Construction Quality and Completions

Accelerate your construction management career by learning how to successfully manage quality and completions.
Construction Quality and Completions
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Construction Quality and Completions

What you’ll learn

Construction Quality Management
Construction Completions Management
How to write Inspection and Test Plans
What commissioning is
How to deal with construction defects
How to close-out a construction project

Construction Quality and Completions


Basic understanding of construction projects
Interest in a career in construction management


This course is designed to teach you about an often overlooked yet fundmental aspect of construction management; quality and completions. In this highly practical course, you’ll learn about the fundamental concepts and skills used by construction management professionals. You’ll reinforce your knowledge with practical assignments and quizzes. This course covers:What construction quality and completions management isHow they integrate into the project life-cycleHow to develop a Work Breakdown StructureHow to prepare Inspection and Test PlansWhat commissioning isHow to manage project handoverOrganizing and inspection and handover walkthroughsHow to identify and rectify defectsAnd much more!EngLearn’s construction management courses are designed to fill in the gaps from university. They teach real-world construction management skills used by tier 1 contractors on major, multi-billion dollar projects. Each course is packed with theory, practice activities, quizzes, and downloadable templates you can use to accelerate your career progression. My name’s Tim and I’m an engineer with lots of experience working on the design and construction of major infrastructure projects. The content in these courses is the exact same as what is used on-site every day. There is a growing demand for engineers with these skills as more and more money is pumped into government-funded major infrastructure projects.I hope you really enjoy the course, and I would love for you to get in contact with me with any questions or queries you have with the content. If you enjoy this course, be sure to check out some of the other construction management courses we have available!


Section 1: Introduction to Construction Quality and Completions Management

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 How to Take the Course

Lecture 3 Who am I and Why Should You Bother Listening to Me?

Lecture 4 What is Construction Management?

Lecture 5 Why do Construction Projects Fail?

Lecture 6 Who Are These Courses For?

Lecture 7 Free Construction Management Courses!

Lecture 8 Section 1 – The Basics of Construction Quality and Completions

Lecture 9 Section 1.1 – Introduction and Key Concepts

Lecture 10 Section 1.2 – Importance

Lecture 11 Case Study – Quality and Safety

Lecture 12 Section 1.3 – The Project Life Cycle

Lecture 13 Let’s not leave quality till the last minute!

Lecture 14 Section 1.4 – Quality

Lecture 15 Section 1.5 – Completions

Lecture 16 Section 1 – Conclusion

Section 2: Section 2 – Construction Quality Management

Lecture 17 Section 2 Introduction

Lecture 18 Section 2.1 – The Quality Management Plan

Lecture 19 Section 2.2 – The Work Breakdown Structure

Lecture 20 Section 2.3 – Writing Inspection and Test Plans

Lecture 21 Case Study – Managing the hand-over between trades

Lecture 22 Review Points in ITPs

Lecture 23 Case Study – Light Pole Foundation Construction

Lecture 24 Section 2.4 – Completing Inspection and Test Plans

Lecture 25 Section 2.5 – Commissioning

Lecture 26 Case Study – Commissioning

Lecture 27 Section 2.6 – Material Data Records

Lecture 28 Case Study – Material Data Records

Lecture 29 Section 2.7 – Audits

Lecture 30 Section 2.8 – Non-Conformances

Lecture 31 Section 2.9 – Lot Summary Form

Lecture 32 Section 2.10 – Quality and Design

Lecture 33 Section 2.11 – Effective Quality Management

Lecture 34 Section 2 – Conclusion

Lecture 35 Feedback Survey

Section 3: Section 3 – Construction Completions Management

Lecture 36 Section 3 – Introduction

Lecture 37 Section 3.1 – Comlpetions and Handover

Lecture 38 Managing Completions Effectively

Lecture 39 Section 3.2 – Planning Completions

Lecture 40 Section 3.3 – Completions Requirements

Lecture 41 Section 3.4. – Managing Completions

Lecture 42 Case Study – Punch Lists

Lecture 43 Section 3 – Conclusion

Section 4: Section 4 – Summary

Lecture 44 Section 4 Introduction

Lecture 45 Review of the Introduction

Lecture 46 Review of Quality Management

Lecture 47 Review of Completions Management

Lecture 48 Overall Conclusion

Lecture 49 Certificate of Completion

Construction Engineers,Quantity Surveyors,Junior Project Managers

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Created by: Tim Fairley

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