Complete Illustrator CC MasterCourse 36 Projects Included

Learn Illustrator CC step by step with 36 Projects by designing logos, mandalas, cartoon faces, flowers and many more
Complete Illustrator CC MasterCourse 36 Projects Included
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Supriyo Kundu


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Complete Illustrator CC MasterCourse 36 Projects Included

What you’ll learn

At the end of this course, you will learning creating awesome designs in Ilustrator
After completing this course, you will learn designing Logos , Mandalas , Flowers, Cartoon Faces, 3D Charts and many more Awesome designs
You will Learn playing with tools & complex shapes efficiently
After completing this course, your Illustrator Design Skill will match up the professionals

Complete Illustrator CC MasterCourse 36 Projects Included


You need to have Illustrator CC software (Even Trial version will also work fine)


Do you want to Learn Illustrator from Scratch ?
Do you want to Design Awesome Logos, Flowers, Cartoon Faces, Mandalas, 3D Charts, interesting Abstract Shapes and many more Awesome Designs?
Welcome to the Most Comprehensive Illustrator Course : Complete Illustrator CC MasterCourse : 36 Projects Included
This course consists of :
36 Projects18 hrs of HD Video ContentMore than 120 Lectures Included12 Sections framed step by step which will ease your Learning Process
This course is designed for all whether you want to learn illustrator from scratch or you want to improve your Illustrator design skills or if you want to design crazily awesome designs in Illustrator.
This course covers the followings:
Helps you to make Illustrator your best friend by making you acquainted with Illustrator Step by Step comprehensive tutorials starting from Illustrator interface to Drawing Basic Shapes to Advanced Shapes like Logos , Cartoon Faces, Flowers, Mandalas etcHelps you to use Brush Tool and Pen Tool like Master Effects, Masking, 3D Topics are covered and explained in Detail9 Logo Design Projects IncludedAwesome Projects Included like Designing Cartoon Faces , Mandala Projects , Ribbon Design , Abstract Shapes , Abstract Background Design , Shining Effects, Reflection Effect, Text Effects and many more ..
After completing this course , I can guarantee that your skill will match up like an expert Illustrator professional . You will gain enormous confidence in Illustrator.
This course comes with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee . So if you dont like this course, you will get 100% Refund with no questions asked
So why waiting !! Enroll Now !! And take your first step to become an Awesome Illustrator Expert !!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Illustrator Interface

Lecture 3 Creating a New Document

Lecture 4 Project1 : Creating Interesting Shape using Simple Trick

Lecture 5 Object Oriented Design

Section 2: Creating Basic Shapes

Lecture 6 Creating Rectangle and Square Using Rectangle Tool

Lecture 7 Rounded Rectangle Tool

Lecture 8 Creating Rectangle and Circle using Rounded Rectangle Tool

Lecture 9 Ellipse Tool

Lecture 10 Polygon Tool

Lecture 11 Star Tool

Lecture 12 Line Tool

Lecture 13 Arc Tool

Lecture 14 Spiral Tool

Lecture 15 Project2 : Spiral Project : Part1

Lecture 16 Project2 : Spiral Project : Part2

Lecture 17 Project2 : Spiral Project : Part3

Section 3: Creating Advanced Shapes

Lecture 18 Pathfinder Concept : Part1 : Unite

Lecture 19 Pathfinder Concept : Part2 : Shape Modes

Lecture 20 Pathfinder Concept : Part3 : Divide and Trim (Learn The Differences)

Lecture 21 Pathfinder Concept : Part4 : Detailed Concept

Lecture 22 Pathfinder Summary

Lecture 23 Project3 : Logo Design : Bricks Logo

Lecture 24 Project4 : Logo Design : Roshni Logo

Lecture 25 Project5 : Logo Design : Pacman Logo

Lecture 26 Project6 : Logo Design : Bus Logo

Lecture 27 Project7 : Logo Design : Insurance Logo

Lecture 28 Shape Builder Tool : Part1

Lecture 29 Shape Builder Tool : Part2

Lecture 30 Project8 : Creating Clouds

Lecture 31 Width Tool

Lecture 32 Project9 : Fun Project

Section 4: Mastering Brush Tool

Lecture 33 Using Brush Tool

Lecture 34 Calligraphic Brush

Lecture 35 Scatter Brush

Lecture 36 Art Brush

Lecture 37 Bristle Brush

Lecture 38 Pattern Brush

Lecture 39 Project10 : Patterned Border (Part1)

Lecture 40 Project10 : Patterned Border (Part2)

Lecture 41 Mega Project11 : Cartoon Face (Part1)

Lecture 42 Mega Project11 : Cartoon Face (Part2)

Lecture 43 Mega Project11 : cartoon Face (Part3)

Section 5: Mastering Pen Tool

Lecture 44 Understanding Anchor Points and Anchor Handles

Lecture 45 Drawing Straight Lines Using Pen Tool

Lecture 46 Drawing Curves Using Pen Tool

Lecture 47 Important Tips and Tricks for Using Pen Tool Efficiently

Lecture 48 Project12 : Draw Anything Using Pen Tool : Letter Design

Lecture 49 Mega Project 13 : Cartoon Face Using Pen Tool (Part1)

Lecture 50 Mega Project 13 : Cartoon Face Using Pen Tool (Part2)

Lecture 51 Mega Project 13 : Cartoon Face Using Pen Tool (Part3)

Section 6: Mastering Illustrator Tools

Lecture 52 Selection Tool

Lecture 53 Direct Selection Tool

Lecture 54 Magic Wand and Lasso Tool

Lecture 55 Pencil , Eraser , Knife & Scissor Tool

Lecture 56 Reflect and Rotate Tool

Lecture 57 Scale and Sheer Tool

Lecture 58 Pucker and Bloat Tool

Lecture 59 Perspective Grid Tool

Lecture 60 Type Tool (Part1)

Lecture 61 Type Tool (Part2)

Lecture 62 Gradient Tool

Lecture 63 Chart Tool

Lecture 64 Blend Tool

Lecture 65 Gradient Mesh Tool

Lecture 66 Free Transform Tool

Lecture 67 Zoom and Hand Tool

Lecture 68 Eye Dropper Tool

Lecture 69 Project 14 : Metallic Text

Lecture 70 Project 15 : Sale Banner Design

Lecture 71 Project 16 : Abstract Shapes

Lecture 72 Project 17 : 3D Chart

Lecture 73 Project 18 : 3D Mango Design

Section 7: Mastering Important Palettes/Panels

Lecture 74 Stroke Palette

Lecture 75 Appearence Palette

Lecture 76 Align Palette

Lecture 77 Symbols Palette

Section 8: Important Tips and Tricks for Easing and Efficient Workflow with Illustrator

Lecture 78 Selecting and Moving Objects

Lecture 79 Arranging Objects

Lecture 80 Copy Pasting Object Techniques and which to use when

Lecture 81 Hiding and Locking Layers

Lecture 82 Stroke and Fill Techniques

Lecture 83 Color Palette

Lecture 84 Zooming and Dragging around Document for eficiency

Lecture 85 Aligning Objects Properly

Lecture 86 Anchor Point and Direct Selection Tool

Lecture 87 Expand and Expand Appearence

Lecture 88 Transforming Objects (Reflect Technique also Covered)

Section 9: Mastering Effects in Illustrator

Lecture 89 Transform

Lecture 90 Pucker and Bloat

Lecture 91 Free Distort

Lecture 92 Tweak

Lecture 93 Twist

Lecture 94 Zigzag

Lecture 95 Offset Path

Lecture 96 Effect Gallery

Lecture 97 Project19 : Creating Flowers (Multiple Techniques)

Lecture 98 Project20 : Amazing Shapes with Steps revealed

Lecture 99 Project21 : Logo Design1

Lecture 100 Project22 : Logo Design2

Lecture 101 Project23: Shiny Edge Project

Lecture 102 Project24: Abstract Background Using Method1

Lecture 103 Project25: Abstract Background Using Method2

Lecture 104 Project26: Adding Shining Effect : Moon Project

Section 10: Masking

Lecture 105 What is masking and understanding Draw Inside Mode

Lecture 106 Clipping Mask

Lecture 107 Opacity mask

Lecture 108 Project27 : Profile Pic (Image inside Shape)

Lecture 109 Project28 : Image on Text

Lecture 110 Project29 : Reflection Effect

Section 11: 3D

Lecture 111 Extrude and Bevel

Lecture 112 Revolve

Lecture 113 Rotate

Lecture 114 Project30: Ribbon

Lecture 115 Project31: Logo Design

Section 12: Additional Projects

Lecture 116 Project 32: Awesome Flower Designs

Lecture 117 Project32: Awesome Flower Designs (Part2)

Lecture 118 Project33 : Abstract Background

Lecture 119 Project34 : Golden Text

Lecture 120 Project35 : Shining Logo (Part1)

Lecture 121 Project35 : Shining Logo (Part2)

Lecture 122 MegaProject36 : Mandala (Part1)

Lecture 123 MegaProject36 : Mandala (Part2)

Lecture 124 MegaProject36 : Mandala (Part3)

Lecture 125 MegaProject36 : Mandala (Part4)

Lecture 126 MegaProject36 : Mandala (Part5)

Section 13: Conclusion and Resource Files

Lecture 127 Conclusion

Lecture 128 Resource Files

Section 14: Bonus Section

Lecture 129 Create Awesome Arts using this simple trick : Sample Project : Brid Design

If you want to Learn Illustrator from Scratch step by step , this course is for you.,If you want to grow your Illustrator Design Skill, this course is for you,If you want to Master Pen Tool , Brush Tool and Other Tools in Ilustrator , this course is for you,If you want to Learn Designing Logos , Mandalas , Cartoon Faces , Abstract Shapes , Abstract Backgrounds , Flowers , Border Patterns ,3D Charts, Ribbons and many more awesome designs , this course is for you

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 18h 7m | 2.83 GB
Created by: Supriyo Kundu

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