Complete Power BI Bootcamp Go from Zero to Hero

Discover Power BI and take your Business Intelligence Skills to the next level!
Complete Power BI Bootcamp Go from Zero to Hero
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Complete Power BI Bootcamp Go from Zero to Hero

What you’ll learn

Create amazing intelligence reports with Power BI
Learn about properties and elements on a Power BI Dashboard
Understand the variety of visual charts available in PowerBI
Use visual formatting in Power BI to create selections and layers
Learn how to use colors, themes, and templates to customize your intelligence reports
Understand visual reporting design elements and guidelines in Power BI
Use hierarchies with visuals, including drill-down and drill-through
Learn about data modeling to connect to multiple raw data sources from Power BI
Discover M Language and Power Query for advanced use cases in Power BI

Complete Power BI Bootcamp Go from Zero to Hero


No technical prerequisites required, you just need admin permission to use Power BI on your computer


Welcome to the best online resource to learn how to use Microsoft’s Power BI!In this course we’ll teach you everything you need to go from zero to hero in business intelligence with Power BI. In this course you will learn how you can leverage Power BI to easily build reports and dashboards with interactive visualizations and see how other organizations have used this solution to drive business results with actionable insights. Microsoft Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. Whether your data is a simple Microsoft Excel workbook, or a collection of cloud-based and on-premises hybrid data warehouses, Power BI lets you easily connect to your data sources, clean, and model your data without affecting the underlying source, visualize (or discover) what’s important, and share that with anyone or everyone you want.We’ve constructed this course to take you from Zero to Hero with Power BI in one of the fastest ways possible.This courses covers a wide variety of topics designed to take you from Zero to Hero in Power BI. This course will teach you about:Power BI Set-upPage PropertiesDifferent kinds of ChartsLine and Ribbon VisualsFunnels, Treemaps, and other Chart typesCards, KPIs, and GaugesVisual FormattingSelection and LayersCustomizing Colors, Themes, and Power BI TemplatesStorytelling over Multiple PagesTool Tips and DescriptionsData ModelingFiltering and Field FormattingDate Tables and Data SortingImplementing Good ModelsM LanguagePower QueryDAXand much more!Not only do you get great technical content with this course, but you’ll also get access to our exclusive discord server to chat with other students as well as access to the in-course Q&A forums. We also provide slides and template code files so you can easily get started on your own dashboards. All of this comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try out the course completely risk-free! Enroll today and we’ll see you inside the course!


Section 1: Introduction


Lecture 2 Introduction to Power BI and Files Download

Lecture 3 Power BI – An Introduction

Section 2: Visual Overview

Lecture 4 A Note on Demo Files

Lecture 5 Power BI – Visualizations Overview

Lecture 6 First Power BI Demonstration

Lecture 7 Building Visuals

Lecture 8 Building Visuals – Demonstration

Lecture 9 Line, Area, Stacked Area, and Ribbon Charts

Lecture 10 Line, Area, Stacked Area, and Ribbon Charts – Demonstration

Lecture 11 Slicer

Lecture 12 Slicer – Demonstration

Lecture 13 Scatter and Bubble Charts

Lecture 14 Scatter and Bubble Charts – Demonstration

Lecture 15 Funnel, Treemap, Donut, and Pie Charts

Lecture 16 Funnel, Treemap, Donut, and Pie Charts- Demonstration

Lecture 17 Mapping

Lecture 18 Mapping- Demonstration

Lecture 19 Cards, KPIs, and Gauges

Lecture 20 Cards, KPIs, and Gauges – Demonstration

Lecture 21 Table and Matrix

Lecture 22 Table and Matrix – Demonstration

Lecture 23 Analytic Visuals

Lecture 24 Analytic Visuals – Demonstration

Section 3: Visual Formatting

Lecture 25 Visual Interactions

Lecture 26 Visual Interactions – Demonstration

Lecture 27 Custom Visuals

Lecture 28 Custom Visuals – Demonstration

Lecture 29 Text Boxes, Shapes, Images, and Groups

Lecture 30 Text Boxes, Shapes, Images, and Groups – Demonstration

Lecture 31 Creating Buttons and Bookmarks

Lecture 32 Creating Buttons and Bookmarks – Demonstration

Lecture 33 Selections and Layers

Lecture 34 Selections and Layers – Demonstration

Section 4: Colors, Themes, and Templates

Lecture 35 Understanding Colors

Lecture 36 Colors – Demonstration

Lecture 37 Understanding Themes

Lecture 38 Themes – Demonstration

Lecture 39 Editing Themes

Lecture 40 Editing Themes – Demonstration

Lecture 41 Templates

Lecture 42 Templates – Demonstration

Section 5: Design Guidelines

Lecture 43 Visual Layouts

Lecture 44 Visual Layouts – Demonstration

Lecture 45 Storytelling

Lecture 46 Storytelling – Demonstration

Lecture 47 Slicers

Lecture 48 Slicers – Demonstration

Lecture 49 Tooltips

Lecture 50 Tool tips – Demonstration

Section 6: Drill Down and Drill-Through

Lecture 51 Hierarchies

Lecture 52 Hierarchies – Demonstration

Lecture 53 Drill Down

Lecture 54 Drill Down – Demonstration

Lecture 55 Drill Through

Lecture 56 Drill Through – Demonstration

Lecture 57 Filtering

Lecture 58 Filtering – Demonstration

Section 7: Data Modeling

Lecture 59 Multi Sourcing

Lecture 60 Multi Sourcing – Demonstration

Lecture 61 Dimensional Modeling

Lecture 62 Dimensional Modeling – Demonstration

Lecture 63 Data Models for Multiple Reports

Lecture 64 Data Models for Multiple Reports – Demonstration

Lecture 65 Date Dimension and Data Sorting

Lecture 66 Date Dimension and Data Sorting – Demonstration

Section 8: Implementing a Good Model

Lecture 67 Data Modeling Relationships

Lecture 68 Data Modeling Relationships – Demonstration

Lecture 69 Role Playing Dimensions

Lecture 70 Role Playing Dimensions – Demonstration

Lecture 71 Column Formatting

Lecture 72 Column Formatting – Demonstration

Lecture 73 Applied Data Modeling

Lecture 74 Applied Data Modeling – Demonstration

Section 9: M Language and Power Query

Lecture 75 Introduction Power Query

Lecture 76 Power Query – Demonstration

Lecture 77 Transform

Lecture 78 Transform – Demonstration

Lecture 79 Modify Columns

Lecture 80 Modify Columns – Demonstration

Lecture 81 Parameters

Lecture 82 Parameters – Demonstration

Lecture 83 Incremental Refresh

Lecture 84 Incremental Refresh – Demonstration

Section 10: Understanding DAX

Lecture 85 Introduction to DAX

Lecture 86 Introduction to DAX – Demonstration

Lecture 87 Columns and Tables

Lecture 88 Columns and Tables – Demonstration

Lecture 89 Quick Measures

Lecture 90 Quick Measures – Demonstration

Lecture 91 More on Measures

Lecture 92 More on Measures – Demonstration

Lecture 93 Common DAX

Lecture 94 Common DAX – Demonstration

Lecture 95 Modular DAX

Lecture 96 Modular DAX – Demonstration

Section 11: Advanced DAX

Lecture 97 Context

Lecture 98 Context – Demonstration

Lecture 99 Calculate

Lecture 100 Calculate – Demonstration

Lecture 101 Calculate Limits

Lecture 102 Calculate Limits – Demonstration

Lecture 103 DAX Time

Lecture 104 DAX Time – Demonstration

Lecture 105 DAX Relationships

Lecture 106 DAX Relationships – Demonstration

Section 12: Power BI and Security

Lecture 107 Data Refresh

Lecture 108 Data Refresh – Demonstration

Lecture 109 Dynamic and Static Security

Lecture 110 Dynamic and Static Security – Demonstration

Lecture 111 Data Modeling and Security

Lecture 112 Data Modeling and Security – Demonstration

Lecture 113 Testing Security

Lecture 114 Testing Security – Demonstration

Analysts who wish to learn how to use Power BI to create dashboards

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Created by: Jose Portilla

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