Complete Game Development Series 02 Unity Infinite Runner

Start Your Game Dev Jurney with Unity and C#
Complete Game Development Series 02 Unity Infinite Runner
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Jingtian Li


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Complete Game Development Series 02 Unity Infinite Runner

What you’ll learn

The Fundamentals of the Unity Game Engine
Make a Complete Infinite Runner Game
Using C# to Implement Game Mechanics
Package Games With Unity
Save and Load Game Data with JSON
Create UI and Audio in Unity

Complete Game Development Series 02 Unity Infinite Runner


Basic Understanding of C#
It is recommended to go take the Complete Game Development Series 01 – C# Fundamentals before moving on to this one ONLY if you don’t know C#
Passion about Game Dev!


Welcome to the second installment of the Complete Game Development Series – Project Infinite Runner! In this course, we’ll learn the basics of Unity, the most widely used game engine, and develop a complete infinite-runner game.We’ll start by covering the fundamentals of the Unity editor, including basic object manipulation, game objects, and their components, the game loop, and asset importing. Then, as we build the game, we’ll cover more concepts such as the new input system, physics, animation controllers, prefabs, shader graphs, audio, and more.Completeness is essential to this tutorial. We won’t skip any steps in the process, and we won’t use any third-party code or plug-ins. We’ll implement everything from scratch, including the player controller, world generation, shader graph, player profile, leaderboard system. We’ll strive for clean and extensible code throughout.In addition to Unity, we’ll also briefly cover some very simple modeling with Blender to show other aspects of the game development process.By the end of the tutorial, you’ll have a solid understanding of Unity and game development, along with a very complete infinite runner project. You’ll be equipped to jump into more advanced projects and move along with the series. Get ready for a complete, informative, and continuous game development experience!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 01_Install_Unity

Lecture 3 02_Introduction_to_the_Editor

Lecture 4 03_Basic_Object_Manipulations

Lecture 5 04_Game_Object_and_Components

Lecture 6 05_Create_and_Attach_a_Script

Lecture 7 06_Delta_Time_and_Expose_Variables_to_The_Editor

Lecture 8 07_Importing_Assets_and_the_Asset_Store

Lecture 9 08_Install_the_New_Input_System

Lecture 10 09_Add_the_Move_Action

Lecture 11 10_Move_the_Player_With_Pre_Defined_Transforms

Lecture 12 11_Physics_Constrains_and_Collision_Components

Lecture 13 12_Caculate_Jumping_Speed

Lecture 14 13_Ground_Check

Lecture 15 14_Basics_of_Animator

Lecture 16 15_Triggering_Animation_in_the_Code

Lecture 17 16_Prefabs_and_the_World_Generator

Lecture 18 17_Generate_the_roads

Lecture 19 18_Use_Prefab_to_Setup_the_Collision

Lecture 20 19_Add_Movement_Using_a_Component

Lecture 21 20_Destory_Object_at_the_End_Point

Lecture 22 21_Spawn_new_Blocks_with_Trigger

Lecture 23 22_Spawn_Buildings

Lecture 24 23_Spawn_Street_Light

Lecture 25 24_Create_our_First_Shader

Lecture 26 25_Manipulate_the_position_of_the_points

Lecture 27 26_Use_the_Circle_Equation_to_arc_the_Environment

Lecture 28 27_Create_the_Threat_and_Compose_the_Car_Class

Lecture 29 28_Spawn_the_Car_using_Coroutine

Lecture 30 29_Spawn_the_Car_On_Random_Lanes

Lecture 31 30_Spawn_the_Road_Block

Lecture 32 31_Refactor_the_Threats

Lecture 33 32_Refactor_the_Speed_Control

Lecture 34 33_Implment_the_Pickup_Class

Lecture 35 34_Implement_the_score_keeper_and_the_UI

Lecture 36 35_Spawn_an_Array_of_Coins

Lecture 37 36_Refactor_the_Spawning

Lecture 38 37_Adjust_the_Position_of_Pickups

Lecture 39 38_Create_the_Train_Segment_Class

Lecture 40 39_Spawn_and_Move_the_Train_Segment

Lecture 41 40_Addressing_Overlapping_and_Placement_Issues

Lecture 42 41_Make_the_Camera_Follow_the_Player

Lecture 43 42_Block_Player_From_going_To_an_Occupied_Lane

Lecture 44 43_Fix_Road_Collision_Issue_and_Trigger_Spawning_Bug

Lecture 45 44_Change_the_Spawn_Ratio

Lecture 46 45_Creat_the_Fail_Zone

Lecture 47 46_Implement_the_Trash_Can

Lecture 48 47_Add_No_Spawn_Zone_and_Blance_the_Game

Lecture 49 48_Create_the_Speed_Boost_Model

Lecture 50 49_Create_the_Speed_Boost_Pickup

Lecture 51 50_Expand_the_Ingame_UI

Lecture 52 51_Add_Buttons_to_the_Pause_Menu

Lecture 53 52_Implement_the_Gameover_Menu

Lecture 54 53_Implement_the_Main_Menu

Lecture 55 54_Baisc_Saving_Mechanic_and_JSON

Lecture 56 55_Create_the_Player_Proflie_UI

Lecture 57 56_Save_New_Player

Lecture 58 57_Delete_Existing_Player

Lecture 59 58_Implement_Leader_Board_Saving_Facilities

Lecture 60 59_Set_and_Get_the_Player_Name_and_Sort_Leader_Board

Lecture 61 60_Layout_the_Structure_of_the_Leader_Board

Lecture 62 61_Read_Entries_to_the_Leader_Board

Lecture 63 62_Add_Background_and_Movement_Audio

Lecture 64 63_Implement_Audio_Triggering

Lecture 65 64_Finish_all_Audio

Lecture 66 65_Update_Button_Visuals

Lecture 67 66_Create_Text_in_Blender

Lecture 68 67_Add_our_Character_to_the_Title

Lecture 69 68_Render_the_Title_and_Import_to_Unity

Lecture 70 69_Change_the_Skybox_and_Fix_Input_Bug

Lecture 71 70_Build_the_Game_and_Wrap_Up

Lecture 72 71_Congrats_and_Final_Remarks

Beginners who want to jump to into Unity Game Development,Beginners of Unity who what to follow a more complete project,Any people that are passionate to Start Making Games!,Unreal Engine developers who what to try Unity

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 15h 57m | 9.18 GB
Created by: Jingtian Li

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