CONFIDENCE and SELF ESTEEM Develop Confident Body Language

Learn how to feel and look more CONFIDENT & COMFORTABLE with proven body language tools. TOP-Rated body language course
CONFIDENCE and SELF ESTEEM Develop Confident Body Language
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Jimmy Naraine


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CONFIDENCE and SELF ESTEEM Develop Confident Body Language

What you’ll learn

Learn how to engineer a confident body language
Body Language in the times of Covid19
Learn how to feel more comfortable in your own skin
Everything you need to know about confident EYE-CONTACT
Learn how to appear more positive and trustworthy
Learn the body language of leaders
Have the ability to interpret the body language of other people
Discover how to get yourself into the “Winner’s State”
Explore the most powerful body language techniques for feeling & looking more confident
How To Handle a Group of People like a True Leader
Understand different types of handshakes
How To Use Mirroring Principle to Instantly Connect with People
“Out of the box” Trick for Increasing Your Level of Energy
How to stay positive in the times of Covid19
Get Your Official Certificate of Completion to Boost Your Resume

CONFIDENCE and SELF ESTEEM Develop Confident Body Language


Willingness to practice body language techniques presented in the videos


Welcome to this complete body language course designed for professionals and business people.Why choose Jimmy Naraine as your instructor:Udemy Instructor Partner with 60,000+ TOP Reviews!UPDATED in Oct 2022 (almost 4 hours of EXTRA videos)Over 335,000 people from 194 countries enrolled in Jimmy’s coursesFeatured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, FoxNews, and Business Insider magazinesDelivered corporate training for Fortune 500 companies such as Chemours (6,500 employees) and Westpac (40,000 employees)former Goldman Sachs and Allianz employee turned location independent entrepreneur (10 years of full-time travel)Winner of the first Udemy Innovation AwardTop-rated Speaker at prestigious conferences such as DNX, Afest, Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival, MindvalleyU, DNX Global, and Digital|KExplored 78 countries while running entrepreneurial venturesHere is what celebrities, leading entrepreneurs, and experts say about Jimmy Naraine:”Jimmy Naraine is a true teaching savant.” – James W. Skotchdopole – Oscar-Winning Director (Birdman, Django Unchained, The Revenant)”Jimmy is authentic and inspiring, but most importantly, he is relevant to both 18-year-olds and 60-year-olds alike.”- Mark Vergnano, Retired CEO and Chairman of the Board of The Chemours Company”Jimmy pulled together an amazing tailor-made session for the team at Lion, targeting productivity and alleviating the feeling of overwhelm, drawing on his best-selling Udemy courses. Jimmy is an absolute joy to work with: his passion for learning, his boundless energy and enthusiasm, and his genuine interest in helping people be the best they can be, ensured that this session was a success.” – Jennifer Kozanic, Capability Director at Lion Corporation”Having had several extended conversations with Jimmy, as well as watching some of his online courses on productivity, I can say with full confidence that it is IMPOSSIBLE to not feel completely fired up and inspired after spending some time with his content. Thanks for all the inspiration Jimmy!!”- Harry Mack, Viral Hip Hop Artist with over 200 million views“Jimmy is not just amazing at what he does, he is an amazing human being to begin with.” – Erwin Benedict Valencia, Director, Training & Conditioning, New York Knicks (NBA)“Jimmy is an energetic, engaging speaker who easily holds the crowd’s attention. He is passionate about his work, which comes through in all conversations with him.”- Amy Beltz, Senior Talent Leader, Chemours”Jimmy teaches confidence inside-out. He understands the subtleties that make an effective, confident leader and speaker. He helps nurture confidence within, which then shines when one leads and speaks publicly. Highly recommended”.- Founder of Neema, Libra Trade and SFB TechnologiesJimmy has helped me to take my business to the next level. He pushed me to adopt a sharper business mindset with an emphasis on taking bold action. I’m grateful for all the things he has been teaching me.- Helena Houdova – Humanitarian, Global Teacher & Miss Czech Republic“Jimmy delivered masterminds to an audience of 500 entrepreneurs at my event and has totally exceeded my expectations.”- Johannes Völkner, CEO at NomadBase”When I was considering going on BBC show Dragon’s Den he convinced me to do it, which in turn took my company to the next level. Jimmy is a person I would recommend to run a powerful team training”.- Alex Buzaianu, Serial Entrepreneur, Secured Dragon’s Den InvestmentWhat do current students say about this course?”Jimmy courses are great and this one is not an exception. I put in practice many of his tips and I have to admit they really work. Thanks a lot” – Daniel Madrid Sanchez “This course gives you a better understanding why body language is so important. It’s a great course. Thank you” – Bobbie Smith”After taking this course I would definitely apply these tips and tricks. Definitely enjoyed the course. Love the instructor, and his method of teaching. MUST TAKE COURSE” – Muhammad Sami Ullah”Clear and light” – Duran Kutlu_______________________________________so… why an entire course about Body Language?We often hear the statement: “don’t judge the book by its cover.” However, we all do it whether we like it or not. When you meet someone for the first time, your brain makes a snap judgment about that person. However, it also works the opposite way. People will assess you before you even utter a single sentence, whether you want it or not. This is why understanding non-verbal communication is so crucial.When you know how body language works, you can interpret how other people feel and what are their real intentions just by observing them. This is a powerful skill to have not just in your personal but also in your business life.Most importantly, your body language has a tremendous impact on your level of confidence, charisma, and positive energy. Unfortunately, most people unintentionally put themselves in a negative, disempowered state. What they don’t realize is that they can dramatically boost their level of confidence by making very simple changes in their nonverbal communication. This is what we will focus on in this course. I will show you exactly what you can do with your body language in order to feel like a winner. The amazing thing about learning confident nonverbal communication is that the first results are visible instantaneously. This only propels further action and creates a positive spiral of never-ending improvement.Here are some of the things you are about to learn:Why body language is so importantHow To Feel More COMFORTABLE in Your Body When You Are StressedBody Language in the times of Covid19How your posture impacts your confidenceHow To Double Your Confidence in Seconds?Everything you need to know about confident EYE-CONTACTHow To Handle a Group of People like a True LeaderHow To Be a Better ListenerUnderstand different types of handshakesHow To Use the Mirroring Principle to Connect with People Instantly”Out of the box” Trick for Increasing Your Level of EnergyEXTRA Content: how to stay positive in the times of Covid19This body language course has been consistently rated as one of the best body language courses available in the world. It has received the official “BESTSELLER” Udemy badge and has received almost 3000 top reviews, primarily from professionals and business people. If you want to develop confident body language not just in your personal life, but also in business, this course is for you.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction & How To Make The Most of This Course

Lecture 2 Who is Jimmy Naraine?

Lecture 3 Quick heads up

Lecture 4 Why Body Language is So Important?

Lecture 5 Introduce Yourself

Lecture 6 How (and WHY) To Analyse the Body Language of People Around You?

Lecture 7 EXTRA Video – How To Feel More COMFORTABLE in Your Body When You Are Stressed

Lecture 8 Body Language in the times of Covid19

Lecture 9 Fresh Video Aug ’21: “Digital” Body Language when Presenting Online

Lecture 10 Fresh Video Aug ’21: How To GREET People During Covid & Respecting Boundaries

Lecture 11 Why CONTEXT is so important when reading Body Language?

Lecture 12 Why & How to Treat Everyday Life as Your Training Lab?

Lecture 13 2022 Fresh Upload: Increase Your Perceived Confidence

Lecture 14 Thank You & Announcement

Section 2: Brand New Section (Oct ’21) – Specific Examples of Non-Verbal Signals

Lecture 15 What is this section about?

Lecture 16 How to find out if someone DISLIKES you or the situation?

Lecture 17 Here’s something you should NEVER do!

Lecture 18 How to figure that someone doesn’t want to talk to you anymore?

Lecture 19 Those behaviours will give away that you feel uncomfortable!

Lecture 20 2022 Upload: The Trap of Tacit Approval: Why Over-Nodding can be Problematic?

Section 3: Your Position and Posture

Lecture 21 The Foundation of Looking and Feeling Confident – Posture

Lecture 22 How To Double Your Confidence in Seconds?

Lecture 23 2022 Fresh Video: The “Phone” Trick

Lecture 24 I Appreciate Your Feedback

Section 4: Eye Contact

Lecture 25 Eye Contact Introduction

Lecture 26 Eye Contact – Simple Trick To Feel Very Comfortable in Seconds

Lecture 27 Eye Contact – How To Handle a Group of People like a True Leader

Lecture 28 Eye Contact – My Challenge For You 🙂

Section 5: Other Tools & Tips

Lecture 29 2022 Fresh Video: Choosing Your CLOTHING – Important Consideration

Lecture 30 EXTRA Video Aug ’21: The Danger of the “I Gotta Hide” mode and how to fix it

Lecture 31 EXTRA Video Aug ’21: You Won a “Lottery” – Powerful Mindset Shift for Confidence

Lecture 32 Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Lecture 33 How To Be a Better Listener

Lecture 34 HANDSHAKE: The Difference Between Being Confident, Weak and Arrogant

Lecture 35 How To Use Mirroring Principle to Instantly Connect with People

Lecture 36 What About Fashion?

Lecture 37 Crazy Trick for Increasing Your Level of Energy

Lecture 38 Additional Video: Staying Positive in times of Covid19

Lecture 39 Get Your Official Certificate & BONUS PDF Lecture

Anybody who wants to look and feel more confident,Anybody who wants to learn how to interpret the body language of others,Anybody who wants to learn how to look more charismatic and powerful

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Udemy | English | 2h 33m | 2.70 GB
Created by: Jimmy Naraine

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