Complete Tally ERP 9 GST Course with Live Project

Learn Tally ERP 9 with live Accounts of a Business Covering its Accounting, Payroll, GST, Banking, Inventory System
Complete Tally ERP 9 GST Course with Live Project
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Atikur R Barbhuiya


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Complete Tally ERP 9 GST Course with Live Project

What you’ll learn

Tally ERP 9 with live project

Complete Tally ERP 9 GST Course with Live Project


Basic accounting knowledge


TALLY ERP 9 COMPLETE VIDEO COURSE YEAR 2020 (ENGLISH) This course comes with a live project, so that students can learn from a scratch to prepare a complete accounts in Tally ERP.  I will teach you how to start with Tally from zero to finalization of balance sheet of a live business organisation. After this video course, you will able to work as an accountant in any business organisation. So i hope you complete the course successfully and start your career as an accountant. Best of Luck.Course Content:1. Introduction to Tally ERP and Basic Setting     · Introduction     · Downloading Tally, Installation & Licensing     · Creation of Company and how to edit or Delete the company2. Goods & Service Tax Integration     · GST Set up with basic information     · CGST/ SGST/ IGST ledger setup3. Ledger Creation     · Creating Purchase & Sales Ledger     · Cash & Bank Ledger     · Creating Discount & Round off Ledger     · How to Edit & Delete the Ledger4. Inventory Management     · Creating Stock Items and Stock Group5. Voucher Entry     · GST Purchase Entry     · GST Sales Entry and Invoice Generation     · Sales Return & Credit Note Entry     · Purchase Return & Debit Note Entry     · Receipts, Payments & Contra Entry6. Opening Balances Entry7. Bank Reconciliation     · What is Bank Reconciliation     · Manual & Auto Reconciliation8. Payroll Management     · Payroll basic Info & Setting     · Creating Employee Categories, Employee Group & Employee Name     · Creating Attendance record, Pay Heads, Salary details     · Attendance and Payroll Entry, Payroll Reports such as Pay slip9. Reports Generation     · View & Printing of various Accounting Reports such as Sales Register, Purchase Register, Cash Book, Receipts  & Payments Account, Profit & Loss Account & Balance Sheet10. Search & Review     · Searching of Specific Transaction     · Checking negative cash flow and resolve11. Other     · Back up & Restore     · Splitting of Tally DataPoints to keep in mind:· No note book, pen, pencil is needed, no need to write any notes. Only FOCUS is needed.· Whole course is bifurcated into small lessons and segments, so whenever you need you can view the specific lesson.· Practice material such as Bank Statement, Opening Balance Sheet, and Purchase Invoices are provided during the course session. Kindly download those files and take a printout while watching the videos.· Do practice the entries simultaneously so that you can learn fast and query (if any) whenever arises can be resolved while practicing.· You can ask me any query related to this course, I shall response your query as far as possible.Know about Tally ERP 9· It is an enterprise resource planning software developed by Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd.· Tally ERP 9 software serves more than 1.6 million users across the globe· The software handles accounting, inventory management, order management, tax management, payroll and banking.· Licensed version user gets regular update in respect to the various changes in Accounting and Tax Laws by government authority from time to time.· Almost all the small and medium sized enterprise are maintaining their books of account in Tally.· Tally is very cost effective software which is considered most affordable software from small and medium sized business point of view.· Latest version of Tally provides Tax compliance related report which can be easily uploaded in government portal.· All accounting reports can easily exported to any popular file format for reporting purpose.Thank you.Regards,Atikur


Section 1: Introduction to Tally ERP 9 and it’s Basic Setting

Lecture 1 Introduction to Tally ERP 9

Lecture 2 Download, Installation and Licensing of Tally ERP

Lecture 3 How to Create, Edit & Delete The Company

Section 2: Goods & Service Tax (GST) Integration

Lecture 4 Initial GST set up with basic information

Lecture 5 CGST, SGST & IGST ledger creation

Section 3: Ledger Creation

Lecture 6 Purchase & Sales Ledger Creation

Lecture 7 Cash & Bank Ledger Creation

Lecture 8 Discount & round off Ledger Creation

Lecture 9 How to Edit & Delete a Ledger

Section 4: Inventory Management

Lecture 10 Creating Stock Items and Stock Group

Section 5: Voucher Entry

Lecture 11 GST Purchase Entry

Lecture 12 Sales Voucher Entry with Invoice generation

Lecture 13 Sales Return & Credit Note Entry

Lecture 14 Purchase return & Debit Note Entry

Lecture 15 Bank Receipts, Payment & Contra Entry

Section 6: Opening Balance Entry

Lecture 16 Opening Balance Entry

Section 7: Bank Reconciliation in Tally

Lecture 17 Bank Reconciliation Introduction

Lecture 18 Bank Reconciliation in Tally

Section 8: Payroll Management

Lecture 19 Payroll basic settings

Lecture 20 Employee Categories, Employee Group & Employee Name Entry

Lecture 21 Creating Attendance record, Pay Heads, Salary details

Lecture 22 Attendance and Payroll Entry, Payroll Reports such as Pay slip

Section 9: Reports Generation

Lecture 23 View & Print out of Various Reports

Section 10: Search & Review

Lecture 24 Searching of Specific Transaction

Lecture 25 Checking Negative Cash Flow and How to Resolve

Section 11: Back, Restore & Split of Tally Data

Lecture 26 Backup & Restore of Tally Data

Lecture 27 Splitting of Tally Data

students from commerce background want to work as accountants.

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Udemy | English | 3h 30m | 2.15 GB
Created by: Atikur R Barbhuiya

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