Construction Project Scheduling

Learn the tools and techniques used by construction management professionals to ensure projects finish on time.
Construction Project Scheduling
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Construction Project Scheduling

What you’ll learn

Understand the purpose and value of construction project scheduling
How to develop, monitor and control the project schedule.
The different types of construction project schedules used
The different team members involved in developing the schedule

Construction Project Scheduling


Basic understanding of engineering and infrastructure projects


Major infrastructure projects involve thousands of people coming together to complete a set of activities in a specific order. This messy and complicated to manage. Working for a contractor, a client is paying your company a fixed fee to ensure all these activities are completed in a specified time period. If the works are not complete in this period, your company may be up for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in delay charges. This course is designed for junior engineers and other construction management professionals entering the construction industry and will teach you the tools and techniques construction management professionals use to ensure their projects finish on time. Learn the purpose and value of construction scheduling, how to develop, monitor, and control the project schedule, and the different types of schedules used on construction projects. The course is practical, simple, and easy to follow with practice activities to reinforce everything you learn during the course.Section 1 of the course focuses on defining project scheduling and introducing you to the concept. It’s all about getting you comfortable with the content you’ll be learning. Section 2 is about how to develop the project schedule. This is where we define all the work to be done, schedule and link these activities, and estimate durations. Once this schedule is created, section 3 then focuses on monitoring and controlling the schedule. This means comparing planned performance to actual performance. In section 4, the final section, we look at the different types and styles of schedules used on construction projects.


Section 1: Overview and Context

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 How to Take the Course

Lecture 3 Who am I and Why Should You Bother Listening?

Lecture 4 What is Construction Management?

Lecture 5 Why do Construction Projects Fail?

Lecture 6 Who are these courses for?

Lecture 7 Who are these Courses for?

Lecture 8 Free Construction Management Courses!

Section 2: Section 1 – Introduction to Project Scheduling

Lecture 9 Section 1 – Introduction

Lecture 10 What is Construction Project Scheduling?

Lecture 11 The Importance of Project Scheduling

Lecture 12 Case Study

Lecture 13 Planning Vs Scheduling

Lecture 14 The Project Life Cycle

Lecture 15 Levels and Types of Schedules

Lecture 16 The Schedule Development Process

Lecture 17 Delivering the Schedule

Lecture 18 Scheduling Software

Lecture 19 Roles and Responsibilities

Lecture 20 Section 1 – Conclusion

Section 3: Section 2 – Developing the Project Schedule

Lecture 21 Introduction to Section 2

Lecture 22 Defining Activities – The Work Breakdown Structure

Lecture 23 Linking Activities – The Network Schedule

Lecture 24 The Delivery Methodology

Lecture 25 Case Study – Activity Linkages

Lecture 26 Resourcing

Lecture 27 Case Study – Activity Resourcing

Lecture 28 Estimating Activity Durations

Lecture 29 The Schedule Model

Lecture 30 Case Study – Schedule Model

Lecture 31 Optimising and Analysing the Schedule

Lecture 32 The iterative nature of schedule development

Lecture 33 Schedule Contingency and Risk

Lecture 34 Agreeing on the Schedule

Lecture 35 Case Study – Agree on the schedule

Lecture 36 Section 2 – Conclusion

Lecture 37 Feedback Survey

Section 4: Section 3 – Delivering the Schedule

Lecture 38 Introduction to Section 3

Lecture 39 Reading the Project Schedule

Lecture 40 Delivering the Schedule

Lecture 41 Don’t let things slip!

Lecture 42 Tracking Progress

Lecture 43 Case Study – Monitoring and Controlling the Schedule

Lecture 44 Schedule Analysis

Lecture 45 Managing Change

Lecture 46 Last Planner and Lean Construction

Lecture 47 Section 3 – Conclusion

Section 5: Section 4 – The Different Types of Project Schedules

Lecture 48 Introduction to Section 4

Lecture 49 The Master Project Schedule

Lecture 50 The Design Schedule

Lecture 51 The Procurement Schedule

Lecture 52 Construction Look Aheads

Lecture 53 Sub-Contractor Program

Lecture 54 Completions and Close-Out

Lecture 55 Section 4 – Conclusion

Section 6: Section 5 – Summary

Lecture 56 Section 5 Introduction

Lecture 57 The Basics of Project Scheduling – Summary

Lecture 58 Developing the Project Schedule – Summary

Lecture 59 Monitoring and Controlling the Project Schedule – Summary

Lecture 60 Types of Schedules – Summary

Lecture 61 Overall Conclusion – Project Scheduling

Lecture 62 Certificate of Completion

Junior engineers starting off their careers in the infrastructure sector – particularly those working for contractors,Quantity surveyors and other construction professionals looking to develop practical construction management skills

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Created by: Tim Fairley

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