Construction Cost Estimating and Management

Learn the tools used by construction management professionals to ensure their projects finish under budget
Construction Cost Estimating and Management
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Construction Cost Estimating and Management

What you’ll learn

Construction Cost Management
Construction Cost Estimating
How to accurately estimate construction costs
Quantity take-offs
Construction Cost Monitoring and Control
Earned Value Management
How to monitor and control construction costs

Construction Cost Estimating and Management


A keen interest in construction management
A basic understanding of construction projects


Hi, and welcome to this short course on construction cost management. This course teaches the fundamental construction management skills used to ensure projects finish under budget. The course is designed for engineers, quantity surveyors, and construction management professionals looking to further develop their learning. It’s loaded with engaging lectures, quizzes, and practice activities that reflect the type of work you’ll be required to do on real-world construction projects. The course is broken down into three sections; the introduction cost estimating and cost management. In the introduction, we cover the basics of construction cost management including what it is, why it’s important, and the overall process on a project. We relate this back to the life cycle of a construction project so you can see where these skills are put into action.Section 2 of the course focuses on cost estimating. Estimating is the tool used to accurately quantify construction costs. We’ll teach you exactly how to work out how much a construction project will cost to deliver. We cover an introduction to estimating, developing a pricing model, quantity take-offs, estimating direct and indirect costs, the final estimate review process, and submitting our estimate to the client.Section 3 focuses on cost management and control. This section will teach you how to monitor and control construction costs during project delivery. We’ll teach you how to calculate all the key metrics used to determine how we are progressing compared to our budget. We cover the fundamental project management concept of earned value management, how to set up a budget, and how to monitor and track costs to identify and flag budget issues early.Hopefully, this course has something in it for you and you find it useful. If you have any questions, please get in contact and I’ll answer as soon as possible! Enjoy!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Overall Introduction

Lecture 2 How to Take the Course

Lecture 3 What is Construction Management?

Lecture 4 Why do Construction Projects Fail?

Lecture 5 Who am I and Why Should You Bother Listening?

Lecture 6 Who are these Courses for?

Lecture 7 Free Construction Management Courses!

Lecture 8 Section 1 – Introduction to Cost Estimating and Management

Lecture 9 Section 1.1 – Introduction and Key Concepts

Lecture 10 Section 1.2 – Importance

Lecture 11 Section 1.3 – Cost Management and the Project Lifecycle

Lecture 12 Section 1 – Conclusion

Section 2: Section 2 – Cost Estimating

Lecture 13 Section 2 – Introduction

Lecture 14 Section 2.1 – Introduction to Cost Estimating

Lecture 15 What is Estimating?

Lecture 16 The Different Types of Estimating

Lecture 17 Types of Construction Costs

Lecture 18 The Estimating Process

Lecture 19 Estimating at Different Project Stages

Lecture 20 Section 2.2 – Direct Costs

Lecture 21 The Work Breakdown Structure

Lecture 22 Case Study – Missing Scope

Lecture 23 Delivery Methodology

Lecture 24 Case Study – Delivery Methodology

Lecture 25 Pricing Model

Lecture 26 Quantity Take-Off

Lecture 27 Per-Unit Cost

Lecture 28 Labour Costs

Lecture 29 Case Study – Labour Costs

Lecture 30 Plant Costs

Lecture 31 Case Study – Plant Costs

Lecture 32 Material Costs

Lecture 33 Sub-Contract

Lecture 34 Case Study – Sub-Contract Costs

Lecture 35 Assumptions

Lecture 36 Useful concrete production rates

Lecture 37 Detailed Example

Lecture 38 Section 2.3 – In-Direct Costs

Lecture 39 Overheads

Lecture 40 Preliminaries

Lecture 41 Case Study – Preliminary Costs

Lecture 42 Insurances and Security

Lecture 43 In-Direct Costs and the Project Schedule

Lecture 44 Section 2.4 – Other

Lecture 45 Risk and Opportunity

Lecture 46 Risk and Opportunity Case Study

Lecture 47 Margin and Corporate Overheads

Lecture 48 Estimate Review

Lecture 49 Cash-Flow Analysis

Lecture 50 Pricing Schedule

Lecture 51 Section 2 Conclusion

Lecture 52 Feedback Survey

Section 3: Section 3 – Cost Monitoring and Control

Lecture 53 Section 3 – Introduction

Lecture 54 Section 3.1 – Pre-Construction Cost Management

Lecture 55 Going from an Estimate to a Budget

Lecture 56 Case Study – Cost Codes

Lecture 57 Design Cost Management

Lecture 58 Case Study – Design Cost Management

Lecture 59 Procurement Cost Management

Lecture 60 Section 3.2 – Construction Phase Cost Management

Lecture 61 Construction Phase Cost Management

Lecture 62 Earned Value Management

Lecture 63 Case Study – Earned Value Management

Lecture 64 Cost Code Management

Lecture 65 Treatments

Lecture 66 Tip – Learn to see money

Lecture 67 Self-Perform Cost Management

Lecture 68 Sub-Contract Cost Management

Lecture 69 Case Study – Sub-Contract Cost Management

Lecture 70 Risk and Opportunity Cost Management

Lecture 71 Section 3 – Conclusion

Section 4: Section 4 – Summary of the Course

Lecture 72 Conclusion

Lecture 73 Review of Section 1

Lecture 74 Review of Section 2

Lecture 75 Review of Section 3

Lecture 76 Overall Conlcusion

Lecture 77 Certificate of Completion

Construction Engineers,Quantity Surveyors,Junior Engineers,Construction Management Professionals,Individuals exploring career opportunities in the construction industry

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