Complete Salesforce Classic and Mobile New User Training

Salesforce Marketing, Sales and Service Cloud New User Training. Also includes Reports, Dashboards & Salesforce1 mobile!
Complete Salesforce Classic and Mobile New User Training
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Mike Wheeler


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Last updated 11/2022



Complete Salesforce Classic and Mobile New User Training

What you’ll learn

Close More Deals
Manage Accounts Effectively in Salesforce
Market Efficiently and Measure Marketing Effectiveness in Salesforce
Service Client Relationships and Provide Exceptional Customer Support
Run Your Business From Your Phone with the Salesforce1 Mobile App
Analyze Data and Make Smart Decision Using Salesforce Reports and Dashboards
Understand the Salesforce Platform as a Whole – Marketing, Sales, Service and Analytics

Complete Salesforce Classic and Mobile New User Training


No prior Salesforce Experience is Required.
I will show you how to sign up for your own free Salesforce account that you can keep for life!


After Thousands of Udemy Survey ratings for my courses, the students have spoken:”Are you learning valuable information?” 99.6% answered YES”Are the explanations of the concepts clear?” 99.8% answered YES”Is the instructor knowledgeable about the topic?” 99.9% answered YESIf you are new to Salesforce and need a firm understanding of the platform, as a whole, this course is for you. Improve your performance on the Salesforce platform to be more productive, AND profitable. Acquire marketable skills in today’s marketplace, and close more deals along the way.This course covers:Core functionality and common tasks, such as searching, creating records, running reports, sending emails, logging calls.Customer Relationship Management Fundamentals as specifically performed on the Salesforce PlatformEncompasses the entire lifecycle of the typical sales process from
Marketing (Attract Customers)Sales (Attain Customers)Service (Retain Customers)In this course, I show you and walk you through customizing your own Salesforce instance to automate and optimize your Marketing efforts. We will cover Campaign Management and automation.  We’ll cover lead-based marketing and discuss lead sources and how to track all of this in Salesforce. Track leads from various channels, such as Email, Web, Phone, Tradeshows, and Social.I demonstrate key Sales Management and Enablement techniques around team-based selling, prospecting, and setting up multiple and varied Sales Processes.Learn Salesforce analytics to measure user adoption, and key metrics for Marketing, Sales and Service through our Reports and Dashboards section.The Salesforce1 Mobile interface is covered as well, once you understand the core concepts of the desktop experience. You’ll also find helpful tips sprinkled in, all along the way. Go from Salesforce newbie to ninja in no time!


Section 1: Introduction and Getting Started with Salesforce

Lecture 1 Introduction and My Bio

Lecture 2 Signing Up for a Free Salesforce Account

Lecture 3 Signing In to Salesforce and Touring the User Interface – Getting Oriented

Lecture 4 Using The Salesforce Home Page – Search, Create New, Recycle, Calendar & Tasks

Section 2: Personalizing Salesforce

Lecture 5 Salesforce Personalization Introduction

Lecture 6 Setting Up Your ‘My Profile’ Page in Salesforce

Lecture 7 Using the My Settings Menu & Modifying Your Personal Information in Salesforce

Lecture 8 Customizing Your Display and Layout Settings in Salesforce

Section 3: ATTRACT – Marketing Management, Automation and Optimization in Salesforce

Lecture 9 Introduction to Marketing Management, Automation, and Optimization

Lecture 10 Lead Management in Salesforce

Lecture 11 Corresponding with Leads in Salesforce

Lecture 12 Lead Collaboration with Chatter

Lecture 13 Creating Campaigns in Salesforce

Lecture 14 Creating Target Lists in Salesforce by Adding Leads to a Campaign

Lecture 15 Executing Campaigns in Salesforce

Lecture 16 Tracking Campaign Responses in Salesforce

Lecture 17 Campaign Collaboration with Chatter

Section 4: ATTAIN – Sales Management, Automation and Optimization in Salesforce

Lecture 18 Sales Management, Automation, and Optimization Introduction

Lecture 19 Introducing and Understanding the Account Record in Salesforce

Lecture 20 Team-based Selling with Account Teams in Salesforce

Lecture 21 Corresponding with Accounts in Salesforce for Effective Account Management

Lecture 22 Account Collaboration with Chatter

Lecture 23 The Contact Record – a.k.a. The Record Formerly Known as a Lead

Lecture 24 Corresponding with Contacts in Salesforce

Lecture 25 Contact Collaboration with Chatter

Lecture 26 Understanding The Opportunity Record in Salesforce and Your Sales Process

Lecture 27 Contact Roles on Opportunities – Decision Makers, Influencers Buyers, & More

Lecture 28 Team Based Selling with Opportunity Teams in Salesforce

Lecture 29 Using Salesforce Content to Equip Sales Reps

Lecture 30 Assigning Influential Campaigns to Opportunities to Measure ROI

Lecture 31 Spring ’17 Update – Displaying Campaign Influence Related List on Opportunities

Lecture 32 Opportunity Collaboration with Chatter

Section 5: RETAIN – Servicing Your Contacts and Accounts with the Salesforce Service Cloud

Lecture 33 Introducing and Understanding the Case Record

Lecture 34 Service Cloud Introduction

Lecture 35 Creating, Managing and Closing Cases in Salesforce

Lecture 36 Introducing the Salesforce Service Console

Lecture 37 Working in Queues

Lecture 38 Case Automation in Salesforce

Lecture 39 Case Collaboration with Chatter

Section 6: Monitoring and Analytics with Reports and Dashboards

Lecture 40 Salesforce Reports and Dashboards Introduction

Lecture 41 Common Types of Reports in Salesforce

Lecture 42 Creating Reports in Salesforce

Lecture 43 Customizing Reports and Creating Reports Folders in Salesforce

Lecture 44 Salesforce Report Scheduling and Automation

Lecture 45 Common Types of Dashboards and Their Components in Salesforce

Lecture 46 Creating Dashboards in Salesforce

Lecture 47 Customizing Dashboards in Salesforce

Lecture 48 Salesforce Dashboard Scheduling and Automation

Section 7: Run Your Business From Your Phone with the Salesforce1 Mobile Application

Lecture 49 The Saleforce Mobile App Introduction (formerly ‘Salesforce1’)

Lecture 50 Touring the Salesforce Mobile User Interface, Navigation, and Global Actions

Lecture 51 Performing Common Marketing Actions in Salesforce1

Lecture 52 Performing Common Sales Functions in Salesforce1

Lecture 53 Performing Common Service Functions in Salesforce1

Section 8: Salesforce Performance Enhancements and Productivity Hacks

Lecture 54 Helpful Productivity Tips for Salesforce Users

Section 9: In Conclusion – Next Steps

Lecture 55 In Conclusion … Thank You and Here’s What’s Next!

Lecture 56 Bonus: Free Courses and Coupons and Podcast

This course is meant for new users of the Salesforce platform.,This course is meant for users tasked with providing Marketing, Sales and/or Service functionality on the Salesforce Platform,This course will be very helpful to Salesforce Administrators, Developers, Business Analysts, Consultants, and Project Managers who need a better understanding of how end-users actually use Salesforce in their day-to-day jobs.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 31m | 2.93 GB
Created by: Mike Wheeler

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