Complete Red Hat System Administration Boot Camp RHCSA 9

Learn Linux and everything you need to pass RHCSA (RHEL 9) EX200 certification exam – Unofficial Red Hat Training – 2022
Complete Red Hat System Administration Boot Camp RHCSA 9
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Complete Red Hat System Administration Boot Camp RHCSA 9

What you’ll learn

Installing Linux Virtual Machines
Basic Linux Commands
Users and Group Management
Linux Networking Fundamentals
Linux Processes
Linux Security
Linux Disk Management
Software Package Management

Complete Red Hat System Administration Boot Camp RHCSA 9


A working computer/laptop is all that is needed.


This course is updated to the last Red Hat Certified System Administrator Exam Objectives (Containers + Bash/Shell Scripting)Join now and get access to two of my best seller books for FREE:Learn Linux QuicklyA Friendly Guide to Easily Master the World’s Most Powerful Operating System.Learn Ansible Quickly – RHCEMaster All Ansible Automation skills required to pass EX294 exam and become a Red Hat Certified Engineer.** Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is considered as one of the top paying certifications in the IT industry averaging an annual salary of $101,527 ** It is for anyone who wants to learn Linux and become a Red Hat Certified System Administrator. Become an effective Linux user and advance your Career. Also, it is aspiring Linux system administrators.This course fully prepares you to pass the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHEL 9) EX200 certification exam and become a Red Hat Certified System Administrator.  In this course, we are going to cover the objectives of Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHEL 9) EX200. The course contents are: Installing Linux Virtual Machines.Linux Essentials (Basic Linux Commands).Users and Groups Management.Linux Network Configuration.Linux Security.Operate Running Systems.Configuring and Maintaining Systems.Storage Techniques.Configuring File Systems. Managing Containers Images.Bash Shell Scripting (Learn Bash Quickly ebook).Practice Questions.Red Hat Certified System Administrator is one of the most valuable Linux certifications in the industry and it will definitely help you to start a career in Linux.  This course is fully hands-on. It’ll help you and prepare you for the real exam. You are only one certification away from becoming a certified Linux system administrator; you are only Red Hat Certified System Administrator away!


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Creating RHEL 9 and Rocky 9 in Microsoft Azure

Lecture 3 Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL9 on VMware Fusion

Lecture 4 Creating Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure

Lecture 5 Installation of RedHat 8 on VirtualBox

Lecture 6 Installation of Rocky Linux on VMware Fusion

Lecture 7 Installation of AlmaLinux on VMware Fusion

Lecture 8 Installation of CentOS 8 on VirtualBox

Lecture 9 Minimal Installation of CentOS 8 on VirtualBox

Section 2: Linux Essentials

Lecture 10 The Directory Tree

Lecture 11 Root Directory and Hierarchy of Users in Linux

Lecture 12 Absolute and Relative Paths – Command Options and Arguments

Lecture 13 pwd command and cd command

Lecture 14 ls command

Lecture 15 cal command, date command, uptime command

Lecture 16 lscpu command and free command

Lecture 17 df command and du command

Lecture 18 history command, clear command, exit command

Lecture 19 whatis command, type command, man command

Lecture 20 last command and w command

Lecture 21 hostname command and uname command

Lecture 22 touch command and mkdir command

Lecture 23 cp command and mv command

Lecture 24 rmdir command and rm command

Lecture 25 tar command

Lecture 26 cat command and echo command

Lecture 27 head command, tail command and sort command

Lecture 28 Linux Pipes

Lecture 29 diff command

Lecture 30 sudo command and su command

Lecture 31 find command

Lecture 32 Hard Link and Soft Link

Lecture 33 gedit editor and nano editor

Lecture 34 vi editor and vim editor

Section 3: Users and Groups Management

Lecture 35 Creating Users and Deleting Users

Lecture 36 Demo Creating Users and Deleting Users

Lecture 37 Creating Groups and Deleting Groups

Lecture 38 Demo Creating Groups and Deleting Groups

Lecture 39 File Ownership and Permissions

Lecture 40 Permission Levels

Lecture 41 Permission Modes

Lecture 42 Changing Ownership and Group Membership

Lecture 43 Demo File Ownership and Permissions

Lecture 44 Umask Default Permission Sets

Lecture 45 Demo Umask Default Permission Sets

Lecture 46 Three Special Permissions

Lecture 47 Demo Three special permissions

Lecture 48 Changing File Attributes

Lecture 49 Demo Changing File Attributes

Lecture 50 Superuser and visudo Command

Lecture 51 Demo Superuser and visudo Command

Lecture 52 Access Control Lists

Lecture 53 ACLs Recursive and Deleting ACLs

Lecture 54 Demo Access Control Lists

Section 4: Linux Network Configuration

Lecture 55 Adding DNS Server IP Address

Lecture 56 Adding a Host with an Alias

Lecture 57 nmcli command

Lecture 58 nmtui command

Lecture 59 Time Synchronization with NTP

Section 5: Linux Security

Lecture 60 SELinux Configuration

Lecture 61 Apache Configuration

Lecture 62 Firewalld Configuration

Section 6: Operate Running Systems

Lecture 63 Processes Commands

Lecture 64 Processes Signals

Lecture 65 scp command and ssh command

Lecture 66 Switching into Different Targets on Linux

Section 7: Configuring and Maintaining Systems

Lecture 67 Configuring Services with Systemctl

Lecture 68 Automating Tasks with Cron Jobs

Lecture 69 Modifying GRUB Bootloader

Lecture 70 Tuned Profile

Lecture 71 Installing Package Modules

Lecture 72 Configuring Repositories

Lecture 73 Breaking into the System

Lecture 74 Creating Temporary Files and Directories

Section 8: Storage Techniques

Lecture 75 Creating Standard Partitions

Lecture 76 Creating SWAP

Lecture 77 Creating (PVS – VGS – LVM)

Lecture 78 Mounting and Unmounting (Temporarily and Permanently)

Lecture 79 Adjusting and Removing (LVM – VGS – PVS)

Lecture 80 Managing Layered Storage with Startis

Lecture 81 Disk Compression with VDO

Section 9: Configuring File Systems

Lecture 82 Configuring Remote File Systems with NFS

Lecture 83 Mounting on Demand with autofs

Section 10: Managing Containers Images

Lecture 84 Introduction to Containers

Lecture 85 Running Containers Images Using Podman Command

Lecture 86 Auto Starting Container Images under Systemd Service

Lecture 87 Adding Persistent Storage to Containers Images

Section 11: Bash Shell Scripting

Lecture 88 Introduction to Bash Shell Scripting

Lecture 89 Examples of Bash Shell Scripting

Section 12: Practice Questions

Lecture 90 Practice I

Lecture 91 Practice II

Section 13: Bonus Material

Lecture 92 What’s next?

Lecture 93 Gift #1: My RHCE Certification Guide

Lecture 94 Gift #2: My Linux Book

Lecture 95 Gift #3: My Bash Scripting Book

It’s for anyone who wants to learn Linux and become a Red Hat Certified System Administrator.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 57m | 3.43 GB
Created by: Bandar Alghaleb

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