Concepts of programming and logical thinking using JavaScrip

This JavaScript course for everyone! Understand JavaScript and programming languages with projects and reallife problems
Concepts of programming and logical thinking using JavaScrip
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Concepts of programming and logical thinking using JavaScrip

What you’ll learn

you will learn concepts of programming in Javascript
you will learn how to think (logical thinking)
build projects as you learn concepts to get a taste of building applications
real world projects and problems
look under the hood to understand how JavaScript works

Concepts of programming and logical thinking using JavaScrip


No prior coding experience needed


Hi,I have designed this course so that the focus is on teaching you how to think logically and how to find solutions to the problems you face. In addition to explaining how programming languages work and what they consist of. The course begins with introducing you to what variables are and ends with object-oriented programming. I also tried to add as many examples and exercises as possible so that you will be able to understand how to use your knowledge to write complete programs on your own and how to make a plan to achieve that because programming is not just writing code, programming is the art of solving problems.Because the best way to learn is by practicing and making some mistakes.So what exactly is covered in the course?-Build real-world projects. In these projects, you will learn how to plan and architect your applications -Master the JavaScript fundamentals: variables, if/else, operators, boolean logic, functions, arrays, objects, loops, strings, and more-How JavaScript works behind the scenes-Deep dive into functions: arrow functions, first-class and higher-order functions-Learn modern tools that are used by professional web developersCheck out the course curriculum for an even more detailed overview of the content So If you want to become a real programmer who can write any program he wants,and solve any kind fo problems… this course is for you


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: concepts of programming and logical thinking

Lecture 2 organizing and downloading vscode

Lecture 3 install vscode

Lecture 4 open project in vscode

Lecture 5 connect html page to javascript file

Lecture 6 install extensions

Lecture 7 declare a variable

Lecture 8 data types and show info to the user

Lecture 9 examples: variables and show info to the user

Lecture 10 prompt method

Lecture 11 examples: prompt method

Lecture 12 keyword: const

Lecture 13 keyword: var

Lecture 14 comments

Lecture 15 arithmetic operators

Lecture 16 examples: arithmetic operators

Lecture 17 example: convert km to mile

Lecture 18 example: convert miles to km

Lecture 19 example: circle area

Lecture 20 example: cylinder size

Lecture 21 example: price + tax

Lecture 22 example: The sum of the digits of a number

Lecture 23 string concatenation

Lecture 24 comparison operators

Lecture 25 logical operators

Lecture 26 example: logical operators

Lecture 27 if statement

Lecture 28 if else statement

Lecture 29 if-else if-else statement

Lecture 30 example: if statement

Lecture 31 example: if statement

Lecture 32 example: if statement

Lecture 33 example: if statement

Lecture 34 example: if statement

Lecture 35 example: if statement

Lecture 36 example: if statement

Lecture 37 example: if statement

Lecture 38 switch statement

Lecture 39 example: switch statement

Lecture 40 example: switch statement

Lecture 41 increment and decrement

Lecture 42 while loop

Lecture 43 do-while loop

Lecture 44 for loop

Lecture 45 example: loops

Lecture 46 example: loops

Lecture 47 example: loops

Lecture 48 example: loops

Lecture 49 example: loops

Lecture 50 example: loops

Lecture 51 example: loops

Lecture 52 example: loops

Lecture 53 example: loops

Lecture 54 example: loops

Lecture 55 example: loops

Lecture 56 keywords: break and continue

Lecture 57 example: loops

Lecture 58 example: loops

Lecture 59 example: loops

Lecture 60 example: loops

Lecture 61 example: loops

Lecture 62 declare a function using ‘function’ keyword

Lecture 63 decare function with parameters using ‘function’ keyword

Lecture 64 return keyword

Lecture 65 function expression and arrow function

Lecture 66 example: functions

Lecture 67 example: functions

Lecture 68 example: functions

Lecture 69 example: functions

Lecture 70 example: functions

Lecture 71 example: functions

Lecture 72 example: functions

Lecture 73 example: functions

Lecture 74 example: functions

Lecture 75 objects part1

Lecture 76 objects part2

Lecture 77 objects part3

Lecture 78 objects part4

Lecture 79 objects part5

Lecture 80 objects part6

Lecture 81 objects part7

Lecture 82 calsses part1

Lecture 83 calsses part2

Lecture 84 inheritance

Lecture 85 Math class

Lecture 86 Date and String classes

Lecture 87 arrays part1

Lecture 88 arrays part2

Lecture 89 arrays part3

Lecture 90 arrays part4

Lecture 91 arrays part5

Lecture 92 arrays part6

Lecture 93 arrays part7

Lecture 94 arrays part8

Lecture 95 arrays part9

Lecture 96 example: arrays

Lecture 97 example: arrays

Lecture 98 example: arrays

Lecture 99 example: arrays

Lecture 100 example: arrays

Lecture 101 example: arrays

Lecture 102 example: arrays

this course is for everyone wants to enter the world of programming and doesn’t know how to start

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 19h 45m | 5.45 GB
Created by: Lamassu Academy

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