Configuring and Operating MS Azure Virtual Desktop AZ140

Learn to plan, deliver, and monitor performant Azure Virtual Desktop architectures (and pass AZ-140)
Configuring and Operating MS Azure Virtual Desktop AZ140
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Configuring and Operating MS Azure Virtual Desktop AZ140

What you’ll learn

Plan an Azure virtual desktop architecture
Implement a successful Azure virtual desktop environment
Manage apps, security, and users in Azure virtual desktop architectures
Monitor Azure virtual desktops

Configuring and Operating MS Azure Virtual Desktop AZ140


Ideally, students should possess decent knowledge of Azure fundamentals


This course covers every objective required for both the successful designs and implementations of Azure Virtual Desktop environments, and for your success in the Microsoft Certification exam environment. While this course ensures you can pass this exam, note that the focus of this course is ensuring you can succeed with Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop environments in real world deployments. Students will enjoy detailed and enjoyable lectures, step-by-step hands on lab exercises, and consistent knowledge checks to ensure retention as one progresses through the course. For those interested in passing the certification exam on this topic, you can also enjoy a full practice exam for AZ-140 that is included in this course! This course covers every detail of the major content domains outlined by Microsoft. These domains are: – Plan an Azure Virtual Desktop Architecture – Implement an Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – Manage Access and Security- Manage User Environments and Apps – Monitor and Maintain an Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure  This course features coverage for the exam objectives as outlined by Microsoft for the latest release of the Aure Virtual Desktop solution as well as the AZ-140 exam. This course is updated frequently and as needed to reflect changes in the exam and Azure solution, as well as to correct and improve upon any content as indicated by students or peer reviewers. You can fully TRUST this top-rated instructor and course.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 About this Course

Lecture 2 About your Instructor

Lecture 3 Introducing Azure Virtual Desktop

Lecture 4 Obtaining a Free Microsoft 365 Developer Account

Lecture 5 Obtaining a Free Azure Account to Follow Along With!

Lecture 6 Testing Your New Azure Account

Section 2: Plan an Azure Virtual Desktop Architecture

Lecture 7 Azure Virtual Desktop Host Pools

Lecture 8 Analyzing Existing Infrastructures

Lecture 9 Planning Host Pools

Lecture 10 Host Pool Types

Lecture 11 Images, Images, and More Images

Lecture 12 Calculate and Recommend VMs Based on Performance

Lecture 13 Required Domain Services

Lecture 14 Design for User Identities

Lecture 15 Design for User Profiles

Section 3: Implement an Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Lecture 16 Recommend a Solution for Network Connectivity

Lecture 17 Creating your Host Pool

Lecture 18 Validating your Host Pool

Lecture 19 Storage for Azure Virtual Desktop

Lecture 20 Azure CLI Options

Lecture 21 Azure Resource Manager Templates

Lecture 22 Create and Manage Session Host Images

Section 4: Manage Access and Security

Lecture 23 Using Groups for Session Host Access

Lecture 24 Adding Additional Administrators for your Azure Virtual Desktop Environment

Lecture 25 Pulling Session Hosts Out of the Pool for Maintenance

Lecture 26 Keep it Simple – Configuring Log Off in the VM

Section 5: Manage User Environments and Apps

Lecture 27 Configure User Experience Settings

Lecture 28 Implement FSLogix

Lecture 29 Cloud Cache

Lecture 30 Using Remote App

Section 6: Monitor and Maintain Azure Virtual Desktop

Lecture 31 Analyzing Costs

Lecture 32 Monitoring Azure Virtual Desktop Using the Built-in Tools

Lecture 33 Creating a Log Analytics Workspace for use with AVD

Lecture 34 Advanced Monitoring of Azure Virtual Desktop

Lecture 35 Ensuring BC with Azure Virtual Desktop

Section 7: Final Resources

Lecture 36 Next Steps

This course is for anyone interested in planning, delivering, and maintaining Azure virtual desktop environments, including those that desire to pass the Microsoft AZ-140 certification exam

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Created by: Anthony Sequeira

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