Concept Art Masterclass Create Conceptual Art from Scratch

The Complete guide to creating fully fledged Conceptual Artworks from Scratch in 100% Realtime with no parts skipped!
Concept Art Masterclass Create Conceptual Art from Scratch
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Kemane Ba


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Last updated 1/2021



Concept Art Masterclass Create Conceptual Art from Scratch

What you’ll learn

Creating a Full Conceptual Artwork from scratch
3D Modelling in Blender
Advanced Painting Techniques in Photoshop
Composition & Aesthetics of Color and Light
Perspective & Rendering

Concept Art Masterclass Create Conceptual Art from Scratch


Graphics Tablet and Pen Stylus
Working Version of Photoshop or 30 Day Trial version
Very Basic Understanding of Photoshop
Desktop Computer or Laptop
No prior 3D-Modelling experience needed!


Learn the ability of incorporating renderings in your workflow and take your creation process to the next level. This 8+ hour class will take you through all the steps from 100% start to finish on how become an efficient artist and create powerful conceptual artworks in no time.You will learn the Basics of 3D modelling in an intuitive learning approach which not only keeps you motivated, but also gives you an actual in depth insight on how professionals work. Working with 3D-concepts is probably the most direct and the fastest way to take your portfolio to the next level. If you’re genuinely interested to land your first job in the industry and gain the core knowledge of creating conceptual artworks then this is the perfect class for you!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Curriculum Overview

Lecture 3 About Kemane

Section 2: Blender Beginner Class

Lecture 4 Class Experience

Lecture 5 What is Blender?

Lecture 6 Download & Installation

Lecture 7 Blender Setup

Lecture 8 Orbiting & Selecting

Lecture 9 Transform Modes

Lecture 10 Editing Polygons

Lecture 11 Selections Modes

Lecture 12 Creating a Plane

Lecture 13 Creating Edge Loops

Lecture 14 Shading Modes

Lecture 15 Adding Material

Lecture 16 Subdivision Modifier

Lecture 17 Adding Texture

Lecture 18 Finalize

Section 3: Creating the 3D Concept I – Scene Setup

Lecture 19 Setting up the Scene

Lecture 20 Adding a Texture

Section 4: 3D Concept II – Nodes

Lecture 21 The Node Editor

Lecture 22 Gradient Map

Lecture 23 Ambient Occlusion

Section 5: 3D Concept III – Shading

Lecture 24 Screen Space Reflections

Lecture 25 Volumetric Lighting

Lecture 26 Procedual Textures

Lecture 27 Subsurface Scattering

Section 6: 3D Concept IV – Camera & Composition

Lecture 28 Camera Setup

Lecture 29 Adding Sandbanks

Lecture 30 Light and Composition

Section 7: 3D Concept V – Modelling

Lecture 31 Modelling Houses

Lecture 32 Story Elements

Lecture 33 Modelling the Boat

Lecture 34 Foreground & Details

Section 8: 3D Concept VI – Rendering

Lecture 35 Rendering & Saving

Lecture 36 Conclusion & Overview

Section 9: Take your time!

Lecture 37 There is plenty of it!

Section 10: Conceptual Artwork I

Lecture 38 Getting Started

Lecture 39 Refining the Composition

Lecture 40 Painting the Background

Lecture 41 Background Clouds

Lecture 42 Foreground Clouds

Section 11: Conceptual Artwork II

Lecture 43 Water Lighting

Lecture 44 Houses Pt I

Lecture 45 Houses Pt II

Section 12: Conceptual Artwork III

Lecture 46 Masking Methods

Lecture 47 Advanced Masking

Lecture 48 The Docks

Lecture 49 Painting Boats

Lecture 50 Water Transparency

Lecture 51 Water Surface Reflections

Section 13: Conceptual Artwork IV

Lecture 52 Painting Flora

Lecture 53 The Sand

Section 14: Conceptual Artwork V

Lecture 54 The Stairs (optional)

Lecture 55 Handrails

Lecture 56 Ropes

Section 15: Conceptual Artwork VI

Lecture 57 Roof Structure

Lecture 58 Drawing People with Shapes

Lecture 59 Merging Layers

Lecture 60 General Paint-over

Section 16: Conceptual Artwork VII

Lecture 61 Enhancing the Composition

Lecture 62 Effects and Filters

Lecture 63 Spotting Flaws

Lecture 64 Story Elements

Section 17: Conclusion

Lecture 65 Conclusion

Lecture 66 Thank You!

Beginner Digital Artists curious about Concept Art,Blender Beginners,Students who want to expand their Tool-set

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 8h 39m | 9.71 GB
Created by: Kemane Ba

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