 Color Grading

Lecture 113 Exporting

Lecture 114 Post Production Overview & Recap

Section 17: Course Outro

Lecture 115 Course Overview & Farewell

Lecture 116 Bonus: Special Discount Links

This course is for beginning to intermediate youtubers, video bloggers, filmers, editors, and all video creators!

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 18m | 8.76 GB
Created by: Julian Melanson

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