Comptia Security 601

CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Course – Your path to the top cybersecurity certification in the world!
Comptia Security 601
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Anand Rao Nednur


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Comptia Security 601

What you’ll learn

Learn the concepts of Information Security – The right way
Become an effective Security engineer
Understand Security best practices and techniques to protect your data
Understand computer security and ways to protect it
Gain the knowledge and confidence to appear for Comptia Security+ 601 Exam
Gain new skills and be part of the esteemed IT security arena
Land in a great IT Security tech job
A reference guide to your on the job Security realted activities

Comptia Security 601


Basic knowledge of compters / networks
Its good to have an understanding of Operating systems, TCP/IP model , OSI model and client server architecture
Basic knowledge of networking and how devices interact with each other
Most Important – The zeal to research and a learning attitude.


Thank you for visiting the CompTIA Security+ Certification page (SY0-601)I’d like to start by saying that the course is still in construction. This course aims to raise cyber security awareness while also preparing students for the prestigious Comptia Security + 601 certification. This course adhered to the new curriculum and objectives.In this course, you will learn about the nitty gritty details of cyber security, such as the CIA triad, the AAA model, and other essential cyber security characteristics. You’ll also learn about cryptography, hashing, and how the PKI infrastructure works. At the same time, you’d delve into topics like risk management and incident response and mitigating vulnerabilities. If you’re curious in how attackers try to get into your network / IT infrastructure and gain access to physical assets, this course will explain all you need to know. Pen testing, vulnerability assessment, and measures to prevent attacks ranging from basic malware to complex exploits / social engineering tactics that take advantage of people’s trust would also be applied.Not only that, but the strategies for securing your corporate environment, such as incident response, business continuity, and disaster recovery plans, are also covered.Finally, there would be a plethora of questions, suggestions, and recommendations to help you prepare for the most prestigious cyber security certification – Comptia Security+ 601


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: 1.1 Threats Attacks and Vulnerabilities

Lecture 2 Phising

Lecture 3 Smishing

Lecture 4 Vishing

Lecture 5 What is a SPAM

Lecture 6 SPIT and SPIM

Lecture 7 Spear Phishing

Lecture 8 Dumpster Diving

Lecture 9 Shoulder Surfing

Lecture 10 Pharming

Lecture 11 Tailgating

Lecture 12 Eliciting Information

Lecture 13 Whaling

Lecture 14 Identity Theft

Lecture 15 Invoice Scams

Lecture 16 Credential Harvesting

Lecture 17 Reconnaissance

Lecture 18 Hoax

Lecture 19 Impresonation

Lecture 20 Watering Hole Attack

Lecture 21 Typo Sqatting

Lecture 22 Pretexting

Lecture 23 Influence Campaigns

Lecture 24 Reasons for Effectivness – Principles

Section 3: 1.2 Given a scenario, analyze potential indicators

Lecture 25 Ransomwares

Lecture 26 Trojans

Lecture 27 Worms

Lecture 28 Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs)

Lecture 29 Fileless Virus

Lecture 30 Command and Control Center

Lecture 31 Bots

Lecture 32 Crypto Malware

Lecture 33 Logic Bombs

Lecture 34 Spywares

Lecture 35 Keyloggers

Lecture 36 Remote Access Trojan – RAT

Lecture 37 Root Kits

Lecture 38 Backdoors

Lecture 39 Password Attacks

Lecture 40 Dictionary Attack

Lecture 41 Brute force attacks

Lecture 42 Password Spray Attacks

Lecture 43 Rainbow Attacks

Lecture 44 Plain Text Attacks

Lecture 45 Physical Attacks

Lecture 46 Malicious Universal Serial bus Cable

Lecture 47 Card Cloning

Lecture 48 Malicious Flash Drives

Lecture 49 Card Cloning

Lecture 50 Skimming

Lecture 51 Adversarial Artificial intelligence

Lecture 52 Security of Machine Learning Algorithms

Lecture 53 Supply chain Attacks

Lecture 54 Cloud Based Vs On premises Attacks

Lecture 55 Cryptographics Attacks

Lecture 56 Birthday Attacks

Lecture 57 Collision

Lecture 58 Downgrade Attacks

Anyone who is preparing for an Comptia Security+ 601 Examination,Anyone who wants to gain better skills in the Information Security Arena,Wants to understand the know-how of the terminologies used in the IT security World

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 53m | 7.16 GB
Created by: Anand Rao Nednur

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