Complete Windows Server Administration Course

Installation and configuration of Domain Controller, Active Directory, DNS, WebServer (IIS), Group Policy, WSUS and more
Complete Windows Server Administration Course
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Complete Windows Server Administration Course

What you’ll learn

Students will be able to install, configure and manage Windows server
Create Users, Groups and OUs with Active Directory Users & Computers
Group Policy Management
Domain Controller and DNS Management
Virtual Technology Installation and Configuration
Disk Management
WSUS Server Administration
WebServer (IIS) Administration
FTP Server Installation, Configuration and Management

Complete Windows Server Administration Course


Windows or MAC Computer (either one is fine)
Computer should have at least 4G RAM, 64bit processor and 100G of HD
Internet Access (required for download and installation)


Windows is one of the basic operating system that every person should know if you want to get into IT.  Whether you are just starting your career or moving up in your existing IT field, you always have to start with Windows and this course will teach you everything you need to know about Windows 2016 administration In this course you will  learn Windows 2016 installation, configuration, administration, troubleshooting, command line, OS tools and much more…  I have also included Resume and Interview workshop that will definitely help you get your  dream IT job.In addition to the lectures there will be quizzes, homework and hand-out material just like a live classroom training I have been teaching this exact course in a classroom environment in New York City.  Please note 80% of my students who took this course got the job in Windows within months.  Imagine those who take my course only to level  up their career, how productive this training can be for them Following is the list of topics I will cover in this course:Module 1 – Understanding of Microsoft Windows•      What is Windows?•      Different Versions of Windows•      Microsoft Background and Products•      Windows Market Share – Everyday Windows•      Windows vs. Linux vs. MAC•      Quiz, Handouts and Homework Module 2 – Setting up a Lab•      Oracle Virtual Box•      Installing Oracle Virtual Box•      Creating First Virtual Machine•      Quiz, Handouts and Homework Module 3 – Windows Installation and Configuration•      Different Ways to Install OS•      Downloading Windows Server 2016•      Installing Windows Server 2016•      Adding Resources•      Hostname and System Information•      Windows Server GUI Overview•      Quiz, Handouts and Homework Module 4 – System Access and File System•      Accessing Windows System•      File System and Description•      Navigating to File System•      File Types and Creation•      File Properties•      Finding Files and Directories•      File Maintenance (copy, delete, move and rename)•      Files Operations•      File Editing Short-Cut Keys•      Quiz, Handouts and Homework Module 5 – System Administration•      User Account Management•      Elevating User Roles•      Monitor Users Activity (Task manager and command line)•      System Utilities Under Accessories•      Programs and Service Management (Control panel and services)•      System Resource Monitoring (Task Manager)•      Windows Event Logs•      System Maintenance•      Jobs and Schedules•      Windows Settings•      Server Manager Dashboard•      Installing and Uninstalling Programs•      Windows Applications (Microsoft or 3rd Party)•      Windows Short-Cut Keys (e.g. Alt+Ctl+Del etc.)•      Check System Hardware•      Quiz, Handouts and Homework Module 6 – Advance Windows Administration•      Roles vs. Features•      Adding Roles and Features•      What is Domain Controller?•      Domain Controller and Active Directory•      Active Directory Prerequisites•      What is DNS?•      Active Directory Installation•      Active Directory “Users and Computers“•      Active Directory User Account Management•      Installing Windows Client•      Joining the Domain from Windows 7 and 10•      Active Directory “Administrative Center“•      Active Directory “Domain and Trust“•      Active Directory “Module for Windows PowerShell“•      Active Directory “Site and Services“•      Group Policy Management•      DNS Administration•      Web Server (IIS) Installation•      Quiz, Handouts and Homework Module 7 – Windows Scripting and Command Line•      Windows Batch Scripting•      First Batch Script “Hello World“•      Script to Automate Simple Tasks•      Windows PowerShell•      Windows PowerShell Commands•      Windows PowerShell ISE (Integrated Scripting Environment)•      Windows Management Instrument (WMIC)•      Difference Between DOS and PowerShell•      Quiz, Handouts and Homework Module 8 – Networking and System Updates•      What is NIC?•      Enable Internet on the VM•      NIC Teaming•      Network Configuration•      Windows Updates•      NTP Configuration•      File Transfer Methods•      FTP Server Installation and Configuration•      Sharing FileSystem (Samba or NFS)•      WSUS Server Installation and Configuration•      Windows Firewall•      Quiz, Handouts and Homework Module 9 – Storage Management•      What is Computer Storage?•      Type of Computer Storage•      How to Add Disk•      Extend an Existing Disk•      Disk Cleanup and Defragmentation•      RAID•      Windows Backup and Restore•      Quiz, Handouts and Homework Module 10 – Additional Resources•      What is IT?•      IT Components•      Facts about IT•      IT Management Jobs•      Resume Workshop•      Interview Workshop•      Post Resume and What to Expect•      VMWare Workstation Player Download and Installation•      Install Oracle VirtualBox on MAC•      Quiz, Handouts and Homework===================================================================================Here is the testimonial from my students:As a System Administrator, I knew a lot of what you explained in this course. But there were a few new things I was able to learn and so far, it has paid of wonderfully. I feel I am now on my way to Senior System Administrator and I have you to thank for helping me get there. I really enjoyed this course! Thank you so much again!! — Riley WrightImran is a very knowledgeable and engaging instructor. As others have said, you can tell that he is not just trying to sell a course, but that he is invested in giving his students a strong career foundation with a positive and approachable attitude. He is also entertaining with his use of pop culture and practical work examples. It really feels like you’re in a classroom with him. I’m taking this course mainly as a hobbyist, but got a lot from it already. The homework assignments, quizzes, and handouts help reinforce the material.   — Raymond B.  (Udemy Student)Main thing about course is its simplicity and the hierarchy. Design is very good and easy which helps to understand things better.  — Akash Garg (Udemy Student)I just love the teaching ad the learning experience I am getting  — Jacob Samba (Udemy Student)Very useful course, even an absolute beginner can able to understand perfectly this course. You’re a great guy Imran:) — E Vigneshwaran (Udemy Student)The course is run very well and I really like the handouts and the homework that is assigned. The homework helps me learn and continue with the learning process even when adult life is still progressing forward.  — Thomas Rogers (Udemy Student)I am preparing for the server exam and this course has been awesome. I appreciate the time and effort to explain all parts of the OS. — Victoria Worthy (Udemy Student)Course encouraging as it added values to my skills in Windows Server 2016 with basic fundamental details on scripting and building website. Well it was not in depth yet it still gives clear clue on where to start from. All lesson we deliver in a professional, clear and precise that one can build there own server from scratch to end. Thanks you. — Karvee Kolliemelen (Udemy Student)I genuinely look forward to additional courses in the future. This has been so informative. You hear the name oracle all the time, but this was well put in layman’s terms  — Atoofa Hasan (Classroom Student)Imran Afzal eats, breathes and sleeps in Windows and Linux! He really knows his stuff. I feel like he has brought me from a novice level education to masters level in a short time period. Anyone who is looking to get a job in Linux should definitely take this course.  — TJ Walker (Udemy Student)


Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Syllabus Overview

Lecture 3 Download Syllabus

Lecture 4 Thank You

Section 1: Module 1 – Understanding of Microsoft Windows

Lecture 5 Welcome to Module 1

Lecture 6 What is Windows?

Lecture 7 Different Versions of Windows

Lecture 8 Microsoft Background and Products

Lecture 9 Windows Market Share – Everyday Windows

Lecture 10 Windows vs. Linux vs. MAC

Lecture 11 Module 1 – Handouts

Lecture 12 Module 1 – Homework

Section 2: Module 2 – Setting up a Lab

Lecture 13 Welcome to Module 2 – Lab Setup

Lecture 14 What is a Oracle Virtual Box

Lecture 15 Installing Oracle Virtual Box

Lecture 16 Creating First Virtual Machine

Lecture 17 Module 2 – Handouts

Lecture 18 Module 2 – Homework

Section 3: Module 3 – Windows Installation and Configuration

Lecture 19 Welcome to Module 3

Lecture 20 Different Ways to Install OS

Lecture 21 Downloading Windows Server 2016

Lecture 22 Installing Windows Server 2016

Lecture 23 Adding Resources

Lecture 24 Hostname and System Information

Lecture 25 Windows Server GUI Overview

Lecture 26 Computer Boot Process

Lecture 27 Module 3 – Handouts

Lecture 28 Module 3 – Homework

Section 4: Module 4 – System Access and File System

Lecture 29 Welcome to Module 4

Lecture 30 Accessing Windows System

Lecture 31 File System and Description

Lecture 32 Navigating to File System

Lecture 33 File Types and Creation

Lecture 34 File Properties

Lecture 35 Finding Files and Directories

Lecture 36 File Maintenance (copy, delete, move and rename)

Lecture 37 Files Operations

Lecture 38 File Editing Short-Cut Keys

Lecture 39 Module 4 – Handouts

Lecture 40 Module 4 – Homework

Section 5: Module 5 – System Administration

Lecture 41 Welcome to Module 5

Lecture 42 User Account Management

Lecture 43 Elevating User Roles

Lecture 44 Monitor Users Activity (Task manager and command line)

Lecture 45 System Utilities Under Accessories

Lecture 46 Programs and Service Management (Control panel and services)

Lecture 47 System Resource Monitoring (Task Manager)

Lecture 48 Windows Event Logs

Lecture 49 System Maintenance

Lecture 50 Jobs and Schedules

Lecture 51 Windows Settings

Lecture 52 Server Manager Dashboard

Lecture 53 Installing and Uninstalling Programs

Lecture 54 Windows Applications (Microsoft or 3rd Party)

Lecture 55 Windows Short-Cut Keys (Alt+Ctl+Del etc.)

Lecture 56 Check System Hardware (Device Manager)

Lecture 57 Module 5 – Handouts

Lecture 58 Module 5 – Homework

Section 6: Module 6 – Advance Windows Administration

Lecture 59 Welcome to Module 6

Lecture 60 Roles vs. Features

Lecture 61 Adding Roles and Features

Lecture 62 What is Domain Controller?

Lecture 63 Domain Controller and Active Directory

Lecture 64 Active Directory Prerequisites

Lecture 65 What is DNS?

Lecture 66 Active Directory Installation

Lecture 67 Active Directory “Users and Computers”

Lecture 68 Active Directory User Account Management

Lecture 69 Installing Windows Client

Lecture 70 Joining the Domain from Windows 7

Lecture 71 Remove from AD DNS

Lecture 72 Joining the Domain from Windows 10

Lecture 73 Active Directory “Administrative Center”

Lecture 74 Active Directory “Domain and Trust”

Lecture 75 Active Directory “Module for Windows PowerShell”

Lecture 76 Active Directory “Site and Services”

Lecture 77 Active Directory Group Policy Management

Lecture 78 DNS Administration

Lecture 79 WebServer (IIS) Installation

Lecture 80 Module 6 – Handouts

Lecture 81 Module 6 – Homework

Section 7: Module 7 – Windows Scripting and Command Line

Lecture 82 Welcome to Module 7

Lecture 83 Windows Batch Scripting

Lecture 84 First Batch Script “Hello World”

Lecture 85 Script to Automate Simple Tasks

Lecture 86 Windows PowerShell

Lecture 87 Windows PowerShell Commands

Lecture 88 Windows PowerShell ISE

Lecture 89 Windows Management Instrument (WMIC)

Lecture 90 Difference Between DOS and PowerShell

Lecture 91 Module 7 – Handouts

Lecture 92 Module 7 – Homework

Section 8: Module 8 – Networking and System Updates

Lecture 93 Welcome to Module 8

Lecture 94 What is NIC?

Lecture 95 Enable Internet on the VM

Lecture 96 NIC Teaming

Lecture 97 Network Configuration

Lecture 98 Windows Updates

Lecture 99 NTP Configuration

Lecture 100 File Transfer Methods

Lecture 101 FTP Server Installation and Configuration

Lecture 102 Sharing FileSystem (Samba or NFS)

Lecture 103 WSUS Server Installation and Configuration

Lecture 104 Windows Firewall

Lecture 105 Module 8 – Handouts

Lecture 106 Module 8 – Homework

Section 9: Module 9 – Storage Management

Lecture 107 Welcome to Module 9

Lecture 108 What is Computer Storage?

Lecture 109 Type of Computer Storage

Lecture 110 How to Add Disk

Lecture 111 Extend an Existing Disk

Lecture 112 Disk Cleanup and Defragmentation

Lecture 113 RAID

Lecture 114 NAS Device Storage

Lecture 115 Windows Backup and Restore

Lecture 116 Module 9 – Handouts

Lecture 117 Module 9 – Homework

Section 10: Module 10 – Additional Resources

Lecture 118 Welcome to Module 10

Lecture 119 What is IT?

Lecture 120 IT Components

Lecture 121 Facts about IT

Lecture 122 IT Management Jobs

Lecture 123 Resume Workshop

Lecture 124 Interview Workshop

Lecture 125 Post Resume and What to Expect

Lecture 126 VMWare Workstation Player (Optional)

Lecture 127 Install Oracle Virtualbox on MAC

Lecture 128 Congratulations

Lecture 129 Don’t Give Up!

Lecture 130 Module 10 – Handouts

Lecture 131 Module 10 – Homework

Section 11: Bonus

Lecture 132 Welome to Bonus Section

Lecture 133 Bonus Lecture

Anyone who is interested in learning basic to advance level of Windows,Anyone who wants to level up his or her career in IT,Anyone who wants to improve Windows skills

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Udemy | English | 14h 22m | 5.17 GB
Created by: Imran Afzal

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