Construction Materials Concrete and Cement

Become an Expert of Concrete and Cement technologies
Construction Materials Concrete and Cement
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Construction Materials Concrete and Cement

What you’ll learn

Cement materials production, characteristics and applications
Concrete Technologies and Characteristics
Advantages and Disadvantages of Common Construction Materials
Production Capabilities and Application of Construction Materials

Construction Materials Concrete and Cement


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Construction Materials: Concrete and Cement, courses that will extend your construction material knowledge, knowledge of Concrete technologies and ways of their application.What is this course about?In this course we will cover Concrete and Cement technology topics, we’re going to start with the component materials of Concrete and I will talk about common practices applications of concrete materials, we will get to know how to asses the quality of Concrete and I’m going to show you tricks and tips on how to use this concepts, then I will continue and talk about in-situ testing techniques and their ups and downs compared to traditional techniques. Additionally we well cover special types concrete materials, we’ll discuss about their characteristics, performances, application and use cases. finally we’re going to discuss about mortar and cement materials, their application, characteristics, testing procedures and performances.Major Highlights of The CourseTechnical Performance of Concrete Quality Assessment of Concrete Special Types Concrete and Cements Mortar materials and Their Application Instructor support for questionsI understand that students will have questions related to the course, I’m encouraging students to ask their questions in the Q&A section of the course. I will answer each and every question as soon as possible.


Lecture 0 Introduction

Section 1: Concrete

Lecture 1 Component Materials of Concrete

Lecture 2 Technical Performance of Concrete

Lecture 3 Quality Control of Concrete

Lecture 4 Quality Control of Concrete – in situ testing

Lecture 5 Concrete Mix Proportioning

Lecture 6 Special Concrete

Lecture 7 Special Cncrete

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Created by: Thomas Krajnc

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