Complete Game Development Series 03 Unity Exterminator

Advance Your Game Dev Jurney on Mobile with Unity and C#
Complete Game Development Series 03 Unity Exterminator
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Complete Game Development Series 03 Unity Exterminator

What you’ll learn

Advanced Unity Techniques
Make Mobile Games for Android and iOS
Advanced C# Facilities
Robust Coding Practices
How to Implement Complex Systems Like AI Perception and Behavior Tree.

Complete Game Development Series 03 Unity Exterminator


Good Understanding of C#
Good Foundation in Unity
Passion to Game Development
Please checkout the 1st and 2nd Installment of the Series If You Are a Complete Beginner.


This course is the third installment of the Complete Game Development Series and is aimed at covering advanced topics of Unity, and mobile game development.Students will learn how to make a mobile project and set up the testing environment. The modular level creation workflow is then applied to build the level of the game and the lighting. Touch screen-based player controller, along with the camera viewing, and follow control is implemented first, followed by many gameplay systems like inventory, health, and damage system, generic team ID, AI perception, AI behavior Tree, projectiles, ability system, shop system, UI management, level management, and more.The project focuses on implementing independent gameplay systems and making them work together beautifully. Many advanced C# features like interfaces and delegates are utilized to help improve the extensibility of the code as well as reduce code duplication, and dependency. Programming patterns like recursion, tree, and singleton, are utilized to produce cleaner code. Advanced Unity features like scriptable objects are introduced to achieve better data storage and retrieval.The build processes to iOS and Android are covered at the end of the tutorial, and students walk away with a complete mobile game, as well as extended knowledge of Unity, C# and game development.


Section 1: Introduction and Setup

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 02 Create the Project

Lecture 3 03_Setup Unity Remotes with iOS

Lecture 4 04 Setup Unity Remote with Android

Lecture 5 05 Collect Assets

Lecture 6 06 Environment Pieces and Modular Workflow

Lecture 7 07 Composing the Environment

Lecture 8 08 Basics of Lights

Lecture 9 09 Baking

Section 2: Basic Touch and Movement Control

Lecture 10 10 Structure the Joystick and Touch Events

Lecture 11 11 Move the Joystick with Touch Input

Lecture 12 12 Move the Player using Joystick Input

Lecture 13 13 Using the Camera Orientation to Calculate Move Directions

Lecture 14 14 Make the Camera Move and Turn with the Player and Input

Lecture 15 15 Turn the Player Character to Moving Direction

Lecture 16 16 Add Aiming Control

Lecture 17 17 Refactor and Improve Aiming

Section 3: Player Character Animation

Lecture 18 18 Getting Additional Animations

Lecture 19 19 Create the Local Motion Blend Tree

Lecture 20 20 Update Blend Tree Paramaters

Lecture 21 21 Update Turning

Section 4: Weapons and Inventory

Lecture 22 22 Layout the Weapon Class Basics

Lecture 23 23 Create the Inventory Class

Lecture 24 24 Create the Pistol Class

Lecture 25 25 Create Animation Override for Different Weapons

Lecture 26 26 Implement Tab Weapon Switch

Lecture 27 27 Add the Firing Animation

Lecture 28 28 Add the Weapon Switching Animations

Lecture 29 29 Implement the Aim Component

Lecture 30 30 User Animation Event to Trigger Attack

Lecture 31 31 Create the Health Component

Lecture 32 32 Create the Enemy Class and Animator

Lecture 33 33 Create the Health Bar

Lecture 34 34 Update the Health Bar with Delegates

Lecture 35 35 Create the Bullet Particle VFX

Lecture 36 36 Create the Bullet Hit Effect

Section 5: AI Perception

Lecture 37 37 Create the Sense Component

Lecture 38 38 Create the Sight Sense

Lecture 39 39 Create the Forgetting Routine

Lecture 40 40 Perception Component and Picking a Data Structure

Lecture 41 41 Implementing the Hit Sense

Section 6: AI Behavior Tree

Lecture 42 42 Basics of the Behavior Tree

Lecture 43 43 Create the Node Class

Lecture 44 44 Create the Behavior Tree and Wait Task

Lecture 45 45 Basics of Compositors

Lecture 46 46 Create the Selector and the Sequencer

Lecture 47 47 Create The Blackbard

Lecture 48 48 Create The Move To Target Task

Lecture 49 49 Implement the Patrolling

Lecture 50 50 The Decorator Class

Lecture 51 51 Implement the Check Condition and Notifies

Lecture 52 52 Sort Priority

Lecture 53 53 Implement Abort Lower Priority

Lecture 54 54 Add Check Last Seen Location

Lecture 55 55 Refactor Rotation Control and Add Behavior Interface

Lecture 56 56 Implement Rotate Toward Target

Lecture 57 57 Refactoring the Enemy and Chomper Prefab

Lecture 58 58 Create the Attack Task

Lecture 59 59 Add Running Animation to the Animator

Lecture 60 60 Add Team

Lecture 61 61 Implement the Damager Component

Lecture 62 62 Finish the Chomper Melee Attack

Lecture 63 63 Create the Health Bar For the Player

Lecture 64 64 Create the Damage Visualizer

Lecture 65 65 Create the Damage Visualizer Material

Lecture 66 66 Add Camera Shake

Lecture 67 67 Add Damage Visualizer the Enemy

Lecture 68 68 Add Death Animation to the Player

Lecture 69 69 Add the UI Manager

Lecture 70 70 Create the Behavior Group Task

Lecture 71 71 Refactor Chomper Behavior to Groups

Section 7: Spitter

Lecture 72 72 Compose the Spitter Enemy

Lecture 73 73 Implement the Projectile Flight

Lecture 74 74 Implement the Projectile Damage and Explode

Lecture 75 75 Add VFX to the Projectile

Lecture 76 76 Implement the Cooldown Decorator

Section 8: Spawner

Lecture 77 77 Compose the Spawner Prefab

Lecture 78 78 Implement the Spawn Behavior

Lecture 79 79 Update the Perception of the Spawned Enemy

Lecture 80 80 Finish the Death Logic of the Spawner

Section 9: Gameplay Ability System

Lecture 81 81 Basics of Ability and Ability Component

Lecture 82 82 Create the Speed Boost Ability

Lecture 83 83 Create the Ability UI Widget

Lecture 84 84 Create the Ability Doc and UI Class

Lecture 85 85 Fire the Ability When Touched

Lecture 86 86 Add the Scaling Effect to the Ability UI

Lecture 87 87 Fire Ability Base Classes

Lecture 88 88 Compose the Scanner and Fire Ability Assets

Lecture 89 89 Apply Damage to the Enemy with the Fire Ability

Lecture 90 90 Implement the Stamina Bar

Section 10: Shop System

Lecture 91 91 Create the Based Class for the Shop System

Lecture 92 92 Test the Shop System with the Rifle

Lecture 93 93 Test the Shop System with the Fire Ability

Lecture 94 94 Compose the Shop Item UI

Lecture 95 95 Compose and Test the Shop UI

Lecture 96 96 Create the Credit Button

Lecture 97 97 Update Credit and Add the Back Button in Shop UI

Lecture 98 98 Implement the Purchase Mechanics

Lecture 99 99 Convert All Weapon and Abilities to Items

Lecture 100 100 Implement the Reward System

Section 11: Menu

Lecture 101 101 Create the Pause Menu

Lecture 102 102 Create the Level Manager Class

Lecture 103 103 Create the Game Over Menu

Lecture 104 104 Compose the Main Menu Scene

Lecture 105 105 Compose the Main Menu UI

Lecture 106 106 Implement the Main Menu

Lecture 107 107 Balance and Populate the Game Level

Section 12: Audio setup

Lecture 108 108 Add Menu Audio

Lecture 109 109 Create the Audio Pooling

Lecture 110 110 Weapon and Enemy Hit Audio

Lecture 111 111 Perception and Ability Audio

Lecture 112 112 Create the Win State

Section 13: Build the Game

Lecture 113 113 Build for Android

Lecture 114 114 Build For iOS

Section 14: Final Remark

Lecture 115 115 Congrats and Final Remarks

Unity Developer needs Training on Mobile Development,Students that have the basic knowledge of C# and Unity and are looking for advanced game development tutorials.,Students who finished the first 2 installments of the Complete Game Development Series,Not for complete beginners

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 26h 51m | 16.22 GB
Created by: Jingtian Li

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