Complete guide to ASPNET Core MVC NET 6

Build real world application using ASP.NET Core MVC, Entity Framework Core and ASP.NET Core Identity.
Complete guide to ASPNET Core MVC NET 6
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Complete guide to ASPNET Core MVC NET 6

What you’ll learn

Learn structure of ASP NET MVC Core (.NET 6) Project
Learn structure of ASP NET Core (.NET 6) Razor Project
Learn basic fundamentals of ASP NET MVC Core (.NET 6)
Build 2 Projects throughout the course
Integrate Identity Framework and learn how to add more fields to Users
Interact with Razor class library for Identity
Integrate Entity Framework along with code first migrations
Sessions in ASP NET Core (.NET 6)
Custom Tag Helpers in ASP NET Core (.NET 6)
View Components and Partial Views in ASP NET Core
Bootstrap v5
Authentication and Authorization in ASP NET Core (.NET 6)
Google and Facebook Authentication/Login
Role Management in ASP NET Core Identity
Email notifications
TempData in ASP NET Core (.NET 6)
Stripe Payment Integrations
Repository Pattern to Access Database
Seed Database Migrations Automatically
Deploying website on Microsoft Azure

Complete guide to ASPNET Core MVC NET 6


3-6 months knowledge of C#
Visual Studio 2022
SQL Server Management Studio
.NET 6


This is a Beginner to Advanced level course on .NET 5 that will take you from basics all the way to advance mode. This course is for anyone who is new to ASP.NET Core or who is familiar with ASP.NET and wants to take the first stab at understanding what is different in ASP.NET Core. From there we would be building multiple projects to understand all concepts in .NET 6 as we will deploy our final application on Azure as well as IIS.Throughout this course, we would understand the evolution of ASP.NET Core, and then we would take a look at the modified files and folder structure.We would then take a look at new concepts in ASP.NET Core We would build a small Razor application with CRUD operations using Entity framework for integration with the database.We would build our Bulky Book website where we will learn advanced topics in ASP.NET MVC Core Finally, we will deploy our Bulky Book website on Microsoft Azure and IIS.What are the requirements?3-6 months knowledge of c#Visual Studio 2022SQL Server Management StudioWhat am I going to get from this course?Learn the structure of ASP NET MVC Core ProjectLearn the structure of ASP NET Core  Razor ProjectLearn the fundamentals of ASP NET MVC Core Build 2 Projects throughout the courseIntegrate Identity Framework and learn how to add more fields to UsersInteract with Razor class library for IdentityIntegrate Entity Framework along with code first migrationsSessions in ASP NET Core Custom Tag Helpers in ASP NET Core View Components and Partial Views in ASP NET CoreBootstrap v4Authentication and Authorization in ASP NET Core Google and Facebook Authentication/LoginRole Management in ASP NET Core IdentityEmail notificationsTempData/ViewBag/ViewData in ASP NET Core Stripe Payment IntegrationsRepository Pattern to Access DatabaseDapper and Stored Procedure CallsSeed Database Migrations AutomaticallyDeploying the website on Microsoft Azure


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Live Preview Url

Lecture 3 Live Preview

Lecture 4 Localization and Globalization in MVC

Lecture 5 Tools Needed

Lecture 6 .NET Community

Lecture 7 Project Resources

Lecture 8 Feedback

Lecture 9 Introduction to .NET Core

Lecture 10 Dependency Injection

Lecture 11 Create Project

Lecture 12 Hot Reload

Lecture 13 Project File

Lecture 14 Launchsettings, wwwroot and appsettings

Lecture 15 Program class file

Lecture 16 MVC Arhcitecture

Lecture 17 Routing Overview

Lecture 18 Routing in Action

Lecture 19 Default Views

Lecture 20 Tag Helper

Lecture 21 Action Result

Section 2: MVC Basics – CRUD Operation

Lecture 22 Create Category Model

Lecture 23 Add Data Annotations

Lecture 24 Add Connection String

Lecture 25 Connection String Update

Lecture 26 Add ApplicationDbContext

Lecture 27 Setup Program.cs to use DbContext

Lecture 28 Create Database

Lecture 29 Create Category Controller

Lecture 30 Retrieve all Categories

Lecture 31 Display all Categories

Lecture 32 Bootswatch Theme

Lecture 33 Bootstrap Icons

Lecture 34 Create Category View

Lecture 35 Demo – Create Category

Lecture 36 Server side Validations

Lecture 37 Custom Validation

Lecture 38 Add Client Side Validation

Lecture 39 Display Name and Range Validation

Lecture 40 Edit Category – GET

Lecture 41 Edit Category – POST

Lecture 42 Delete Category

Lecture 43 Tempdata

Lecture 44 Partial views

Lecture 45 Toastr Alerts

Lecture 46 Scaffold CRUD

Section 3: Razor Pages – CRUD Operation

Lecture 47 Introduction

Lecture 48 Create Project

Lecture 49 Whats different

Lecture 50 Razor Pages Introduction

Lecture 51 Pages in Razor Project

Lecture 52 Routing Overview

Lecture 53 Create Category Model

Lecture 54 Data Annotations

Lecture 55 Connection String

Lecture 56 ApplicationDbContext

Lecture 57 Program.cs Database Settings

Lecture 58 Create Database

Lecture 59 Categoeis Get Action Method

Lecture 60 Display all categories

Lecture 61 Add Create Category Button

Lecture 62 Create Category UI

Lecture 63 Create Property in Page Model

Lecture 64 Create Category and Bind Property

Lecture 65 Bootswatch

Lecture 66 Server Side Validations

Lecture 67 Custom Validations

Lecture 68 Display Name and Range Annotation

Lecture 69 Client Side Validations

Lecture 70 Links for Edit and Delete

Lecture 71 Edit Category

Lecture 72 Back to List

Lecture 73 Delete Category

Lecture 74 TempData

Lecture 75 Toastr

Lecture 76 Partial Views

Lecture 77 Scaffold CRUD Pages

Lecture 78 Back to Main Project

Section 4: N-Tier Architecture

Lecture 79 Creating more Projects

Lecture 80 N Tier Architecture

Lecture 81 HelpTip 1 – How to handle corrupted migrations

Lecture 82 Bootswatch Theme

Section 5: Repository Pattern

Lecture 83 Introduction to Repository

Lecture 84 Repository Overview

Lecture 85 Repository Pattern Detailed Flow

Lecture 86 Repository Pattern Architecture

Lecture 87 IRepository Interface

Lecture 88 Implement IRepository

Lecture 89 Category Repository Interface

Lecture 90 Implement Category Repository

Lecture 91 Replace DbContext with Category Repository

Lecture 92 Implementing Unit of Work

Lecture 93 UnitOfWork in Action

Lecture 94 Assignment 1 – Cover Type Repository

Lecture 95 Assignment 1 Solution – Cover Type Repository

Lecture 96 Areas in .NET Core

Lecture 97 Areas in Action

Lecture 98 Assignment 2 – Cover Type Controller and Views

Lecture 99 Assignment 2 Solution – Cover Type Controller and Views

Lecture 100 Dropdown in Navigation

Section 6: Product Management

Lecture 101 Create Product Model

Lecture 102 Create Product Table

Lecture 103 Product Repository

Lecture 104 Create Product Controller

Lecture 105 Product Get Action UI

Lecture 106 Projections using Select

Lecture 107 View Bag in .NET Core

Lecture 108 ViewData in .NET Core

Lecture 109 View Models

Lecture 110 Add File Upload

Lecture 111 Sweetalerts

Lecture 112 Create First Product

Lecture 113 Add API EndPoint for DataTable

Lecture 114 Loading Datatables

Lecture 115 Include Properties

Lecture 116 Render Html in datatables

Lecture 117 Load Product on Upsert Get

Lecture 118 Update Product

Lecture 119 Update Book Images

Lecture 120 Delete API Endpoint

Lecture 121 Delete Product

Lecture 122 Tinymce Editor

Section 7: Home Page

Lecture 123 Home Page

Lecture 124 Lux theme.

Lecture 125 Details Action Method

Lecture 126 Details UI

Section 8: Identity Management

Lecture 127 Scaffold Identity Error

Lecture 128 Scaffold Identity

Lecture 129 Scaffold Identity Workaround

Lecture 130 What got Added with Identity

Lecture 131 Add Identity Tables

Lecture 132 Identity Bugs with Scaffolded Pages

Lecture 133 Register and Login in Action

Lecture 134 Add More fileds to Identity Table

Lecture 135 Assignment 3 – Company CRUD

Lecture 136 Assignment 3 – Solution Company CRUD

Lecture 137 Add Roles to Application

Lecture 138 Create Roles for Website

Lecture 139 Add more fields on Register UI

Lecture 140 Display all Roles in Dropdown

Lecture 141 Register User with Roles

Lecture 142 Company Dropdown

Lecture 143 Toggle Company Dropdown

Lecture 144 Register Company User

Section 9: Shopping Cart

Lecture 145 Add Shopping Cart Table to Database

Lecture 146 Add Shopping Cart and Application User Repository

Lecture 147 Add Items to Shopping Cart

Lecture 148 Add items to existing cart

Lecture 149 Configure Application Cookie

Lecture 150 Shopping Cart UI

Lecture 151 Load Shopping Cart List in Get Action

Lecture 152 Price calculation based on quantity

Lecture 153 Cart Total

Lecture 154 Updating Quantity in Shopping Cart

Lecture 155 Cart Summary UI

Section 10: Order Creation

Lecture 156 Create Order Header and Details Model

Lecture 157 Add Order Header and Detail to UnitOfWork

Lecture 158 Summary GET Action Method

Lecture 159 Load Summary UI with data

Lecture 160 Summary POST Action Method

Lecture 161 Create Order

Lecture 162 Create Stripe Account

Lecture 163 Stripe Secrets Configuration

Lecture 164 Call Stripe from Summary Page

Lecture 165 Save Stripe Session ID and Payment Intent ID

Lecture 166 Order Confirmation

Lecture 167 Payments in Action

Section 11: Order Management

Lecture 168 Flow for company user

Lecture 169 Place Order for Company User

Lecture 170 OrderVM and Retrieve all Orders

Lecture 171 Display all Orders

Lecture 172 Add Status Filter on Order List

Lecture 173 Toggle UI For Status based on Selection

Lecture 174 Demo – Filters in Order List

Lecture 175 Role based order display

Lecture 176 Order Details Get Action

Lecture 177 Loading Order Details Header

Lecture 178 Display Order Details

Lecture 179 Order Processing Buttons Logic

Lecture 180 Update Order Details and EF Core Tracking

Lecture 181 Ship Order

Lecture 182 Cancel Order

Lecture 183 Cancel Order Issue – PaymentIntentId Null?

Lecture 184 Delayed Payment

Section 12: MVC Advance Concepts

Lecture 185 Authorization

Lecture 186 Email Sender using MimeKit and MailKit

Lecture 187 Test Email Sender

Lecture 188 SendGrid

Lecture 189 Session in Action

Lecture 190 Remove From Session

Lecture 191 View Component Code

Lecture 192 View Component in Action

Lecture 193 FaceBook Login

Lecture 194 Demo – Facebook Login

Lecture 195 Hide Roles from Registration

Lecture 196 Session Bug

Section 13: Seed Database and Azure Deployment

Lecture 197 DbInitializer Interface

Lecture 198 Implement DbInitializer

Lecture 199 Azure Database

Lecture 200 Azure Deployment

Anyone who wants to learn ASP NET MVC core (.NET 6) from Basics to Advance,Anyone who wants to learn most latest changes with Microsoft newest framework,Anyone interested in learning how to Architect Large Scale Projects

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Udemy | English | 14h 33m | 7.04 GB
Created by: Bhrugen Patel

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