Complete WordPress Theme Plugin Development Course

Everything you need to become a hirable WordPress Developer building custom themes and plugins
Complete WordPress Theme Plugin Development Course
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Zac Gordon


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Complete WordPress Theme Plugin Development Course

What you’ll learn

PHP for WordPress – The Loop, Conditionals, Hooks and More!
How to Work with Child and Starter Themes Like Pro
The Ins and Outs of the Template Hierarchy – Always Know What File to Customize
How To Enqueue and Work with JavaScript and CSS in Themes
The Complete List of Template Tags To Use When Customizing and Extending Themes
A Deep Understanding of How to Use Action and Filter Hooks to Programmatically Control WordPress
A Solid Starter Template For Building Your Own WordPress Plugins
Common Practices and Techniques for Building Custom WordPress Plugins

Complete WordPress Theme Plugin Development Course


Basic HTML – Know how to build a simple HTML page and work with HTML forms.
Basic CSS – Know how to responsively style HTML pages with CSS.
Know how to work with Posts, Pages and Custom Content in the WordPress admin area


WordPress is the leading Content Management System on the market, powering a large percentage of the Web.  The need for WordPress Developers who can build and customize themes and plugins is ever growing.  Learn from one of the most recognized educators in the WordPress world, Zac Gordon, who has taught thousands of people now employed as WordPress Developers.
If you want to learn everything from customizing existing themes, building custom themes or starting to build plugins, this course is for you.  You will learn in depth how WordPress works under the hood, from template files and tags to hooks and internal APIs.  If you are looking to build bigger and more custom projects with WordPress or just get a good job with a great company building WordPress projects, then this course is for you.  Make sure though you can already build and style a basic web page with HTML and CSS as we assume you already know this and focus more on learning PHP.
When you learn the skills this course contains you will feel incredibly empowered to build almost anything you can imagine with WordPress.  You should also feel confident working professionally in the field as a WordPress Developer.  You will have built a theme and plugin along with the course as well as a theme and plugin of your own.  Follow in the path of thousands of others of Zac’s students who learned WordPress Development and went on to do great work in the field.


Section 1: Getting Ready for WordPress Development

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Downloading and Using the Course Example Files

Lecture 3 Setting Up WordPress Locally

Lecture 4 DesktopServer from ServerPress

Lecture 5 Local from Flywheel

Lecture 6 Editing WordPress Files Locally

Lecture 7 Introduction to Staging

Lecture 8 Pulling from Production to Staging to Local

Lecture 9 Pushing from Local to Staging to Production

Section 2: PHP for WordPress

Lecture 10 PHP for WordPress Introduction

Lecture 11 What is PHP?

Lecture 12 Writing Some Basic PHP

Lecture 13 PHP Programming Basics

Lecture 14 PRACTICE – PHP Basics

Lecture 15 WordPress PHP Coding Standards

Lecture 16 Different Types of PHP Files in WordPress

Lecture 17 The Loop

Lecture 18 PRACTICE – The Loop

Lecture 19 Template Tags

Lecture 20 PRACTICE – Template Tags

Lecture 21 WordPress Conditionals

Lecture 22 PRACTICE – Conditional Tags

Lecture 23 WordPress Hooks

Lecture 24 PRACTICE – WordPress Hooks

Lecture 25 PHP for WordPress Review

Section 3: Child Themes and Starter Themes

Lecture 26 Chlid Themes v Starter Themes

Lecture 27 Child Theme Basics

Lecture 28 DEMO – Child Theme

Lecture 29 PRACTICE – Child Themes

Lecture 30 Starter Theme Basics

Lecture 31 DEMO – Underscore Starter Theme

Lecture 32 PRACTICE – Starter Themes

Lecture 33 Child and Starter Themes Review

Section 4: The Template Hierarchy

Lecture 34 An Introduction to the Template Hierarchy

Lecture 35 Setting up the Theme Content and Files

Lecture 36 Working with the style.css file

Lecture 37 Working with the functions.php file

Lecture 38 Working with the index.php template

Lecture 39 Working with Headers in WordPress

Lecture 40 Working with Footers in WordPress

Lecture 41 Adding Menus and body_class

Lecture 42 Adding Markup to a Theme – Part 1

Lecture 43 Adding Markup to a Theme – Part 2

Lecture 44 Adding Markup to a Theme – Part 3

Lecture 45 Working with Sidebars in WordPress

Lecture 46 Adding Widget Areas in WordPress

Lecture 47 Working with the Loop

Lecture 48 Creating Content Includes

Lecture 49 Working with the singular.php template

Lecture 50 Working with the single.php template

Lecture 51 Adding a single-post.php template

Lecture 52 Working with the comments.php template

Lecture 53 Working with Post Formats in WordPress

Lecture 54 The home.php for the Blog Homepage

Lecture 55 Working with archive.php and Archives in WordPress

Lecture 56 Working with the author.php template

Lecture 57 Working with author-id.php and author-nicename.php templates

Lecture 58 Working with Category Archive Templates

Lecture 59 Working with Date Archive Templates

Lecture 60 Working with Media Attachment Templates

Lecture 61 Mime Type Templates Further Explained

Lecture 62 Working with Page Templates

Lecture 63 Working with the front-page.php Template

Lecture 64 Working with Custom Templates

Lecture 65 Adding a 404.php template

Lecture 66 Working with Search Templates

Lecture 67 Working with Custom Post Type Archives

Lecture 68 Working with Custom Post Type Single Pages – Part 1

Lecture 69 Working with Custom Post Type Single Pages – Part 2

Lecture 70 Working with Custom Taxonomy Archives – Part 1

Lecture 71 Working with Custom Taxonomy Archives – Part 2

Lecture 72 Working with Multiple CSS Files

Lecture 73 Including JavaScript in Your Themes

Lecture 74 Working with JavaScript Dependencies (like jQuery)

Lecture 75 Template Hierarchy Review

Section 5: Template Tags

Lecture 76 An Introduction to Template Tags

Lecture 77 General Template Tags – Introduction

Lecture 78 General Tags – Include Tags

Lecture 79 General Tags – Login Tags

Lecture 80 General Tags – bloginfo

Lecture 81 General Tags – Archive Tags – Part 1

Lecture 82 General Tags – Archive Tags – Part 2

Lecture 83 General Tags – Calendar Tags

Lecture 84 General Tags – Misc Tags

Lecture 85 PRACTICE – General Template Tags – Part 1

Lecture 86 PRACTICE – General Template Tags – Part 2

Lecture 87 Navigation Tags

Lecture 88 Navigation Tags – CSS Classes

Lecture 89 Navigation Tags – Walker Class

Lecture 90 PRACTICE – Navigation Tags – Part 1

Lecture 91 PRACTICE – Navigation Tags – Part 2

Lecture 92 Post Tags

Lecture 93 Post Tags – Class Tags

Lecture 94 Post Tags – Common Tags – Part 1

Lecture 95 Post Tags – Common Tags – Part 2

Lecture 96 Post Tags – Date Tags

Lecture 97 Post Tags – Attachment Tags

Lecture 98 Post Tags – Misc Tags

Lecture 99 Post Tags – get_ Tags

Lecture 100 PRACTICE – Post Tags – Part 1

Lecture 101 PRACTICE – Post Tags – Part 2

Lecture 102 Thumbnail Tags

Lecture 103 PRACTICE – Thumbnail Tags – Part 1

Lecture 104 PRACTICE – Thumbnail Tags – Part 2

Lecture 105 Link Tags

Lecture 106 PRACTICE – Link Tags – Part 1

Lecture 107 PRACTICE – Link Tags – Part 2

Lecture 108 Introduction to Comment Tags

Lecture 109 Common Comment Tags

Lecture 110 PRACTICE – Comment Tags – Part 1

Lecture 111 PRACTICE – Comment Tags – Part 2

Lecture 112 Author Tags

Lecture 113 PRACTICE – Author Tags – Part 1

Lecture 114 PRACTICE – Author Tags – Part 2

Lecture 115 Conditional Tags

Lecture 116 Sanitization, Escaping & Localization

Lecture 117 DEMO – Sanitization Tags

Lecture 118 DEMO – Escaping Tags

Lecture 119 DEMO – Localization Tags

Lecture 120 A Review of Template Tags

Section 6: Action and Filter Hooks in WordPress

Lecture 121 An Introduction to Hooks in WordPress

Lecture 122 do_action add_action remove_action

Lecture 123 Action Hooks in WordPress Core

Lecture 124 The WordPress Action Runtime Lifecycle

Lecture 125 Exploring Action Hooks with wp_actions and wp_filter

Lecture 126 Exploring Action Hooks with R Debug

Lecture 127 Exploring Action Hooks with Debug Bar Plugins

Lecture 128 Exploring Action Hooks with Simply Show Hooks Plugin

Lecture 129 Exploring Action Hook DEMOs

Lecture 130 DEMO – WordPress Action Hook – do_action

Lecture 131 DEMO – WordPress Action Hook – enqueue_scripts

Lecture 132 DEMO – WordPress Action Hook – widget_init

Lecture 133 DEMO – WordPress Action Hook – loop_end()

Lecture 134 DEMO – WordPress Action Hook – template_redirect()

Lecture 135 DEMO – WordPress Action Hook – save_post()

Lecture 136 PRACTICE – WordPress Action Hooks – Part 1

Lecture 137 PRACTICE – WordPress Action Hooks – Part 2

Lecture 138 Filter Hooks in WordPress

Lecture 139 apply_filters(), add_filter(), remove_filter()

Lecture 140 apply_filter() in WordPress Core

Lecture 141 Exploring Filter Hooks with $wp_filter

Lecture 142 Exploring Filter Hooks with R Debug

Lecture 143 Exploring Filter Hooks with Debug Bar Plugin

Lecture 144 Exploring Filter Hooks with Simply Show Hooks Plugin

Lecture 145 Exploring Filter Hook DEMOs

Lecture 146 DEMO – WordPress Filter Hook – apply_filters

Lecture 147 DEMO – WordPress Filter Hook – the_title

Lecture 148 DEMO – WordPress Filter Hook – the_content

Lecture 149 DEMO – WordPress Filter Hook – excerpt_more

Lecture 150 DEMO – WordPress Filter Hook – body_class

Lecture 151 DEMO – WordPress Filter Hook – manage_posts_columns

Lecture 152 PRACTICE – WordPress Filter Hooks – Part 1

Lecture 153 PRACTICE – WordPress Filter Hooks – Part 2

Lecture 154 Hooks in WordPress Review

Section 7: Plugin Development

Lecture 155 Introduction to Plugin Development

Lecture 156 Setting Up the Files

Lecture 157 Plugin Header

Lecture 158 Settings Pages

Lecture 159 Settings Sub Pages

Lecture 160 Link to Settings

Lecture 161 Plugin File Paths

Lecture 162 Enqueuing CSS

Lecture 163 Enqueuing JS

Lecture 164 Enqueuing Conditionally

Lecture 165 PRACTICE – Setup – Part 1

Lecture 166 PRACTICE – Setup – Part 2

Lecture 167 The Options API

Lecture 168 Saving Array Options

Lecture 169 PRACTICE Options – Part 1

Lecture 170 PRACTICE Options – Part 2

Lecture 171 Settings API

Lecture 172 Settings Sections

Lecture 173 Settings Fields

Lecture 174 More Settings Fields

Lecture 175 Adding Fields to Existing Sections

Lecture 176 An Introduction to Plugins Review

Anyone who wants to learn how to build WordPress Themes,Anyone who wants to learn how to build WordPress Plugins,Anyone with basic HTML and CSS skills who wants to start customizing WordPress Themes,Developers who want to learn WordPress Development in more depth,Anyone looking to get a job or career in WordPress Development

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 16h 9m | 6.18 GB
Created by: Zac Gordon

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