Complete React Hooks Course 2021 A Z Scratch to React

React JS Hooks way ( Latest & Comprehensive) : Redux , React Router, Testing with Jest, Build Component Library
Complete React Hooks Course 2021 A Z Scratch to React
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Complete React Hooks Course 2021 A Z Scratch to React

What you’ll learn

React Hooks from scratch
Learn React Hooks way
React Hooks advanced level

Complete React Hooks Course 2021 A Z Scratch to React


JavaScript knowledge needed


This is a modern and comprehensive React JS course that focuses on only the latest version of React with hooks ( “no classes”). We will cover the following:  You will learn react from scratch ,  no prior knowledge of react required. Fundamentals like JSX, component communication, events, fragments, Higher Order Components, and more. Understand best way to organize files in a react project using common patterns for folder structureBuilt-in hooks like useState, useEffect, useReducer, useContext, useDebugValue, useMemo, useRef, useLayoutEffect.  Build our own custom hooks. Use create-react-app ,  a command line interface ( CLI ) to swiftly create react projects.Build a Single Page Application ( SPA ) using react-router-domGlobal State Management with Redux and Redux thunkLearn unit testing , snapshot testing, mocking  in React  with Jest and React testing Library . Build a To-Do app using react Build a complete drag-n-drop app using reactBuild a reusable component library and a documentation site using react styleguidist Build a documentation site using react storybookAll the code examples are provided in github for your reference.  Many coding exercise to practice Learn how to upload your react project on githubOne of the best feature of this course is its simplicity. All the coding samples are very easy to understand. I prefer to use real-time use cases to explain concepts.


Section 1: Introduction & Setup

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Getting Started

Lecture 3 Installing React

Lecture 4 Understanding Project Structure

Lecture 5 Setting up SASS

Lecture 6 Setting up linter

Section 2: React Fundamentals

Lecture 7 JSX

Lecture 8 Styling Components

Lecture 9 Reusable Components

Lecture 10 Props

Lecture 11 Fragments

Lecture 12 Destructring Props

Lecture 13 Conditional Rendering

Lecture 14 Higher Order Components

Lecture 15 useState Hook

Lecture 16 Hooks Internals

Lecture 17 Hooks Rules

Lecture 18 Complex State

Lecture 19 Managing Lists

Section 3: Handling Events

Lecture 20 Adding Events

Lecture 21 Component Communication

Lecture 22 Using Multiple Local States

Lecture 23 Keyboard Events

Lecture 24 Building your own Custom Hook

Lecture 25 onChange Event

Lecture 26 useRef Hook

Lecture 27 Forwarding refs

Section 4: Component Lifecycle

Lecture 28 Lifecycle Methods

Lecture 29 useEffect Hook

Lecture 30 useEffect Example

Lecture 31 Fetch Data with Async Await

Lecture 32 useMemo Hook ( Memoization )

Lecture 33 Custom Hook: usePrevious

Lecture 34 useLayoutEffect Hook

Lecture 35 useDebugValue Hook

Lecture 36 Custom Hook: useCustomFetch

Section 5: React Router

Lecture 37 Setting up Routes

Lecture 38 Route Links

Lecture 39 Route Redirect

Lecture 40 Route Prompt

Lecture 41 useContext Hook

Section 6: Redux

Lecture 42 Redux Fundamentals

Lecture 43 React + Redux

Lecture 44 Combining Multiple Reducers

Lecture 45 Redux Thunk

Lecture 46 useReducer Hook

Lecture 47 React + Mobx

Section 7: Hooks Testing

Lecture 48 Testing Philosophy

Lecture 49 Unit Test with Jest

Section 8: Projects

Lecture 50 Tic Tac Toe Game

Lecture 51 Draggable List

Section 9: Building your own reusable component library

Lecture 52 Requirement for a component library

Lecture 53 Build a reusable button component

Lecture 54 Building a style-guide with styleguidist

Section 10: Type Checking

Lecture 55 PropTypes

Lecture 56 Flow Types

Lecture 57 TypeScript

Beginner React developers,React Developers moving to latest version of React

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 8h 13m | 2.49 GB
Created by: Hemil Patel

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