Complete iOS 16 Developer with swift UI and 10 apps

Learn iOS development with swift UI and building lots of apps.
Complete iOS 16 Developer with swift UI and 10 apps
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Complete iOS 16 Developer with swift UI and 10 apps

What you’ll learn

Learn Swift programming language from the scratch.
Practice Swift programming language with interesting assignments attached along
Learn to create basic app with SwiftUI framework
Create your profile design with SwiftUI layouts and framework
Basic mobile application design
Gorgeous in-app interactions and animations
Learn how to fetch data from JSON file using web APIs
Learn to implement Lottie Animations and higher designing skills
Learn to integrate various iOS frameworks (AVFoundation, MapkKit etc)
Learn to integrate core data with REALM
Learn Firebase fundamentals including saving data, real-time sync, authentication, user status and offline support
Build unparalleled augmented reality experiences with ARKit
Leran how to save and load data on your iPhone with Firebase and SwiftUI
Create a top-notch portfolio of real apps and apply for iOS developer jobs
Master Apple’s greatest and latest user interface framework – SwiftUI 3
The Complete iOS App Development Course with SwiftUI 3

Complete iOS 16 Developer with swift UI and 10 apps


Xcode 13 from Apple
macOS Monterey from Apple
You do not need any other prior coding experience or knowledge
Determination to create wonderful projects with tutor step by step


Welcome to complete iOS 16 developer course.A course that does not just add a few sections of Swift UI rather teaches you complete iOS development fully in swift UI. We truly understand that it can be frustrating to learn from resources that just add a few sections and call it a new course. This course is not like that.We have designed and recorded this course entirely on the new Swift UI.We will start with the basics of programming with a swift programming language. We will go through concepts of programming like variables, operators, range, optional binding, forced unwrapping, control flows, functions, class, structs, protocols and error handling. Once the programming basics are complete we will start with building apps. There is nothing like learning while building apps. Each app is designed and planned in such a way that it teaches you 1 concept at a time.Profile appThis app will teach you the basics of creating apps and will make you familiar with ZStack, HStack and VStack. Within very 1st app you will learn to design beautiful apps.Slot machineThis app will teach you about custom shape design in iOS. We will learn about the concept of rawValue and creating any shape that you want. Again a beautiful app with some logic as well.Calculator appCalculator seems really simple to people but it is not. This calculator is full of animations and tricks for designing a layout. How to calculate screen dimensions and more.Splash screenAlthough this app is small in implementation, but it is very much fun. In this app you will learn about creating a splash screen that usually acts as a branding screen for most apps.Shopping appThis app focuses more on the UI part. With a beautiful UI, we will learn about creating models and travelling of data between multiple screens. Horizontal scroll view and Vertical scrolling is also covered in this app.Linkedin UI CloneLinkedin has got one of the cleanest and most user friendly apps. Building an app like this teaches you a lot about clear design and gives you confidence that you can also build a complex app.Todo app – User defaultsTodo apps like everyone can do it but don’t take it easy, it’s not that easy. Todo app teaches you about the CRUD operations and that too with UserDefaults. We will also learn about app state management in this app.API handling with Pokemon appHandling API is one of the most important jobs as a developer and during your journey as an iOS developer you will be handling a ton of API. In this section we will learn about making a web call to API, handling clean response, handling dirty response and creating a model based on response. Further there will be a small assignment in this section.Currently we are rolling out this course with these apps. As I get more time, I will surely add more apps to this course.


Section 1: Introduction to iOS development

Lecture 1 Introduction to iOS development and prerequisite

Lecture 2 A tour of XCode

Lecture 3 Hello World in Swift

Lecture 4 A bit of history of swift with Objective C

Section 2: Getting started with swift

Lecture 5 Code files

Lecture 6 Variables and Constants in Swift

Lecture 7 Operators and Range in Swift

Lecture 8 String and interpolation

Lecture 9 Methods in Strings

Lecture 10 A caution in type conversion

Lecture 11 Can user pay | Logical Operators

Lecture 12 Optional binding and forced unwrapping

Lecture 13 We missed reading the docs

Section 3: More datatypes in swift

Lecture 14 Array and methods in Array in swift

Lecture 15 Dictionary in depth in swift

Lecture 16 Sets in swift programming

Lecture 17 Tuples in swift

Section 4: Going all indepth of swift

Lecture 18 If else and conditional unwrapping

Lecture 19 Control flow statements

Lecture 20 Functions in swift programming language

Lecture 21 In depth of Closure, autoclosure and escaping

Lecture 22 Enums and indirect enums

Lecture 23 Structs in swift

Lecture 24 Structs Vs Class

Lecture 25 Classes and reference type

Lecture 26 Properties in swift

Lecture 27 Methods in swift

Section 5: Advance swift programming concept

Lecture 28 Inheritance in swift

Lecture 29 init in depth in swift

Lecture 30 Deinit in swift

Lecture 31 Error handling in swift

Section 6: Building Project 1 – Profile app

Lecture 32 01 Zstack, HStack and VStack

Lecture 33 Create a new app in XCode

Lecture 34 Getting started with Zstack and VStack

Lecture 35 04 Moving into VStack

Lecture 36 Nested Stacks in swift UI

Lecture 37 Finishing our first app

Section 7: Project 2 – Custom shape and slots

Lecture 38 Theory behind custom shapes in iOS

Lecture 39 From figma to XCode shape

Lecture 40 State, rawValue and Identifiable

Lecture 41 More on State and HStack

Lecture 42 Getting button in our app

Lecture 43 Finishing up slot machine game

Section 8: Project 3 – calculator with animation

Lecture 44 RawValue in swift

Lecture 45 Starting a calculator project – assets

Lecture 46 Defining Model for calculator

Lecture 47 Getting keys sorted out for calculator

Lecture 48 Animation in swift ui

Lecture 49 Adding buttons for calculator

Lecture 50 Learn to calculate element width and height

Lecture 51 Loading up views on home screen

Lecture 52 Finishing up the calculator logic part

Section 9: Project 4 – Splash screen

Lecture 53 Getting started with Splash screen

Lecture 54 Finishing up a splash screen

Section 10: Project 5 – Shopping app with multi screen Navigation

Lecture 55 Demo of Shopping app with Navigation

Lecture 56 Importing all assets of fruits

Lecture 57 Building on boarding screen with navigation

Lecture 58 Models for fruit and near you

Lecture 59 Handling the fruit card

Lecture 60 Horizontal scroll view

Lecture 61 Passing value from one screen to another

Lecture 62 Design detail view part 1

Lecture 63 Counter in detail screen

Lecture 64 Vertical scroll view

Lecture 65 Assemble fruit cart app

Lecture 66 Resolving minor UI issue

Section 11: Building LinkedIn UI Clone

Lecture 67 What we will build – Linkedin

Lecture 68 Search bar component

Lecture 69 Models in linkedin UI

Lecture 70 Each connection request

Lecture 71 Building my Network screen

Lecture 72 Making home cards

Lecture 73 Home screen top view

Lecture 74 Building Home Screen

Lecture 75 Launch linkedin UI in simulator

Section 12: Todo app – Read the docs

Lecture 76 What are user defaults

Lecture 77 What is Codable protocol

Lecture 78 Model with Identifiable and Codable

Lecture 79 What are ObservableObject and Published

Lecture 80 UserDefaults with unique key

Lecture 81 Get values from UserDefaults

Lecture 82 CRUD operations in Todo list

Lecture 83 DispatchQueue in depth

Lecture 84 Navigation View and Link

Lecture 85 State management in swift ui

Lecture 86 Take user input and add it to Model

Lecture 87 Adding Todo’s on Home screen

Lecture 88 Finishing up todo app with gesture implementation

Section 13: Handling API and building Pokemon app

Lecture 89 What is API and formatting

Lecture 90 Create a model for API response

Lecture 91 Fetching data from API endpoint

Lecture 92 List and async calls

Lecture 93 Kingfisher – Third party packages

Lecture 94 Install third party packages

Lecture 95 What are extensions in swift

Lecture 96 Issues in Data and API call

Lecture 97 Creating a data extension

Lecture 98 Using KFImage

Lecture 99 Gridviews and LazyVStack

Lecture 100 Debugging the pokemon app

Lecture 101 Thanks and updates

Beginner iOS developer who are curious about iOS development,For advance iOS developers eager to learn SwiftUI framework,Best course for the engineers looking for job as an App Developer,People willing to publishing their app on App Store, then jump straight into the course

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 15h 13m | 7.71 GB
Created by: Ineuron Intelligence

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